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5 Things You Must Know About Drawstring Backpack

Robyn Wike |

 While the new trend in manufacturing is turning its face towards practical-stylish products, personal items are getting more adaptable to your special interests. That is, now the mass manufacturers not only aim at producing the cheapest items in many numbers, but they are also trying to address your personal needs with every item. This means practicality in design and attraction in style. Therefore, companies are promoting the most minimalist products, which are also convenient to customize. 

As the first step of production, ToteBagFactory begins by asking the essential questions directly to you. Are you going to have your bag for everyday use? Which bag size is most functional for you? Do you prioritize a fashionable look or practicality? The common answers we get from this search point out our new drawstring backpacks as the most suitable product that will meet everything you expect from a practical bag. 

Drawstring bags are also known as cinch bags, and they have been in use for centuries for numerous purposes. Basically, these bags look like a sack yet usually come with a string at the very top of the product that enables security. From ancient Egypt to the twenty-first-century metropolitan life, drawstring bags have sufficiently fulfilled the basic needs of everyday life, and therefore, they have never been outdated by any other product. To learn more about the history of the bag, you can have a look at the ultimate guide to drawstring backpacks on our blog. 

As you will see in the explanatory guide, there are fundamental differences between the traditional bags and the drawstring backpacks that make the latter much more practical for everyday use and in terms of its customizability. Accessibility, compartments, mobility, security, and the extra space the bags provide are among the features that make them preferable over the other types. Plus, drawstring bags vary in size, offering a considerable range of use, from school bags to grocery bags. Besides being a printable canvas bag, these bags are easy to sew if you want to make it an enjoyable, creative fun-activity for yourself. 

Now that you have been introduced to the basics, let us have a look at the 5 things you must know about the drawsting backpacks before you visit the colorful catalogue! 

Where can I use a drawstring bag?

If you are looking for a product that can be used for a long time and in several occasions, you have to go for the most practical one in every terms. The drawstring bag is not an over-sized bag indeed to serve as a large product for heavy loads. Instead, the main function of the bag is to provide you with an external space to carry your personal belongings and minimal needs. Here are some ToteBagFactory drawstring bags used for different functions you may not have though before:

Jumbo-Size Cotton Laundry Bags

Big in size and large enough to take in your laundry! The jumbo-size cotton laundry bags will help carrying your laundry especially if you are living in a dorm or preferring a washhouse. The self fabric shoulder straps have improved stress points so that they can carry a basketfull of clothes without making an extra load on your shoulders. 

Camouflage Patterned Outdoor Drawstring Backpacks

Outdoor activities require a light bag that won’t turn out to be a burden later. But if you are using these bags especially in environmental activities, which take place in a forest or a natural landscape, it is better that you have a convenient appearance also. The camouflage patterned outdoor drawstring bagspakcs are large enough to accommodate the basic tools that you would need during a tracking or a long hiking. The front section gives an extra space that adds to its function while having an elegant style.  

Discounted Cotton Shoe Bags / Value Drawstring bags

You are packing up for a vacation and it is turn to find an appropriate place for your shoes. The drawstring bags also serve as a shoe bag in such occations. We reccomend you to keep several discounted cotton shoe bags ready to be packed any time! With the discounted price, the bags will also make a practical gift for your beloveds. But good news, this is not the only purpose of the discounted bags. You can use them on special days to serve or pick some candy! Wouldn’t it be a pretty jest? 

Nylon Mesh Bag with Front Pocket

Some times it is better to have a handle rather than backpack strings if you are using your bag on a hot day or place such as a beach. A multifunctional bag, on these occations, should have extra sections or pockets to keep your small-sized belongings separated form the other large stuff such as towels or books. The nylon mesh bags are water resistant that makes it a convenient product to be used as a beach bag. It features a handle instead of a backpack string and a front pocket for your phones, headphones, or keys.    

Is a drawstring bag a backpack? 

Although with the emerging trend, you can easily find the drawsting bags in the form of a backpack. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that a drawsting bag is a kind of backpack. Instead, it can appear in numerous types, each of which is designed for a different function. The name “drawsting” comes from the top string that can be shirred and make a closure for the bag. However, what makes the product a backpack is the additional side strings found on a traditional backpack. So, they do not define the bag but stand as an extra feature. 

Historically, the drawsting bags date back to the ancient Egypt as we mentioned before. In those times, these practical bags were produced much larger to serve as sacks for grain carriage or strorage. Therefore, the only string they had was located at the top of the bag and the bags were carried by coach-like vehicles. As the size of the bags reduced and the purpose of their use individualized, the additional side strings merged the design of a drawsting with a backpack. In this way, the bags kept their appearance as a sack while addressing the modern concept of a bag. In other words, the original idea derived as a sack, but developed with the additional two strings, making the bags much more functional.

