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Our Top Best Drawstring Gym Bags This Year

Priscilla Greene |

When it comes to drawstring gym bags, they make some of the most versatile, useful, and fashionable accessories you can take along to your fitness class. Besides, they are some of the most popular types of bags for dynamic urban professionals, college students, freelancers, and more.

Drawstring bags make the perfect giveaways, but we are here today to talk about them from the end user's perspective. Drawstring gym bags are a staple of the athleisure style – a mix of sports, fashion, and function – that is ever popular.

Beyond that, how are such bags helping people enjoy their life and sports activities better? There are plenty of reasons to wear a drawstring bag for the gym or other sports activities. We will still analyze them in detail as we reveal our top X drawstring gym bags according to their popularity among our customers. Are you ready to share the enthusiasm and see some of the best drawstring bags of the year?

1. The Two Tone Canvas Sport Backpack

two toned cinch backpacks

Some of the most beloved drawstring gym bags, the two-tone canvas sports backpacks are a dream came true for people who need efficiency and durability in their lives. These bags come with adjustable straps in vibrant colors that contrast with the soft natural canvas nuance. Their main advantage, however, comes from the fact that they feature a large, comfortable size.

Moreover, customers love them because they are manufactured from a heavy, thick canvas that offers durability and sustainability. You can use these drawstring gym bags with no worries: they can carry heavy loads and make room for your gym outfit, footwear, towels, and other sports accessories.

If you need a drawstring bag for other daily activities, work, or school, you can take out the gym equipment and replace it with books, laptop, and gadgetry. The bag can carry all your items with no problems. The two-tone canvas sports tote backpacks come in many color combinations to match everybody's needs and tastes.

2. The Large Polyester Reinforced Drawstring Backpack

red polyester large cinch backpack

Deemed "large and durable and perfect," this large poly reinforced backpack is a crowd-pleaser, and it has been for some time now. The value of such drawstring gym bags resides because they come in a durable, resistant, and stylish polyester fabric, featuring metal grommets and reinforced corners for durability.

Their perfect size makes them great for you to pack your gym gear and hit the road quickly. However, many people love these backpacks for their versatility and high functionality – they make excellent accessories for outdoor adventures, picnics, school, and even casual office days.

For those interested in style and looks, you should know these bags come with matching color drawstrings. The ones interested in marketing activities are also fond of these bags because they are efficient and sturdy and make incredibly mindful promotional products.

3. The Digital Camo Drawstring Backpack

digital camo drawstring backpack

A staple of urban fashion, comfort, and everyday use, the digital camo drawstring bag meets and exceeds all people's needs on the go. Loved by young and adults alike, this drawstring backpack offers resilience and comfort at a very affordable price.

The bags make great gym accessories because they can hold some weight. The nylon coating can repel rain and other weather conditions so that you can take it out without worries.

The backpack is an excellent choice if you are also a freelancer or a modern urban professional wanting to spice up his or her looks and mobility with an accessory that can take you everywhere.

You can pack your gym outfit and gear one day and your books/camera/laptop the next one and enjoy the same levels of comfort, mobility, and versatility.

4. Sport Cotton Drawstring Bag Cinch Packs

navy large wholesale drawstring backpack with cinch

Another crowd favorite, the cotton drawstring pack, can easily carry your sports and outdoor outfit and gear. This collection's rainbow colors are impressive, and people love them as the cinch bags can meet all needs and tastes. The new color range now includes Chocolate, Army, Maroon, and Texas Orange nuance as well.

If you are environmentally mindful, the good news is that these bags come in 100% cotton fabric. The bags are sturdy and durable, in vivid colors that do not fade upon washing. The drawstrings come in white, making a lovely contrast with the full-body color of the bags.

You can wear these bags at the gym, at the office, while shopping, running errands, or going out with friends. They can carry quite a load, look fantastic with all your outfits, and even replace more formal bags.

In case you want to keep them for sports only, you should know they are easy to clean and maintain, easy to carry, and store. Fill them up with your gym shoes, gear, and go exercise!

