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How Custom Tote Bags Can Help You Improve Your Business

April Cole |

A quality tote bag can speak louder than words about your brands and business. Custom tote bags with your logo or slogan on them can make your business, brand, or event linger on your customers’ minds longer. That’s why both small and large companies now heavily rely on custom totes to get their message across and help grow brand recognition.

What’s more, personalized tote bags have gradually morphed into the ultimate statement accessories and more and more people are willing to carry them and replace waste producing plastic bags with reusable totes.

Think about it. If you give a personalized tote with your logo on it as a gift to your conference attendees, business partners, and even employees, your brand will stick to those people’s minds for several months and even years, boosting your business opportunities like no other.

8 Reasons to Use Custom Tote Bags to Ramp Up Your Business

1. Millennials Love Businesses with a ‘Green’ Vibe

Tote Bag Factory Custom Tote Bags

Since Millennials are the largest generation to join the U.S. workforce EVER, you will have to market to them all the time. That’s why you need to know what makes Millennials really tick. One thing that almost any Millennial is concerned about is sustainability. Millennials have been experiencing an increasing environmental awareness and companies that try to become greener instantly catch their attention.

When trying to build brand awareness and recognition with eco-friendly promotional items like the reusable tote bag, you have the surefire recipe for success with the Millennial generation.

A tote bag will suggest to your average Millennial that your business is oriented toward greener alternatives and reducing waste. But make sure that you use only quality totes that won’t break down after a single use to get this message across. A durable tote will be reused time and time again and your brand will remain on your potential customers’ minds long time.

If you want to walk the extra mile, use promotional totes that are eco-friendly by design such as organic cotton totes, which means that the cotton was grown without pesticides and other harmful ingredients for the environment and people and that the production of such cotton sustains local businesses and communities.

2. Custom Tote Bags Are Great for Businesses on a Small Budget

Tote Bags Custom Tote Bag Factory

Buying promotional tote bags in bulk for an event or marketing campaign automatically drives the price per unit down. For instance, some of Tote Bag Factory’s premium cotton totes’ price can sink as low as $1.3 per item when bought in bulk. 

Small businesses are always on the lookout for cost-effective marketing opportunities. Every dollar counts, so it's important to make the most of your budget. With that in mind, why not try to stretch your marketing dollars as far as possible? When purchasing wholesale products, it's important to consider additional factors beyond just the cost. Customization expenses and the preferences and requirements of your target audience should also be taken into account. For instance, providing a low-quality tote bag that tears after a single use is unlikely to make a positive impression.

3. Custom Totes Turn Users into Walking Ads for Your Business

ToteBagFactory Customized Tote Bags

A custom tote with your name and logo on it that also happens to be visually stunning will be used many times. This means that every time the wearer displays it in public other people learn about your business. 

It is estimated that a custom tote bag can spread the word about your brand and services to up to 1,000 people per dollar spent, or to up to 5,700 people per tote bag. This means that tote bags are the most effective marketing tools to date. Way more effective than flyers and other promotional items that are of no secondary use to your recipients and get immediately tossed away.

It is best to pick promotional totes that are durable, are visually appealing, and can be used in multiple contexts from the workplace to the gym to the grocery store and mall. It is estimated that the average American makes at least a couple of trips to the grocery store every week, which means a lot of exposure for your brand, with the best return of investment one can wish for.

4. Custom Totes Boost Brand Recognition

Promotional items are a great way to keep your business the have free advertisement. By gifting quality items, you are showing that you care about your customers and their needs. These items can speak volumes about your business and help to establish a positive reputation in the eyes of your target audience. Promotional customized tote bags are a great way to promote your brand and increase brand recognition. Studies show that these totes are often reused for over 7 months after being received, providing a long-lasting advertising opportunity for your business. This extended use of the tote translates to increased exposure for your brand and can greatly contribute to the growth of your brand recognition.