Still, the drawsting bags in sack-form are present especially as covers or packs for gifts. For examples of creative uses, you can see our cotton canvas drawstring pouches or natural muslin favor bags.



Are drawstring bags good for school?

After a long and busy summer holiday, we will be preparing for the next term adjusting our appearance and belongings for the school period. This means packing our bags not with suncreams, sunglasses, magazines, and hats but with books and pencils this time. In this sense, the function of our bags will entirely change. But a you can continue with your drawstring bag if it has backpack stinrg on the sides. A drawsting bag can be a good school bag, which can be specialized for each course. 


First of all, they are affordable and occupy a quite small volume making them easy to carry everywhere. If you are to take only few books or school stuff with you, a large-sized multifunctional bag will be a redundant product, whose extra sections pobably won’t be used at all. On such occasions, a drawsting backpack with a single section, or even without it, will be sufficient enough to carry your stuff. You can also divide your courses according to relevant fields, and customize bags special to each of them. In doing so, you can have an organized package immediate for your schedule. Besides, the drawsting backpacks would be a good choice for sport activities, in which you can carry your sports wearings. 

For these purposes, the Luxury Hybrid Backpack features an additional side bottle-pocket. The front pocket is suitable for your notebooks and tablets. If you prioritize security, you can consider the Metal Zippered Front Pocket Backpack with an exceptional texture and colors. For other school backpack options, visit our catalogue here!

Can I customize a drawstring bag as a gift?

One appealing feature of the drawsting bags is their convenience for being customized. And to promote this advantage, ToteBagFactory offers a great variety of printable canvas bags. The texture of these bags are suitable for featuring your personal designs or preferences that reflect the function of the bag. In this sense, the drawsting bags can be thematized for different occasions such as conferences, birthday parties, memorial days, celebrations, invitations, and campaings. 

Another -and equally- improtant point when choosing such a product as a gift is its affordability. While preparing a gift for a considerable number of people with an effort to make it the most special one, the expenses become a major factor determining what you choose. With the lowest price and best quality, ToteBagFactory wholesale products appeal to your budget as well, prioritizing your involvement in the preparation and production processees. As ToteBagFactory family, we care for your creativity and want to make the special moments unforgettable for you. So, let the costs be secondary concern and now focus on what kind of a gift we can prepare with the drawsting bags! 

  • Custom Cinch Packs: These bags come with the outstanding service and product quality. No additional purchase is required for the customization process. After choosing your logo to be printed, you can contact our service for the best location and size. 
  • Jute Drawstring Tote Bags: You may also consider an authentic appearance enriched by your personal touch and taste. The Jute Drawstring bags are the most commonly found printable bags, which offer an elegant style as well. The bags are made of Jute material and provide an ergonomic use. The additional cotton strings are attached with the natural cotton fabric to the drawstring area.

  • Cotton Drawstring Pouches: A versatile, practical, and pretty favor bag would be a cotton drawsting pouch. You can have this product in diverse sizes and use for many different purposes. The double-knotteed cord at the very top of the bag enables to open and close the pouch. On the other hand, the durable natural linen cotton texture makes the product suitable for food, soap, herb, spice, candle, coffee, jewelry storage.  

For 9 more reasons why custom printed drawstring backpacks are the perfect giveaways, you can visit our blog here!


The new trend, the new style: the personal

What about the new trend in backpacks? As we emphasized, practicality is earning more importance throughout the world when it comes to durable products. It appears that the new trend is looking for the plain, simple, practical, and multifunctional without compromise from style. However, there is also a tendency towards the nostalgic and appreciation of the ancient. Therefore, the modern also features a memorial touch of the old artifacts. Meanwhile, the customized tote bags are more preferable than the mass products for they reflect an authentic taste. In a word, creativity and uniqueness are the paradigms of today’s fashion. 

Instead of the old, heavy-ornamented, glittering bags, now we have modern designs that tell much more with the less and minimal. The plain canvas bags, in this sense, allow you to prepare a personalized design. In that, single-colored bags would be most suitable for printing your logo on them. Combining your desing with an artwork, you can revive an artistic taste adopting it as your theme, and at the same time individualize it with your signature illustration. Considering this new trend, why are drawstring backpacks important? 

The answer comes again from the history of these bags. Since they have been in use for many centuries, these bags are associated with the traditional storage. The sack-like appearance revisits the ancient sense while the side strings echo the modern use, which addresses individual. Therefore, drawsting backpacks merge the stylistic trend of the past and the present, producing the new personal fashion on the basis of tradition.

Now that we have learned about the function, use, opportunities, and value of the drawstring backpacks, we can choose the best one to make our unique belonging.