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Bags on Wheels | 24 Pack Lunch Cooler Bags

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Can you guess what's probably one of the most important human inventions of all time?

If you guessed the wheel, then you're absolutely right. Can you imagine a life without wheels? Besides the fact that cars wouldn't even be an existing concept, we would be missing a lot of the luxuries we've gotten oh-so used to.

And I'm not just talking about Uber. Every once in a while, your typical carrier bag, regardless of material, simply might not be able to hold everything you're going to store within it.

Or it might, and that would mean that it'd be both uncomfortable and heavy to carry. Can you guess what alternative you have at your disposal?

Enter the cooler bag on wheels. Because here at Tote Bag Factory, we're not happy with just obsessing over simple bags. We want more from ours. So slap a pair of wheels on them!

All humor aside, here's why purchasing a wheeled cooler bag can significantly increase your everyday convenience.

Why Do I Need a Cooler Bag?

Well, don't you like eating? We're going to assume that, just like everyone else, you're either going to work or school in the early morning. We're more than aware of the fact that preparing food the night before can be tedious and annoying - but you know what's worse?

Preparing food the night before and having it grow cold (or warm) and stale by the time you open it.

You know how that goes. You prepare a delicious tuna sandwich with mayo to devour once you arrive at the office workspace, only to realize that something's a bit fishy - and not in a good way. And maybe you wanted to eat that sandwich cold, but it's a sweltering 102 °F outside, and so by the time you get to work your food is going to be lukewarm and mushy.

That's one of the reasons why a cooler bag would make your life a lot easier.

Sure - you can ditch the cooler bag altogether and start eating out each and every day - but if you had any idea how much less money you have at the end of the month because of that, you'd probably look a lot paler than you do.

So... are you ready to make your life better?

What Does a Cooler Bag Do?

If it's not quite obvious yet, a cooler bag keeps whatever you store inside it, well, cool. Mind you, the trick is not that it just generally makes food cold, but rather that it keeps it at the exact temperature it was first stored in.

Rather, the word "thermal bag" is far more accurate to describe a cooler bag. They've been used for about three to four dozen years so far to great success, especially in food delivery businesses. First pizza, now almost everything! Popular delivery application and platform couriers almost always make use of cooler bags.

There are a lot of reasons to opt for a cooler bag. For example, if you are having an event with more people and therefore more food, the 24 pack lunch cooler bag is more appropriate. It will ensure that you pack enough lunch and beverages for everyone. Whatever your destination is, may it be to the picnic, a game, or a trip, these large cooler bags will come in handy to carry your lunch!

Oh, yeah - and especially if you're bringing over your mother's huge casserole to impress everyone. Put it in a normal bag and feel the effects of depression kick in once you see a glorious casserole turned to condensed mush.

Put it in a cooler bag, however, and you'll probably kick everyone's taste buds into overdrive.

In short, if you are looking for large cooler bags at an affordable price, then this is the place to be. Our wholesale cooler bags come in different designs and colors so that you can choose the one that attracts you the most. Some 24 pack lunch bags have wheels. A good example is an easy life rolling cooler bag.

Sell Me On Your Bags!

Well, to start off, all our bags are made from the highest-quality materials we could find from across the globe. Because we're the Tote Bag Factory, we've got the word "bag" in our name, and we can't just disappoint people like that.

Therefore, any bags you purchase from us are very sturdy and durable. They are liable to last you for a very long time even if you're not particularly careful about their maintenance. Even better - they're reusable!

Another advantage is the fact that all of our bags are made from organic materials. That means that they're going to decay at the same rate as food waste, compared to plastic, which can take up to 500 years to decay.

In other words, if you somehow lose the bag out on the road, then at least you won't have the slow death of Mother Earth on your conscience. If anything, Mother Earth is probably going to enjoy an organic bag-shaped snack.

The bags are also suitable if the weight of your lunch is too much and you do not want to go around carrying it. It is designed in such a way that it can support the heavy weight of your lunch, with a removable bottom board that offers stability. We might be fancy, but we like to call our bags as being "ergonomic."

Oh, yeah - and if you don't want to buy a large bag, then get small cooler bags instead!

Our quality control doesn't stop there either. The inline skate wheels affixed to the bottom of the bag are smooth and durable, guaranteeing you a comfortable ride. You'll simply pull on the bag and it'll follow you at pace, just like a loyal and well-trained pet. Except it's a bag.

Additionally, our bags are sold at wholesale prices. The best benefit with our pricing is that the price reduces as you buy more bags. In case you intend to use them as promotional cooler bags, you can take advantage of this price advantage and buy more bags. Your customers and staff and other people you may give the bag to will be thankful for your thoughtfulness!

Promote Your Brand

As previously suggested, the bags also have promotional value. Depending on what you have in mind for your business, we can also imprint a custom logo onto the bags so you get the opportunity to show off your brand and flair.

It might not seem like much, but in a world where "company swag" means a boring yoga mat or a coffee mug, a promotional bag could actually make the difference between throwing it away and actually using it.

And if you want to find out just how beneficial it can be for your brand to adopt our promotional line of bags, then here's an article to convince you.

Pack Your Bags

"We're going out! And feel free to take everything you want with you as well, because we've got a high-quality Tote Bag Factory cooler bag," said no one ever, although we're still waiting.

So, yes. A large cooler bag can be extraordinarily useful if you have the habit of transporting your food from Point A to Point Z. Take a look at our collection and see if you like anything. You'll be better off, I promise!