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9 Reasons Why Custom Printed Drawstring Backpacks Are the Perfect Giveaways

Priscilla Greene |

What makes a good giveaway? Is it the “coolness” factor, the usefulness of the gift, or both? A giveaway is the perfect opportunity to make a memorable impression on the people who attended your event, not to mention the marketing opportunities. We discussed about the best conference gift bag ideas a little while back. Now we are going to focus on custom printed drawstring backpacks and why they make the best giveaways to keep people talking about you for months!

Prior to now, laundry backpacks and overnight rucksacks were the only two uses for drawstring bags. However, it is now being utilized in a variety of diverse ways and for a variety of objectives by a large number of individuals. When it comes to today's active lifestyles, drawstring backpacks are ideal. As a result of their convenience, they will revolutionize how you transport and store tiny goods.

Depending on your situation, drawstring bags can be used for a variety of purposes. Promotional giveaways, birthday parties, wedding favors, church events, school organizations, and the like. Customized tote bags will provide you the free advertisement for a lifetime of the bag. Therefore they are a great investment that comes with a wholesale price. Today, we're going to explain to you how a drawstring bag can assist you.

1. Custom Printed Drawstring Backpacks can be Personalized Any Way You Want

drawstring backpacks on chiar

A good giveaway should be indeed cool, useful, and making a powerful statement about your brand. It should also be of high quality, fun, and interesting. Let us think about a zip drawstring backpack in a vibrant color design. Reinforced seams to make it sturdy double the lightweight polyester.

The best thing about it, however, is that it displays enough space for you to start personalizing it. You can add your logo or a fun message. You can also apply your monogram and make it even more personal. You can show off your brand’s colors and symbols in a practical, simple yet stylish way.

2. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks Make the Most Wearable Marketing

personalized drawstring backpack

Give your audience something valuable and they will remember and speak fondly of you indefinitely. Many might actually make your giveaway viral on their social media networks if they are pleasantly surprised.

All it takes is for you to print your logo, message, hashtag, or motto on a high quality cinch pack with a sporty flair. Such drawstring backpacks are versatile and extremely useful. They go excellent for young and very mobile urban professionals, students, kids, gym buffs, and many more. Moreover, they will help you reinforce your brand in the most natural way possible.

3. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks are Unisex

colorful drawstring backpacks

Surely, you can find drawstrings backpacks for men and for women, respectively, but the logistics may become a bit too difficult. On the other hand, a non-woven polypropylene drawstring bag in a vivid color is the surefire way to please a crowd. Moreover, for both adults and kids! 

Among drawstring bags' advantages are their eye-catching patterns. In a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors, they can be found. Whatever your style, there's a drawstring bag for you. Both a kid-friendly and a gym-friendly backpack are readily available. Everyone can choose a drawstring bag that suits their needs. If you're a guy or a woman, a college student, a professional, a mom, a fitness fanatic, or an outdoor enthusiast, there's a drawstring bag for you.

These types of backpacks have become the darlings of corporate events, contests, and conferences because they come in a wide variety of colors, are sturdy enough to be wearable for a long time, and match every one of the participants to the giveaway.

4. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks are Age Independent

assortment of drawstring backpacks

Many event organizers fear that their giveaways will not please participants of certain ages. Young ones want some particular things, while adult ones have different expectations. Well, a rugged but stylish polyester drawstring backpack and a heavy vinyl backing solves such issues in an instant.

It will not matter if you offer such drawstrings backpacks to your young creative advertisement conference attendees or your seasoned medical experts coming to your workshop. These backpacks are incredibly useful, durable, practical, and fun to wear. You can just see your user group from any age wearing them. Kids going to school, teenagers going camping, young adults going to the library, or elders wearing a bike with their backpacks carrying some basic groceries. Keep in mind that it is essential to dream when you are doing creative work.

5. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks Can Appeal to the Eco-Conscious

assortment of drawstring backpacks in two colors

More and more people are getting highly aware of environmental issues. In addition, more people make conscious and mindful changes in order to live more eco-friendly lives. Drawstring bags are made of light materials, so they won't weigh you down when you travel with them. But the best ones are made to be easy to use and last a long time, even though they are light. This means that strong materials like nylon and cotton are used to make them. Some drawstring bags also have special layers that keep water out, so they can be used even in rougher places.

If you prepare a giveaway for such people, you may want to consider a handful of canvas sport drawstring backpacks. These backpacks are sturdy. The natural fibers make a thick fabric which can carry heavy loads with no problems. Besides the wide variety of colors you can choose from, you also have plenty of space to print your logo.

Moreover, cotton canvas drawstring backpacks make a powerful statement about your brand as an advocate for the environment. They show you know who your giveaway participants are. It is likely that your eco-aware attendees will speak about your attention to detail for months after the event.

6. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks are Multifunctional

custom printed drawstring backpacks laundry bags

As we said, drawstring backpacks will come in handy to your participants. Many will take them to the gym, some will use them to go to work, and some will use them as travel accessories. Nevertheless, there is more to drawstring backpacks than the eye can see. A nylon mesh bag can serve as a stylish groceries bag, a fun beach bag, a useful shoes bag, and so on.

The front pocket is large enough for you to print your brand logo or motto on, as well. Some giveaway participants may even use these drawstring backpacks as storage accessories around the house to keep their magazines, books, decorations, or personal items tight and in sight.

7. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks Make Your Brand More Visible than Tote Bags

purple drawstring backpack

We love tote bags and messenger bags for that matter, but nothing displays your brand’s logo and message better than a drawstring backpack. Tote bags and backpacks are all the rage right now in terms of conference gift bags and giveaways. Nevertheless, let us consider the 100% canvas modern drawstrings backpack. Once you printed your logo or motto on it, they will become widely visible.

It is one thing to peek under one’s arm to see what their tote bags says and another to fully enjoy a fun inscription displayed in plain sight on a young person’s shoulder. Marketing has never been easier.

8. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks Can Carry the Other Giveaways

drawstring backpack with tree print

A large summit or international conference is likely to gather many brands and companies, each preparing their own giveaways. If you caught a glimpse of an attendee looking a bit confused or troubled by the idea of carrying back home all the goodies they received. Now it is the time for you to step in! Offer the participants some front mesh bags and help them feel relieved about having to stuff their bags with all sorts of swags and goodies.

9. Custom Printed Drawstrings Backpacks are Affordable in Bulk

drawstring backpacks in multiple colors and teddy bear

When it comes to giveaways, budget becomes very important. One reason you should consider custom printed drawstrings backpacks is that they are very affordable when you order them in bulk. Given the amazing prices you can get, you can focus on your everyday business, resting assured that your drawstrings backpack giveaways will please all your participants and remain very friendly to your budget.

Do you have other reasons why custom printed drawstrings backpacks are the best giveaways possible? When was the last time you offered such goodies and how was the feedback you received?