When it comes to making yourself visible, custom bags may not be the only solution. This can include banner ads and other promotional materials such as branded pens and notebooks. By keeping your logo and brand visible, you can ensure that your company stays top of mind for potential customers.

5. Custom Tote Bags Help Keep Small Businesses Afloat

Custom Tote Bag Factory

Many people, mostly Millennials and other young people would rather support a small local business than an international brand. Many young people are so conscious that they actively try to not only support but also promote small businesses that are on their liking.

Some of them praise small businesses they love on their blogs, other in customer reviews, while others simply wear their favorite indie shop’s or other favorite local business day in day out to support the business.

According to a UPS online survey involving 5,000 U.S. shoppers, 93% of Americans prefer small and local businesses to big retailers. The most common reasons for the newfound love for small businesses include:

  • Product selection (61% of shoppers enjoy small businesses’ unique products)
  • Product availability (49% said that they couldn’t find the products they were looking for at big retailers)
  • Supporting the local community (40% of respondents like to support their local community when making purchase decisions)
  • Curiosity (29% like to experiment with new retailers)
  • Varied assortments (26% believe small businesses offer a broader product assortment than big retailers do)

What’s more, if your promotional bag recipients genuinely love your goods and services, they’ll gladly offer plenty of advertising for free. Just make sure that you keep yourself on their minds with a nice quality tote bags custom.

6. Totes Bags Keep Waste Down

Tote Bag Factory Custom Canvas Bags

Regardless of your potential customers’ love for green businesses, a promotional tote bag that can be used many times before giving up its ghost will help dramatically reduce waste.

An eco-friendly tote with your company’s logo on it also manages to educate the users and the general public at large on the importance of keeping waste down and pursuing a sustainable lifestyle.

Replacing that pile of plastic shopping bags with a reusable shopping bag such as a tote helps reduce ocean plastic pollution and unnecessary waste. It is estimated that an average household throws away around 1,500 plastic bags every year. A single plastic shopping bag needs around 500 years to fully break down.

What’s more, ocean plastic pollution kills over 100,000 marine animals annually. But the worst part is that just 1% of the world’s plastic bags are given a new life through recycling programs every year.

That’s why, many states and jurisdictions have started considering a plastic ban. In the U.S. California, New York, and Hawaii have already completely banned single use plastic bags. In New York, the state-wide plastic bag ban comes into effect in March 2020.

Reusable shopping bags help keep waste down because they can be recycled too. Unlike plastic bags, tote bags made out of natural fibers such as cotton and jute can be easily composted while other can be upcycled, i.e. turned in entirely different things or given a new purpose. 

7. Custom Tote Bags Can Be Great Statement Accessories

Customized tote bags are not only practical, but if the recipient really likes your brand, she will proudly don your custom tote as a statement accessory. In other words, your tote is used to send a message about the user and their status.  

For instance, The New Yorker magazine used to give out visually appealing totes to every new subscriber a couple of years ago. The totes became such a huge success among subscribers that even the old subscribers started to demand the totes.

It goes without saying that the number of subscriptions to the American weekly publication skyrocketed as a result. Especially young people sought to be associated with the publication by wearing the stylish tote because they felt that other people perceived them more cultured and sophisticated.

But the New Yorker case is not unique. On a smaller scale, more and more young people ditch the ‘It’ bag for a visually appealing tote, and that tote can carry your logo if you play your cards right.

8. Custom Tote Bags Can Double as Gift Wrap

Personalized Tote Bags ToteBagFactory

Since wrapping paper is so wasteful (check out our previous post on the topic: Can Your Recycle Wrapping Paper?), tote bags make an eco-friendly alternative to gift warp. During a company event or fundraiser, you can toss various promotional items in a custom tote bag for event attendees to recall your brand or the event for years to come.

