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DIY Apple Stamped Teacher Tote Bag

Meghan Quinones |


Have you ever stamped a tote bag before? If not, I have really easy beginner project that involves apples and stamping!

Since canvas tote bags come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors they are perfect for customizing and getting creative since they are literally a blank canvas! If you want to try out a basic technique for creating a custom tote bag, apple stamping is for you. It’s such an easy project even kiddos can partake in the crafting adventures. What I love most about this project is it requires only a few basic supplies, apples being one of them! The process itself is quick and easy. You could whip up this apple stamped tote bag in less than 30 minutes. It’s a great weekend project especially if you’re looking to keep your kiddos entertained! Check out the full video tutorial below to get the how-to to make your own apple stamped tote bag!

15" Short Handle 100% Cotton Tote Bags / Document Holder Totes
Fabric Paint (Red)
Paint Brush
Fabric Maker (Brown, Black and Green)

Step 1: To get started you’ll need fabric paint. This will allow you to wash it if it gets soiled or stained. If you don’t plan on washing your tote bag, you can use regular acrylic paint and use the method for manually washing your bag. If you can’t find paint color in your preferred choice, you can turn acrylic paint into fabric by using a fabric medium. To use the fabric medium, you simply mix 1 part fabric medium with 2 parts acrylic paint.

Step 2: Place your apple on your table stem side up. Use a sharp knife to slice your apple down the middle, creating two halves.



Step 3: Step 3: Place a sheet of paper or cardboard inside of your tote bag. This will help prevent any paint from seeping through to the other side of the bag.


Step 4: Squirt a generous amount of paint onto a paper plate or other safe surface. Dip the inside section of the apple into the paint. You’ll want to move it around in a circular motion to make sure the entire apple is covered in paint.


Step 5: Place your apple on the left side of you tote bag facedown and press on it. This will help ensure all of the paint is transferred to the tote bag. Then, lift the apple straight up to remove it. This will help keep paint from smearing onto the design just stamped.


Step 6: Continue adding paint to your apple half and adding it to your tote bag in a line.


Step 7: Next, use a paintbrush to add paint to any part of the apple that did not transfer to the bag during the stamping process. You’ll want to leave the center of the apple design unpainted if paint did not transfer there. We will use this area to add more detail.


Step 8: Let the paint on all of the apples dry.


Step 9: Take your brown marker and add a stem to the top portion of the apple design. I drew my stem thinner on the bottom and then thicker towards the top for a more realistic look. As you continue to add stems the remaining apples, vary the directions of the stems along with the thickness for a more organic look.


Step 10: Next, grab your green fabric marker and add small leaves to all of the stems. If you want, you could also leave some of your apple designs as is with no leaf for a nice variation. You could also change up the size and shape of the leaves for a more natural look.


Step 11: To finish the apple design, it’s time to add seeds. In the center of each apple design, add three to five small dots. Add dots to the remaining apple design to finish them off.

Step 12: Once you’re finished with all of your apple design, you can remove the paper from the inside and toss it.


This is such a fun and easy stamping project. I love it when you can use common household objects for creating. An apple becomes the perfect stamping tool for this project. If you want, you could take this project to the next level by customizing it with a name or quote by using a fabric marker or patches for a more professional look. If you enjoyed the simplicity of this stamping project, you could use the same technique for other fruits and vegetables like pears and celery! Have fun and get crafty!