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Thanksgiving Goodie Bags to Convey Gratitude

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To make a Thanksgiving celebration truly memorable, there is more to plan than the meal! Details, like goodie bags for guests, will help make the day unforgettable. This is a truly fun project, and it can be ready in no time (depending on the design). Regardless if you opt for burlap tote bags, cotton pouches, or paper bags, the secret is to make it personal. 

Adapt the Thanksgiving gift bag to represent you or your guests. While candy is a popular gift option, you can take a different approach by offering a more personal and long-lasting item. Kids might enjoy a fun toy, while adults could be pleasantly surprised by a small practical item. 

Part of expressing gratitude is showing that you know and appreciate the other person. You can translate these feelings by offering a customized bag filled with goodies that have some emotional connection with your guests.  

1. Printed Message Thanksgiving Goodie Bag

thanksgiving favor bag on autumn leaves


There is magic in simplicity. If you like all things natural, opt for a cotton drawstring bag, and turn it into a cute Thanksgiving gift bag. A well-designed print will do the trick. Think about a message representative of the holiday and add a few artistic autumn details (like leaves and pumpkins). If three words can sum up this fall celebration, these are: grateful, thankful, blessed. However, feel free to adapt the message to your liking.

When planning a printed message, some of the most important elements are the font and chromatics. As you can see in the above image, warm autumn colors (brown, red, orange) create a cohesive cozy design. If you wish to further personalize your gift bag, consider adding the guests’ names.

2. Autumn Blessings Thanksgiving Treat Bag

autumn blessings Thanksgiving paper goodie bag


This is a very cute DIY Thanksgiving project if you have the time for it. Although it is not a difficult goodie bag to create, it can be time-consuming, especially if you have a long guest list. The charm of this item lies in the detail, and it is precisely these details that will take up the most time. 

The basic supplies you need for the project are paper, some string, ribbon, and buttons. A simple brown paper bag fits perfectly within the fall chromatic and gives off a homey vibe. Add a colorful bouquet of fall leaves, which can be either real or paper cut-outs. 

While the paper cut-outs might give it an artsier feel, if you are looking to save time, going with natural leaves will help. Go out and pick up a few smaller fallen leaves off the ground. Make sure that they are clean before attaching them to the Thanksgiving treat bag.

3. Two-Tone Burlap Thanksgiving Gift Bag

two tone thanksgiving burlap bag


Another simple and striking Thanksgiving goodie bag idea that will surely impress your guests. Stock up on burlap pouches and fill them up with treats of your choice. To make them look extra puffed up, hide the candy in some fallen leaves. 

The two-tone colors of these bags will fit perfectly with the rest of your autumn décor. If you are not a big fan of orange, you can also go with different shades of yellow or red to stay within the warm color palette.

As a finishing touch, tie the pouch with a simple string or ribbon and add a symbol of the season. One of the harbingers of autumn is the acorn. You can purchase small metal or wooden acorns or collect some from a neighborhood park.

4. Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Bag for Kids

turkey thanksgiving goodie bag for kids


Surprise the kids coming over for Thanksgiving dinner with these adorable DIY turkey goodie bags. The project is not a difficult one, and the end result is quite fun. However, it is pretty time-consuming, so make sure to tackle it in advance.

Before you start, stock up on colored paper. You will need plenty of brown, but also add a bright selection of purple, green, yellow, pink, and any other color you fancy. The turkey’s body is basically a larger envelope, and the rest is created from cut-outs. Fill the paper turkeys with the invited children’s favorite candy.    

5. Rustic Burlap Thanksgiving Goodie Bag

rustic burlap thanksgiving goodie bag


Burlap bags are a great addition to any autumn celebration, including Thanksgiving. What makes it such a great fit is that it is a natural fabric that typically comes in earth tones. Also, it is very user-friendly and easy to decorate

When customizing a standard burlap tote bag, feel free to let your creativity loose. Add a decorative ribbon, a name tag, perhaps even a seasonal greeting, and fill the bag to the brim. While candy is a favorite item in goody bags, you can also go a healthier route. You can choose some autumn fruits and healthy treats. 

