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How to Choose the Perfect Lunch Cooler Bag

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It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work, planning a camping trip, or going for a day to the beach to escape the city rush - you should always pick up your homemade dishes. The food you prepare from home is the much-needed positive reinforcement after long working hours, physical effort, and other exhausting activities. Also, do not forget that eating at the right time will definitely reward your body with the energy it needs to get through the day in one piece.

Carrying your lunch wherever you go doesn't seem such a bad idea, after all. Even better, if your food will be kept at the right temperature till you serve it. These tasks can all be simply fulfilled with a lunch cooler bag. Not only would you be amazed by its cooling capabilities, the variety of sizes and fabrics, but you can also pick a specific design to match your style

Benefits of Having a Lunch Cooler Bag

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There is a popular quote that goes something like this: "A bachelor's life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner." Therefore, we should all pay more attention to what we eat at lunch, since it is the most important meal of them all. 

Let's forget about sandwiches or sweet bars from the office's vending machine and start acknowledging the many benefits that a lunch cooler bag can offer. First of all, you avoid waste in a number of ways: 

  • If you continue to buy snacks or sandwiches from work, the food that sits in your fridge all day will risk going bad, and you might as well throw it out. Food waste is a real issue nowadays, and we should consider doing our best to avoid it;
  • Also, the use of all that plastic that goes into snacks’ packaging should not be encouraged;
  • Not to mention you also waste money on food when your own sits in the fridge. If you take the time to consider it, having a cooler bag allows you to save a lot of money every week;
  • Last but not least, the waste of time should interest you in any context (at work or on holiday). Do not waste time finding the right place to eat and looking over boring menus when you can prepare your favorite dishes from home. Find out more efficient ways to save time here.

Moreover, let's face the facts: you tend to eat less when you do not come prepared from home with fresh and well-cooked food. It is very important to pay attention to nourishment these days. Our immune system is a key element in our well-being. This is particularly important now that we are experiencing a global pandemic.

With these being said, pick your favorite cooler bag, serve a fine lunch, and take care of yourself wherever you are.

Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Cooler Bag

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When looking for the most suitable lunch bag, there are several aspects to consider. Do not worry, though! We are here to give you a helping hand in the purchasing process. We know there is a lot to understand and consider, so we created a small guide for you. Here are the most important criteria to consider when selecting the right cooler bag for your lunch.


When picking the size of your future cooler bag, keep in mind where you are going to use it and for what quantity of supplies. It is a big difference between going to a picnic with your loved ones and taking your lunch to work. For the first situation, we advise you to go for a bigger and more spacious bag, like our 12 pack coolers

Still, we have your back when it comes to an even larger amount of food. So, do not forget about our 24+ pack coolers! We have designed these bags with our clients in mind. You don't have to worry about lifting or carrying the bags, as they have side handles and a webtop that makes all the difference. 

When it comes to taking your lunch to school or work, something like the 6 pack cooler would be more appropriate. It is cheaper, easy to carry around, plus you can always fold it after you finish your lunch. 

If you have already checked out the above products, you saw how affordable they actually are. The reason we can offer you our hand-selected items at very low prices is that we refuse to settle for a quick buck. We took the time and effort to make factory direct deals and import our products directly. The money we save by doing this is the value you save on our cooler bags and all of our other products.


An easy-to-clean fabric is a must when it comes to transporting food. This is one of the key advantages of polyester. However, if you are an environment lover, you should be pleased by the fact that there are plenty of products from natural fabrics. 

When it comes to washing your cooler bag, look for a small tag inside, as this can have some priceless advice on how to clean the product. Additionally, unlike other plastic lunch containers, cooler bags are easy to fold, and you can always put them into your backpack or purse after you are done with lunch.

Cooling Capabilities

This is surely a key aspect of these products. You want to enjoy your fresh meal, no matter how hot the weather is, and we understand that. Also, when you go for an outdoor lunch and leave your bag in the trunk, you should not worry about your ice-cold drinks. Therefore, do not forget about researching a little on this issue before making your purchase.


Here, we refer to ergonomic details and personal preferences. The best lunch cooler bag should have plenty of pockets both inside and out to help you distribute your supplies. Zippered closures are also an important aspect. 

As for your personal preferences, do not hesitate to go for a bold decision. Your style should be something to consider in any purchase. You should go with a cooler bag that you will be proud to wear in any context.

Promotional Cooler Bags for Businesses

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If you consider implementing cooler bags in the marketing plan of your business, you're definitely reading the right article! Trying to diversify and expand is a wonderful idea, whatever your business is about. It's really important to keep your employees satisfied, and also you should constantly surprise your clients. 

When it comes time to represent your company at a convention or fair, think about handing out promotional cooler bags filled with ice-cold drinks to your employees. As they would walk among all the thirsty and exhausted visitors, they would surely attract some attention. Handing out a bottle of cold juice along with your company’s message is just a benefit from all that a customized bag could bring to your business.

In case you want to find out more about the customization offers we have and to read a whole list of advantages that a tote or cooler bag can bring you at a convention, check out our article.

Enjoy Your Fresh Lunch

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When you start your purchasing process, do not hesitate to search for something perfect for your daily activities. The market offer out there is really diversified, so you have enough options. 

Our collection of cooler bags can provide you with some interesting designs and even eco-friendly fabrics. However, no matter where you choose to purchase your products, just go for this improvement in your daily life. Both your immune system and the environment will thank you!