5. The Nylon Mesh Bag with Front Pocket

nylon mesh back

If you are the type of person looking for things that are different, unique, and definitely out of the box, then you will love the nylon mesh bag with a front pocket for your gym or beach activities. These types of drawstring gym bags are large and sturdy (even if they are see-through).

Pack your colored gym and outdoor sports outfit and gear and go for that fitness class you love so much! The large, sturdy front pocket of the bag allows you to carry extra items you need to have at hand at all times.

These bags make great accessories for all ages who want a twist on the classic drawstring gym bags. Easy to care for, maintain, and store, the bags are durable to wear and tear, despite their perhaps flimsy appearance daily.

Do not worry about voluminous or heavy objects, either. The bag is large enough to carry your gym equipment, towel, gear, and gadgets simultaneously, together with other personal items. It also makes an excellent accessory for the spa.

BONUS: Multi-Functional Drawstring Bags for All Your Needs

Now that you saw the most popular gym drawstring bags to wear this year, it is time to discuss other drawstring bags that you might find useful for many needs. You can wear them to the gym, of course, but the following three bag models are versatile enough to accompany you to other venues and fulfill different needs.

1. Clear Vinyl Drawstring Bag

Clear backpacks, tote bags, and drawstring bags are part of the clear bag policy enforced on stadiums, concerts and festivals, schools, and almost all major events involving large crowds. Not lacking its fair share of controversy, the clear bag policy is something to adjust to and try to make the best out of it.

However, clear bags are more than just safety measures; they are a fashion statement. Some of the most potent and famous designers and fashion houses (we are thinking about Urban Outfitters or Vuitton) have presented clear bags on runways.

The clear drawstring bag in our collection is an item to consider for school, a concert or any stadium event, or a stylish outing with your friends in the city. The first thing to take care of when wearing a see-through bag is packing it correctly. Other than that, transparent bags (just like translucent heels) are here to stay on the runway and in the streets.

2. Deluxe Large Drawstring Bag / Backpack

Some might argue that drawstring backpacks and bags do not feature enough size and space to use them outside the gym for everyday errands and purposes. Well, we beg to differ! This deluxe large drawstring bag/backpack has the urban dweller in mind. It comes with a large compartment with two open-end pockets. It also features a zippered pocket for all your accessories, from phone to car keys. The drawstring bag is adaptable to your size as it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

This drawstring backpack is ideal for today's dynamic young generation who is always on the run and tries to mix a successful professional life with a fulfilling personal one. Suffice to say: this bag will accompany you from your 9 a.m. office meeting or classes to your 9 p.m. outing with your friends, also covering your afternoon gym session in between.

3. Jute Drawstring Bag

Jute drawstring bags are the perfect accessories for eco-conscious people who want to protect the environment and wear sustainable fabrics. As we all know, jute is an eco-friendly fabric, and burlap bags and tote bags make some of the best accessories for those who want to mix style with environmentalism and promote ethical fashion principles.

If you use a jute drawstring bag for the gym, you should know that jute is a breathable material that you can easily clean and disinfect. Learn more about how to clean jute bags from this guide right here!

As many of you know, jute bags are some of the most popular accessories for promotional bags, gift bags for all occasions, fashion purses, and more.

Before we depart…

When you are looking to buy the best drawstring gym bags available, do not forget to include the fabric and its sturdiness and easiness to clean and maintain in your selection criteria. Here are some useful guides to help you keep your gym bags in perfect shape:

Gym bags should hold quite heavy items, and they should "breathe" enough so they don't catch unpleasant odors from your gym equipment and shoes. Moreover, always look for gym bags that come with adjustable straps and reinforcements.

You can carry the backpack on your back all day, or you can toss it around from the house to the car trunk, the office, and the gym locker. In other words, your drawstring gym bags should be resilient to wear, tear, and heavy handling. We hope you enjoyed our selection and that you already picked your new favorite gym bag from this guide!