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The Dog Who Saved the World! Use Compostable Dog Waste Bags

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Having a dog sometimes can be so much fun, especially when you are surrounded by its pure love and cheerful energy. They are the best companions with their loyal friendship and the joy they bring into our lives. However, these are not the only benefits of having a dog! While they are making this world more colorful with their adorable characters, you can save the environment through them! The formula is so easy; all you need is to use the compostable dog waste bags. We go for a walk with our lovely dogs every day for their needs and pick up their waste to keep our environment clean. 


With these eco-friendly dog waste bags, you can protect the environment with a tiny effort. In addition you can become useful to the planet by turning your child’s waste into something useful for the soil, which is helping the composting process of dog waste. And the most important thing about these dog bags is they are completely environmentally friendly products. These dog waste bags are made from the starches of plants, vegetable oils, and fully compostable polymers. They are also FDA Approved, and unlike regular plastic bags, these bags are made from a resin that can be consumed by microorganisms that live in the soil.


Be earth-friendly and meet your dog's basic needs at the same time.

All you can do is make your dog’s waste less wasteful. According to latest research, dog parents throw out over 200 Ib of this rich hummus every year. However, composting dog waste also creates oxygen, water, and microbes during the process. It also helps them turn into nutrients and this increases the soil fertility. Thus, your dog’s waste can be something so much valuable for the planet and its future ahead. With the compostable dog waste bags you can be part of this recycling and help save our planet. 



These earth-friendly options are reducing the destruction of the eco-system, and not only you are going to be protecting the environmental benefits but also gaining the favor of many generation ahead. Therefore, the next generations will have a healthier environment due to the reduced pollution and toxic fumes because sending your dog’s waste to landfill increases the the poisonous gases released. However, with the right actions you can reduce the impact on the environment. Taking this little step can make a big difference and the only thing you need to do is use these environmentally friendly products for your dog.



Why composting?  

Composting is turning the organic material into a product known as humus. This hummus is a kind of food that is essential for the soil. Dog waste is known as organic food because of what it can supply during the composting process. This food increases productivity of the soil and becomes something necessary for the mother earth, but only if it has through composting process. 


This process turns it into nitrogen to make the soil more fertile. It has been proven that dog waste helps to reply systems, which works great for the ecosystem. When toothpaste tubes, plastic detergent bottles, and shampoo bottles consist of huge amounts of chemicals and plastic, they can take centuries to recycle and degrade. Biodegradable trash bags for dogs are aiming not only reducing these harms to the nature but also raising the oxygen in the soil, which helps natural sustainability.


Dog waste composting is not a new process for saving the environment, it has been in process around the United States for over 30 years. However, knowing that your lovely dog has naturally helped the system via your actions has been becoming much more common for the dog parents in the past couple of years. We, as Totebagfactory, support this fulfillment as much as we can with our green products.


Why sending the dog waste to landfill is a big waste? 

Sending the dog waste to landfill is such a waste in terms of methane emissions because it is known that not letting the dog waste go to landfill would significantly cut down the methane emission, and this can reduce the harm of toxic fumes on the environment. This basically shows that dog owners can help expose less toxic fumes and stand for climate justice only by taking a small step; preferring compostable dog waste bags to contribute this recycling process with this naturally useful nutrient for the mother earth. However, there are many products that can be recycling but not compostable, we, as Totebagfactory, have been trying to be environmentally friendly and willing to ensure about the safety of our products.


Accessible around the US

The truth about compostable dog waste bags is that they are so easy to reach now, and you can make contribution to nature and be a part of saving our beautiful planet. When you choose to use these biodegradable dog waste bags, not only you are protecting our environment, but also you are supporting the fertility of the soil with your dog’s waste because the dog waste composting process is just promoting soil productivity.



On the other side, you can feel environmentally conscious and save this planet like a hero! Yet, you can only get involve this process with putting your composting dog waste bag in the right bin. Throwing poop bags in the regular bins, where they will end up in a landfill, will not helping any in this green process, so make sure that you put them only in the dog waste bins so that you can be the environmental hero at the end of the day.