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Sports Duffle Bags: How to Work Out in Style

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Even though some recent events have caused the most significant disruption to the worldwide sporting calendar in decades, we should not give up on our exercise habits. These are priceless. The current unusual situation has crucial psychological, behavioral, and physical repercussions for all of us. However, life in lockdown doesn’t have to mean giving up on your healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, it can be a great opportunity to up your game!

You can still go for a long and relaxing walk with your pet friend, jog, or hike, as far as you maintain a safe physical distance and personal hygiene in public. During such outdoor exercise or recreational activities, it's best if you can carry all your sport-related items in a sports duffle bag. This way, not only will your hands be able to move freely, but also all your personal items will be safe and sound.

We are here to offer some guidance to find the best sports duffle bag. In the following, we will list a series of criteria for choosing the winner, share some of our top sports products, and remind you what a perfect duffle bag should be like.

Important Criteria for Choosing Your Next Sport Duffle Bag

couple with black sport duffle bags


Choosing the most suitable sports duffle bag for your needs can be a challenging task. Yet, we are here to share some of the most important criteria to make your decision easier. Like any other purchase decision, there are several key aspects to consider in the selection process, including the type of fabric, adaptability to your sports activity, and spaciousness.

Moreover, what can also motivate you to pack your duffle bag and go for a walk is how it looks. We know it may sound silly, but imagine walking with an over-the-shoulder fashionable sports bag instead of a shabby backpack from years ago.


All sports lovers, no matter what activity they practice, need a reliable and resistant duffle bag that can handle the weight and pressure of being stuffed with everything necessary. Also, if you practice sports at least two times a week, the fabric and design of your bag must be strong enough to withstand tear and wear no matter what.

Do not forget that the basics alone (like running shoes, workout clothes, and water) take up a significant amount of space. Therefore, when choosing your sports duffle bag, you should search for a strong and reliable one.

Spacious vs. Lightweight

When looking for your perfect sports bag, make sure that it is spacious enough to hold all your gear. Therefore, a large main compartment remains a must, no matter what sport you practice. Beyond that, it comes down to personal preference.

You can use the main compartment to store your outfits and toiletries, while shoes can go into the other compartment. This is made possible by the many pockets of gym duffle bags, which ensure that you do not store your dirty laundry with the clean one or your shoes.

On the other hand, carrying your bag at least two days a week should not be an effort. It would help if you had a duffle bag that is easy to use and lightweight. Try keeping a balance between the spaciousness of your bag and its lightweight.

Representative & Fashionable

When it comes down to this, it's important to keep in mind what represents you and how you would like to look when entering the gym class. Of course, some people don't bother to look fancy when it comes to sport, but it really makes sense for the rest of us.

If you are ready to change a blank duffle bag into a unique one, which was made just for you, there are numerous techniques to decorate your bag with text, symbols, or drawings. However, if you are not ready to try personalizing a bag yourself, contact us to give a helping hand.


If you practice more than one sporting activity, the first aspect to consider is the bag's adaptability to different types of sports and even leisure activities. For example, it would be really nice to take the same sports bag to your workout, on a hike, or even on a trip without worrying about forgetting something crucial in another backpack.

Essentials that Should Fit in a Gym Duffle Bag

fashion sport duffle bag


Everyone experienced at least once the annoying and embarrassing feeling of arriving at the gym only to realize we forgot something vital, like headphones or sport shoes. Moreover, considering the current pandemic situation, you would probably have to change your habits and maybe even the gym. 

A lot of us made considerable adjustments in our sports life, and there would be no more room for missing something essential. A list of must-haves - like the next one - can help you organize and also be realistic when purchasing a sports duffle bag.

Gym Shoes

Your sport shoes are obviously an essential item, but it is also important to consider what type of shoes you need for a particular sport. You do not want to go for a run in your clunky hiking shoes or go for a quiet session of yoga in your dusty running shoes.

Moreover, having a variety of athletic shoes that you alternate will also give you enough time to completely dry each pair between activities. This will help you avoid unpleasant foot odor and take care of your joints.

Workout Clothes

There is nothing more annoying than forgetting an important piece of workout gear. For example, the wrong pair of leggings may transform your stretching session into a disaster. Also, do not forget to consider the type of material from which your gym clothes are manufactured. 

Go for performance breathable fabrics that keep you fresh and cool, such as merino wool. This new fabric has drawn the attention of many athletes due to its dual ability: it can keep you fresh in summer and also cozy and warm in winter.

Water Bottle

Go for a lightweight, reusable, stainless steel water bottle with a BPA-free plastic lid if you are interested in your and the planet's well-being. In the long run, you will save more money if you buy a reusable water bottle than its single-use counterparts, even if the beginning investment is higher.


