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What are burlap or jute tote bags? And what are they for?

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Burlap has been used for centuries. It is one of the most durable and environmentally friendly materials. Burlap is made from the jute plant. Hence, some people also call it jute. Burlap/jute material is widely used to make tote bags.                                                                                                                          

Burlap jute tote bags' natural smell and authentic look make this tote bag perfect for decor-based projects, and they are the most popular material used for wedding decorations.

Jute wine tote bags are another popular event bag. They are a perfect replacement for any kind of gift bag. Another reason that makes jute bags popular is their highly customizable properties.

Therefore, you can use any screen print, screen press, heat transfer, iron on logo, and embroidery method to customize them effectively. They are perfect for numerous events, such as cocktail parties, fairs, weddings, baby showers, and festivals.

No matter what company you’re organizing events for, the burlap/tote bags will fit right in with the rest of the décor. They have a unique look that makes events charming and memorable.

Jute/burlap tote bags for weddings

personalized jute totebag 


Burlap tote bags are excellent gift bag replacements for weddings. They are eco-friendly and sustainable, as well as long-lasting. You will find a vast selection of rustic jute bags on our site that are guaranteed to make the way you present your gift more memorable. 

Over the past years, they have become very popular for this type of event. People appreciate them for long-term use. They are resistant to wear and tear, and as such, couples keep them for longer and use them for carrying all sorts of things.

jute wedding decor

They can also be used as wedding décor. Grab a bottle of wine or any preferred beverage and wrap the bag around it with a string or rope. Not only will this give it a more rustic vibe, but it will also add a little mystery to the party. What wine is that? You’ll have to guess

Personalizing jute bags

rustic personalized jute tote bag 

Burlap bags are highly customizable. By personalizing them, the person who receives your gift will have a long-lasting good impression.  You can get as creative or as minimalist as you want with them.

If you’re a painter, you could also try your hand at customizing them yourself. Grab some organic paint, a brush, and let your imagination run wild.

Otherwise, you could also try screen printing your jute bag if you’re into graphic design.

Fashion statement

fashion jute bag 


Are you tired of seeing the same bags over and over again throughout the city? Then get a fashionable Jute Blend Tote Bag. It’s comfortable to wear and it will last you for years. The handles are thick with woven jute sewn over a bundle of plush fibers for added durability.

These bags go well with any crème dress or shoes. And if you really want to get into the whole rustic scenery, you could also try pairing it with a jute hat. Wear it with a cozy denim outfit and sunglasses for a relaxing and stylish walk throughout the city. 

Go shopping

reusable shopping jute bag 

Did we mention how resistant jute bags are? Large jute bags are ideal for shopping. In the USA, many states and counties have completely banned single use plastic bags. In these cases, reusable bags are a must. But instead of getting ones from a supermarket that already has their logo printed on their bags, why not try customizing your own? 

With soft cotton over-the-shoulder web handles, you’ll be able to carry groceries with ease. We can customize the large jute bag with almost any design you can think of. All you need to do is contact us and tell us what you want exactly. 

The perfect beach bag

beach jute bag 


When going to the beach, you’ll need a bag in which to store your sunscreen, clothes, and towels among other things. Beach jute bags come in handy for these exact purposes. Jute is water-resistant, so in case it starts raining before you are able to get out of the water, the items you store inside will be safe.

This gives you enough time to go back, take your bag, and find shelter before you catch a cold due to the rainwater. Not only that, but it will also protect your items in case someone drops their beverage on your bag. This happens a lot when you go to packed beaches, so it gives you an amazing advantage. 

Jute bags are ideal for bookworms

jute book bag

Bookworms these days also care about style, not just about what’s written in their books. They like custom book bags that show the world how much they love reading. And because they love reading anywhere, they’ll probably carry it around at all times, which makes it an ideal gift for them. 

Jute backpacks

jute backpack

We all have that one friend who prefers carrying things on their back so that their hands stay free. But without realizing it, their backpack will soon tear because they carry so much stuff with them most times.

Do them a favor and get a jute backpack for them. To it even more stylish, use our embroidery service. Think about something that they like and tell us what you want embraided on the backpack. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness even more this way.

Frequently asked questions about burlap bags

Is jute/burlap eco-friendly?

Yes, it is. Jute is a multicellular fiber obtained from stems of two plant varieties: white and tosa jute. The material is biodegradable and doesn’t negatively impact the environment in any way, shape, or form.

How do I clean jute bags?

Unfortunately, you will have to clean the jute bags by hand. We’ve made an entire article detailing the exact process. In said article, you will also find tips and tricks about taking proper care of your jute bag.

What are the advantages of using Jute fabrics over other fabrics?

First and foremost, you’ll have a clear conscience knowing that you have bought a 100% eco-friendly product. They are also stronger than polyester bags, for instance, allowing you to carry more things for longer without tearing apart. They’re also water-resistant, which makes them perfect for rainy weather or for going to the beach.

Final thoughts

Jute bags have become a major trend amongst youngsters and environmentalists alike. The benefits compared to other types of bags are clear as day. Mother nature has given us yet another material that far surpasses plastics and other synthetics.

You can view our entire jute bag collection here and decide which ones are great for you. They are all highly versatile, and with a little imagination, you might even find some other uses for them.