Another alternative is to offer some decorative items. These can stay with your guests for a long time and remind them of the wonderful evening and delicious feast that you shared. However, if you opt for something fragile, make sure to offer it the protection it needs. Fill the bag with paper cut-outs, autumn leaves, or any other objects that can offer a buffer. 

6. DIY Turkey Thanksgiving Paper Goodie Bags for Kids

thanksgiving DIY turkey goodie bag


While such whimsical Thanksgiving goodie bags are ideal for kids, they are also appropriate for adults. This DIY project is very easy to make and will not take up much of your time. The concept is adorable, and the execution is simple.

For an extra artsy touch, add some colorful sheets of paper to create a puffy top for the turkey heads. You can easily adapt the size to the gifts you wish to offer. However, try to keep the shape round to resemble a cute turkey head. 

7. Natural Muslin Thanksgiving Favor Bags

natural muslin favor bags

If you are unsure what kind of Thanksgiving goodie bags to offer, you can start by stocking up on natural muslin pouches. These offer a reliable base for many creative projects. Depending on the effort and time you wish to invest, you can decorate or simply use them as they are. The color and texture of the bags already give off a natural and cozy vibe, so they perfectly fit in with the theme. 

8. DIY Pumpkin Thanksgiving Goodie Bag From Tissue Paper

pumpkin thanksgiving goodie bag for kids


This is yet another fun Thanksgiving goodie bag gift idea for kids. To make the end result as striking as it is in the image, make sure to acquire quality items and take your time. The pumpkin’s body is made from orange tissue paper, so you will need to be careful when filling it. If you opt for this design, offer only a small amount of candy, and make sure that the load is easy to prevent the tissue from tearing.

To bring the pumpkin to life, add a set of eyes. This is where you can really play around with shapes and designs. You can easily personalize each bag by adding different types of eyes to express joy, surprise, or anger. A set of glued-on googly eyes will also do the trick. 

While this goodie bag idea is ideal for kids, it will surely be a great hit with adults, as well. We all still have an inner child, and family gatherings and celebrations are a wonderful setting to rejoice and have fun.

9. Mini Neon Thanksgiving Goodie Bags

neon colored mini pouches

If you love color, this set of colorful neon pouches are a great place to start designing your Thanksgiving goodie bags. Since you already have a fresh rainbow of pouches, there is no real need to further accessorize them. However, if you wish to make it more personal and festive, consider printing a simple message and image on them. Aim for a single design to feature across different colors to create cohesiveness.

The small size of these pouches will limit the amount of sweets or items you place inside. Therefore, make sure that what you add is something truly special and will make your guests happy to receive it.  

10. DIY Turkey Thanksgiving Treat Bag

DIY thanksgiving turkey goodie bag for kids


Another whimsical Thanksgiving goodie bag idea for kids! All you need to create this turkey is some arts and crafts supplies like colorful pipe cleaners and mesh. Use the mesh for the turkey’s body and tail; while the pipe cleaners will be great for legs, beak, and other details. Finally, glue on a pair of googly eyes.

While you can easily adapt the size of these goodie bags, the end result is more striking if the turkey is small. Also, if you wish to make it artsier, select a color palette for the candy filling and stick to that. A range of orange, yellow, and reds is always a viable option.

11. Natural Cotton Muslin Wine Bags for Thanksgiving

wine bottle bag

Finally, a more elegant example of a Thanksgiving goodie bag. A natural cotton wine bag is a simple, clean, and sophisticated option for your gifts. You can use these pouches with their original purpose of holding a wine bottle or improvise and add an item based on your guests’ preferences. For kids, simply fill the bag with delicious candy.

While the fabric is optimal for decoration and customization, there is no real need for this. You can keep the bags plain and add a few decorative items next to them for a more festive atmosphere.
If you are a guest going to a Thanksgiving feast hosted by someone else, consider offering the host a gift of your own to express your appreciation. You can explore some great suggestions by reading our article 7 Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts to Bring this Season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Preparing for the feast is part of the experience! Therefore, take your time to make every detail count. Customized Thanksgiving goodie bags are a great way to express your gratitude since they stand proof of the time and effort you have invested in creating them. They show that you care.