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Compostable bags are made from 100% plant-based materials. These break down at the same rate as other food waste and can be disposed of in a standard composter. Composable plastic bags are a great alternative to traditional plastic bags and an easy change to make. You can start by using these bags for your food waste and slowly extend from there. However, there are still better options available, which we will get to shortly.

Not All Compostable Produce Bags Will Break Down in Your Home Compost. Some bags are labeled as compostable but will only break down correctly in high enough temperatures. Your home compost system may not do the trick. These bags may need to be processed in special facilities where the compost is guaranteed to reach the desired levels.

Some bags are specifically marked as 'home compostable.' These should meet the necessary conditions to be composted at home. However, if your bag does not have that labeling, it can be challenging to know if the bag will break down in your home system as you desire.

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