Some gyms require you to bring a towel - and for good reasons. Even if you do not sweat excessively, the moisture you leave behind could be noticed by the next person using the sports equipment. Using a towel at the gym is not only hygienic but also good manners.

Even if you exercise on your own, outside, you should also bring a towel to freshen up a little after the workout.

Self-Care Products       

Hygiene is important no matter what sport you practice and wherever you go to do it. Not only should you freshen up after a strenuous workout, but if you are in a gym, you should also do your best to avoid common locker room infections.


Music helps some people get in the right mood and speed up their workouts. If you do not like the music at your gym, take your phone or music player with you. Do not forget your earbuds, and make sure your device has enough battery life to last through your workout.

Our Sport Collection

girl jumping in a field above a black dog


Now that you know some key aspects to choosing your sports bag, it is time to present you some of our best products. As mentioned before, one of the best ways to get back on track with our exercise programs is to consider a new sports bag you love.

Keep in mind that we sell products like gym duffle bags at a favorable price at wholesale value. The reason we can offer you our quality and fashionable bags for such low prices is that we took the time and effort to make factory deals and import our products directly. The cost we save by doing this is the cost you save on our products.

With no further introduction, here are three of our coolest gym duffle bags and as a bonus, three of our best drawstrings gym bags.

1. Sport Gym Roll Duffle Bag

black sports gym duffle bag tote bag factory

Measuring 18" W x 10" H, the Sport Roll Duffle is roomy enough to hold a change of clothes, sports shoes, a protein shake, a towel, toiletries, and a water bottle, but compact enough to take anywhere. This classic gym bag is made of 600D polyester fabric for added durability and water resistance.

The sports bag can also be used as a small travel bag or beach bag, thanks to the various zipped compartments and the practical shoulder strap that you can remove if you want to turn it into a practical carry-on bag.

2. 600 Denier Polyester Large Duffle with Zip Pockets

green denier polyester large duffle bag with zip pockets

Measuring 13"h x 23.75"w x 11.5"d, this particular gym bag offers more storage space than most bags that we’ve tested so far. At this modest price, you'll be impressed with the quality craftsmanship of this gym bag and with the numerous activities it might serve. 

The 600 Denier Polyester Large Duffle features a main compartment, a zippered front pocket, and zippered side pockets. The shoulder strap is removable and padded, and the bag can be carried over the shoulder or in hand.

3. Eco-Friendly Recycled Duffle Bag

gray eco friendly recycled duffle bag

Next on our list of the best gym bags to buy for your sports routine this year is the Eco-Friendly Duffle Bag made from recycled material. This bag, made from 100% recycled PET fabric, is a winner for many of us concerned about environmental issues. When you are trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle, you would like to know that even your sports duffle bag is eco-friendly.

The bag features a large side pocket and a main compartment with a double zipper on top that can fit everything you need for your workout. Because of its size and volume, it can also be used as a multi-purpose travel bag.

4. Sport Cotton Drawstring Bag Cinch Packs

drawstring bag backpack cinch packs

The cotton drawstring bag can easily carry your sports and outdoor gear. Also, if you are environmentally conscious, you’ll be happy to learn that these items are made of 100% cotton. The bags are sturdy and durable, in bright colors that will not fade when washed. The drawstrings are white and contrast nicely with the bold color of the bags.

The rainbow colors of this collection are stunning, and people love them as cinch bags suit everyone’s tastes. The new color palette now includes Chocolate, Army, Maroon, and Texas Orange shades.

5. The Nylon Mesh Bag with Front Pocket

black nylon mesh bag with front pocket

If you are one of those people who are looking for something special, unique, and fashionable, then you will love the nylon mesh bag with a front pocket for your sports activities. These types of drawstring gym bags are large and sturdy (even though they are see-through). 

Do not worry about bulky or heavy items either. The bag is big enough to carry your gym equipment, towel, gear, and other personal items at the same time. Therefore, pack all your sports essentials and be in fashion with our nylon mesh bag!

6. Jute Drawstring Bag

jute burlap drawstring backpack bag

If you had in mind a jute drawstring bag for your sports activities, you should know that this is a breathable material that you can easily disinfect and wash. Jute drawstring bags remain the perfect accessories for eco-conscious people who want sustainable fabrics to protect the environment.

As we already know, jute is an eco-friendly material, and drawstring backpacks, along with tote bags are some of the best accessories for anyone who wants to combine style with environmental protection and promote ethical fashion principles.

Bottom Line

The above examples are only a few of our products that make us so proud. It's not easy to find out what we should create next. Although, as long as we follow your own criteria (for choosing a sports duffle bag and our clients' needs), we’ll be delivering useful and fashionable products.

Keep up your sports activities no matter how inconvenient this process may become because of the current situation! A fit body will keep your mind healthy, as well.