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Giveaway and Promotional Tote Bags For Your Business

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Ever heard of the term “company swag?” Perhaps you work at a large business or corporation and have been exposed to the concept of gifting your employees with items that have been branded with your logo.

In that case, then no doubt, you’ve received a lot of gifts that weren’t exactly awesome or what you were expecting. A coffee mug? Cool, I guess. Let me just add it to the other fifty I’ve received over the course of my career: I’m sure I’ll use it at some point!

Hint: no, I’m not. I have a cat coffee mug that I’m going to use each and every time over one with a company logo on it!

“Grr,” you growl. “But if my ungrateful employees don’t appreciate a coffee mug, then why even try and do anything for them?” The problem doesn’t really lie in the gesture, it lies in the fact that we’ve gotten bored to death with the idea of receiving yet another boring mug. It’s like we have no creativity!

The alternative? Buy bags for your employees! At some point or another, single-use plastic bags will be banned across the world. There is no “but,” but rather a matter of time. When that time comes, your employees will be thankful they’ll have several batches of wholesale tote bags stashed somewhere inside their house.

And your logo will mean a lot more to them then. Not convinced yet? Here’s why tote bags are great promotional pieces for your business!

Tote Bags? But Why?

When you are choosing promotional items for your company or an event, consider tote bags. We offer tote bags in a range of prices, and the prices for some tote bags start at less than $1.00 each! I mean, isn’t that really cheap and convenient? It almost makes you wonder if we’re weaving our bags from banana peels or something.

For posterity, no: we don’t make our bags from banana peels.

As a matter of fact, all of our bags are made from the highest quality materials sourced from all over the world. While it might sound cliche, one of the reasons behind the inception of the Totebag Factory was a desire to fill an untouched market niche: that of a consistent, premium-quality tote bag supplier that does not disappoint.

So - you’ve got bags that are convenient, look good, can be branded with your company logo, and feature top-notch materials in their manufacturing process. What more could you want? Not only that, but all of our tote bags are very affordable, especially if purchased wholesale. Our estimate is that if you’re a frequent tote bag user, then wholesale purchase could literally save you a fortune in the long run.

How Can I Benefit From Tote Bags?


As mentioned above, “company swag” is a great way of showing your employees you care. While nothing is ever going to be as rewarding as a wad of cash, sometimes you don’t quite have the possibility of providing them with a bonus, and instead, have to keep the purse tight and carefully consider what options you have.

There are many, many things that you could gift to your employees. Phone chargers, for one, are always useful. Unfortunately, buying phone chargers for your workers and colleagues will leave quite the carbon footprint on the planet.

And you don’t want to be the person responsible for its death, do you?

We’re just being dramatic. Although we have a tongue-in-cheek attitude about the subject, the unfortunate truth really is that we are going through a pollution crisis. While it might not seem like much, every little action we undertake without thought to the environment is actually what is going to seal our doom.

So, uh - maybe don’t buy a phone charger? I mean, tote bags are fully organic, and they can carry your items!

Besides working to the benefit of the environment, the purchase of branded, promotional tote bags could significantly increase the amount of business and revenue you incur. Let’s say, for example, that you have a logo that attracts a lot of attention and that is also visually appealing.

The TikTok logo, for one, comes to mind. It’s symmetrical and asymmetrical, features three different colors, implies a colored shadow behind the design, and looks as if it’s been taken straight out of an old, Cyberpunk-themed anime with neon lights every few meters.

If that logo - your logo, assuming - was being carried around all over town by your employees, then wouldn’t that be highly convenient? You introduce new people to your brand as well as what you do and potentially even include contact information underneath your cool design.

Next time some youth at a cafe is impatiently waiting for a friend, they’ll alleviate their boredom by Googling that awesome tote bag design they’ve just seen!

Giveaway and Promotional Tote Bags

Besides being highly convenient, tote bags have also gotten very popular with corporations on account that they’re very easy to customize. Not only that, but branding them with a logo will leave them looking significantly more vibrant and soulful than your average plastic bag, too.

Therefore, giveaway tote bags are a popular choice for companies that plan to promote a special event. You can, for example, either purchase them for your own employees or give them away whenever you’re the topic of said event. To cite another such scenario, you might also buy them to recognize your company’s 25th anniversary!

Promotional tote bags are also handy to present information about your company. When you are meeting with potential clients, investors, or funders, your annual report, newsletter, business cards, pens, post-it notes, and other items - a coffee cup with your company’s logo, for example - can be placed in the bag for ease of presentation. Tote bags make it easy to store presentation items. Ready to go when you need them!

Our company has over 25 years’ worth of experience in the business. We understand and appreciate the needs of companies and organizations to have quality items at a reasonable price. Capitalism, from our perspective, is great. As a famous quote goes, “You get what you pay for!” And your hard-earned dollar can get you a lot of quality in our store…

Our experience can help you find answers to your questions about fabric, printing, cost, quantity, etc.

When you have a question about what item to buy, the answer is our wholesale tote bags for promotions. These durable, easy-to-carry bags can be used for a long time. Promoting is made easy, too. Your tote bags will be carried and displayed all over, getting your message out there. The versatility of promotional tote bags ensures they will remain a popular choice.  

Think Differently and Innovate

Carrying your groceries can get annoying. Really annoying. It might be well and fine if you only have a short trip to make, but if you have to traverse half the city with full bags only so you can get home with discounted kale, you might as well ensure you’re going to have an easier time while you’re at it.

But you, as a person, are probably never going to go out of your way to explicitly buy a tote bag. After all, we have much bigger worries on our minds, like how we’re going to pay off rent, student loan, or that really ugly (and expensive) clothing article we’ve leased and now have to cover.

And that sucks! Mainly because a tote bag would be exactly what you would need so that lugging around legumes and vegetables doesn’t exhaust you unconscious. Do you know how people say that the best gifts are those you wouldn’t buy for yourself?

I think it’s becoming pretty clear why gifting your employees promotional company tote bags would be a little action with a lot of positive impacts. Because regardless if they’re using canvas or cotton tote bags, they’re always better than plastic bags, and very convenient!

Therefore, stop buying useless yoga mats for your employees! They don’t need yoga, they just need to carry their groceries around in comfort. Trust us - they’ll thank you for the tote bags when they finally put them to use.