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The Right Fit: A Guide to Selecting the Best Drawstring Backpacks

April Cole |

Your heavy bag isn't always necessary. Some days, you'll want a little, easy-to-carry bag to hold your necessities. That's why a drawstring bag is so convenient. Drawstring backpacks have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, and it's high time they get some recognition. 

Two cinch bag applications existed: overnight rucksacks and carrying dirty laundry. But today, many people use it in many different contexts and for many different purposes. To accommodate today's busy lives, drawstring backpacks are indispensable. Its portability and compactness will significantly improve the logistics of moving and storing small items.

Drawstring bags can serve several functions, depending on the circumstance. In the context of promotions, celebrations (such as birthdays and weddings), religious and pedagogical gatherings, and the like, promotional freebies are common. Having a logo or message printed on a tote bag is like getting free marketing for the duration of the bag's useful life. So, they are a fantastic asset to have at wholesale discount pricing. Now it is time for you to find the perfect fit for a backpack.

Start with the Basics: What Are Drawstring Backpacks?

Cinch or drawstring bags have been around for ages and serve several uses. These bags resemble sacks at first glance but typically have a string tied across the top to keep contents safe. Drawstring bags have never been obsolete since they meet the essential requirements of daily living anywhere they have been used, from ancient Egypt to the urban centers of the twenty-first century. The definitive guide to drawstring backpacks is available on our site if you're interested in learning more about the evolution of the bag's design.

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The drawstring backpacks are far more versatile and valuable for day-to-day usage and customization than conventional bags, as you will see in the accompanying explanation. Compared to other types of bags, they have advantages in a number of areas, including portability, organization, safety, and space. In addition, drawstring bags may be found in a wide range of sizes, making them suitable for various uses, from book bags to supermarket bags. These tote bags are not only printable on canvas and simple to sew if you're looking for a creative pastime.

What can I do with a Drawstring Bag?

Once you get a hold of these affordable and quality drawstring backpacks, you will want to use them everywhere. They are not only fashionable but also pretty functional and sturdy. Therefore they are a significant upgrade in your wardrobe and a fantastic helper in your everyday life. A win-win situation if you ask us!

They Are Excellent for School

Tote Bag Factory Drawstring Backpack

Following a jam-packed summer, we'll get back into the swing of things by making the necessary changes to our wardrobe and other personal items in preparation for the next school year. This time, instead of sunscreen, sunglasses, magazines, and hats, we'll be loading up on books and pencils. As a result, our bags will serve an altogether different purpose. But, if your drawstring bag includes backpack straps on the sides, you may keep using it. A drawstring bag, which can be customized for each subject, may serve as an efficient and convenient carryall for school.

Also, drawstring bags allow students to use them on laundry day or during free time after school. Put them for sale at the bookshop, or give them away on orientation day! You can customize the cinch bags and imprint your school logo on them to increase sales.

Laundry Bag

TBF Drawstring Laundry Bag

It's fair to say that the washing bag is a hero of sorts who often goes unrecognized. This underappreciated object serves a surprising number of purposes. Drawstring backpacks are usually constructed of fabric for storing and carrying garments, whereas mesh bags are used for laundering. The first set of bags may be used to carry and organize dirty laundry, while the second set can protect and transport your favorite clothes before they are packed in your suitcase. Yet, your delicates will be safe in a mesh washing bag during the wash.

Sizeable enough to accommodate a load of laundry! Whether you live in a dorm or like to use a washhouse, you'll appreciate the large cotton laundry bags. The enhanced stress points on the self-fabric shoulder straps mean that even a laundry basket's worth of clothing won't put unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders.

Wine Drawstring Bag

You can trust that your expensive wine will arrive safely in one of our burlap tote bags. Stitched to strengthen stress spots, their fabric construction ensures its longevity. These are perfect for transporting wine bottles.

ToteBagFactory Drawstring Wine Bag

Not only are they cheap, but you can reuse and recycle them repeatedly. But rest assured, this has no bearing on the quality. The bottom gusset and drawstring closing make the wine bag convenient to transport and store.

Use Them For Hiking and Camps

Do you run a camp over the summer for your children? They will be thrilled to get a drawstring bag with your company's emblem printed on the front of it. The campers won't have a hard time lugging it about, and they can put it to good use when it's time to head back to class in the autumn.

Also, they are fantastic for various forms of outdoor recreation in addition to hiking. Put a couple of granola bars, your phone, and your keys in a pouch that has a drawstring closure. Choose a bag with a side pocket for your water bottle so that you may have both hands free and yet carry everything you need.

Finding the Right Size in Drawstring Backpacks

It's essential to get a backpack that fits your body well and your needs, but that's not as simple as it seems. A staggering variety of packs is available, each with its own size, shape, material, and function. Today, we advise how to make the most informed purchase possible when searching for backpacks on the web.

Cinch Bag for Adults 

If you require a backpack for hiking, outdoor excursions, or business travel, you should measure your torso before making an internet purchase. Your backpack mustn't put too much strain on your spine. How to determine the correct backpack size by measuring your torso and following these instructions. To do this, you'll need a roll of bendable measuring tape and some aid from a friend or family member.

As we do not share a universal morphology, it stands to reason that each individual will experience a somewhat unique level of drawstring backpack comfort. Consider your torso length and hip width while selecting an appropriate backpack. In this section, we present a breakdown of the medians:

For an extra-small backpack size: 15 ½” in torso length and 21 ½” hip width

For a small backpack: bust size 17”, hip width 20” 

For a medium backpack is as follows: torso length 19 ½”, hip width 29”.

Backpack dimensions for a man with a 19 ½” torso and 37” hips

Size of extra big backpack: 20” in torso length and 40” in hip width

Tote Bag Factory Drawstring Cinch Bag

Drawstring Backpack Sizes for Children

Are you choosing a backpack for your kid? Don't worry. has you covered with a wide selection of totes, backpacks, and luxury travel bags, in addition to minimalist and uncomplicated storage totes.

If you are in the market for a backpack for your child or young adult, consider the following dimensions:

From ages 4 to 6: a 12-inch high and 6-inch wide backpack should be efficient;

For kids aged 7 to 10: a 13 to 15-inch high and 7-inch wide backpack should be big enough to hold school essentials and more;

For children and teens ages 10 to 18, it depends on the cargo your child carries. A backpack ranging from 15 to 19 inches high and 8 to 10 inches wide can carry school essentials, books, documents, and more.

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Main Features to Look Out for When Shopping

When shopping, some of the listed features might confuse you. To know exactly what you are looking for, you may check our list below:

Fitting a backpack: This is when knowing your torso length comes in helpful;

Carry-on sizing: How long of a journey you'll be on and how much gear you're prepared to lug about determine how big a backpack you'll need. Said quantity is in liters.

Accessories for backpacks include: The other features of your backpack's design should be considered here.

The following dimensions are also critical when determining the capacity of a backpack:

In this section, you'll discover drawstring bags with a capacity of less than 30 liters capacity, perfect for carrying the essentials at school, in the office, on errands in the city, on the subway, etc.

Backpacks with a capacity of 30 to 50 liters are ideal for weekend getaways or for freelancers/entrepreneurs who need to bring a lot of gear to work.

Backpacks with a capacity of 50–70 liters are considered multiday packs and are ideal for day hikes, weekend camping trips, and shorter (3–5 days) trips.

Larger than 70 liters, these packs are ideal for those going on longer journeys (over five days), taking their kids' camping or trekking, or travelling internationally. If you want to minimize the amount of baggage you bring on your trip and instead rely on a single large backpack, you'll need to ensure that its dimensions and capacity are in keeping with the requirements for carry-on luggage set by your airline.

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How to Clean Drawstring Backpacks

While they can't hold as much as a regular backpack, drawstring backpacks are inexpensive and simple to use. They don't have zippers and instead feature drawstrings that act as shoulder straps. Nylon is commonly used in the construction of drawstring bags, which makes them simple to clean. Nylon, being synthetic, may be cleaned and dried in a conventional washing machine. Canvas, like nylon, is a sturdy fabric that holds up well to repeated washings in a machine, and it is possible that some drawstring backpacks are made of canvas.

If the fabric is nylon or another type of synthetic fabric, fill the washing machine with warm water; however, if the fabric is canvas or another type of natural fabric, fill the washing machine with cold water. Put in the required quantity of detergent based on how much laundry you have. If you have a front-loading washing machine, then you will move on to step 3 after completing step 2.

Put the backpack with the drawstring closure into a lingerie bag with a zippered closure. This prevents the strings from becoming entangled in the clothing while it is being washed. Close the bag with the zipper.

Put the lingerie bag, which contains the drawstring backpack, into the washing machine together with other items of a similar hue. Adjust the settings of the washing machine to the standard cycle.

After the cycle is complete, take the drawstring backpack out of the lingerie bag and put it in the dryer instead of leaving it in the washing. Turn on the dryer once you have selected either the warm or permanent press setting on it. Maintain the position of the backpack within the lingerie bag.

When it's done drying, take the drawstring backpack out of the dryer and put it somewhere safe. Remove the backpack from the lingerie bag, then give it a good shake to get rid of any wrinkles that may have formed.