The way a present is presented is very important. While many people automatically reach for gift wrap, it's important to think about how that choice affects the planet. Personalized tote bags serve this purpose. They are 100% recyclable and can be reused multiple times, making them the ideal present wrap replacement. Custom canvas bags are more sustainable and practical alternative to wrapping paper because it can be reused time and time again after the gift has been opened. It's important to give out promotional totes that are both visually pleasing and contain a message that will make the recipients smile or feel inspired. You can increase the success and longevity of your marketing campaigns by doing this.

Types of Custom Tote Bags People Will Actually Use

TBF Customized Tote Bags

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The Organic Cotton Tote Bag: Give out custom tote bags made of organic cotton when your target audience is especially passionate about sustainability and green businesses. This organic cotton tote is chemical free and comes with a ‘100% certified organic cotton’ tag for your recipients’ peace of mind. 

Personalized Tote Bags TBF

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The Durable Shopping Bag: We're proud to offer this sturdy heavy canvas tote, perfect for trips to the supermarket and beyond. With its sturdy build and timeless design, this bag will quickly become an integral part of your routine. In addition, your brand will be seen by more people on the way to and from the store every time it is used. Invest in a bag that can carry all of your belongings and also be used to advertise your company with little effort on your part.

Tote Bags Custom TBF

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The Rustic Promotional Tote Bag: Toss the event literature and giveaways in this bag and save on customization costs as this jute tote comes with a clear case pocket for you to showcase your company logo and/or event name and date. The bag is made of natural fibers and has a rustic vibe to it, which guarantees its long-term reusability.

Tote Bag Factory Custom Bags

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The Clear Tote Bag: A chic transparent shopping bag can be an excellent giveaway. It's not only a useful thing because it can be used over and over again, but it's also ideal for keeping your stuff dry on rainy days. This type of bag is sure to get noticed thanks to its modern style and transparent material. You can't go wrong with a clear shopping bag as a promotional item because they are both functional and fashionable. The transparent shopping bag is our newest offering. Like your company, this tote is well-organized from top to bottom. The convenient front pocket and see-through zippered pouch inside make it simple to carry and organize your daily necessities. This bag is ideal for the fashion-conscious and efficient traveler thanks to its sleek and contemporary design. Try out the ease of use of our see-through shopping bag by ordering one right now.

Customized Tote Bags TBF

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The Beach Tote: An oversized beach tote makes a great promotional freebie that your recipients will surely wear for years. This poly beach tote comes with a generous imprint area for you to embroider your company’s name and logo. The bag is more spacious than it looks.

TBF Customized tote bag

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The Horizontal Tote Bag: This full-gusset heavy canvas tote bag is fully reinforced (handles included) so that heavy loads won’t be an issue. It has a large imprint area for your brand name and logo, comes in 10 different colors, and for the wholesale price, this sturdy tote is a steal. 

ToteBagFactory Custom Tote Bag

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The Stow-and-Go Tote Bag: The best tote bag ever created for the trendy person on the go! Our chic carry-all is made from all-natural cotton, so it won't hurt the environment and it will last a long time. This bag can be slung over your shoulder for hands-free carrying convenience. In addition, the roomy interior offers plenty of storage for all of your everyday items and more. This tote will help you look put-together and professional whether you're on your way to the office, the grocery store, or the gym. At conventions, trade shows, and other marketing events, branded shopping bags and promotional giveaways are a great way to get your company's name out there. They're a great takeaway that people will actually use once they get them home. Use them to spread the word about your business and make an impression on possible customers. 

ToteBagFactory Custom Canvas Bag

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The High Quality Promotional Tote: This high quality tote is one of our best selling promotional tote and for a good reason. Thanks to its 12oz heavy canvas build, reinforced stress points and thick handles, the high quality promotional tote is one of the top choices for all businesses, big and small.

ToteBagFactory Tote Bag Custom

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The Gift Bag: If you’re running a spa, hotel, or beauty boutique, the Rustic Jute Gift Bag with a clear window (pictured left) is the perfect container for promotional products your clients will adore. A more practical alternative to this gift bag is our best-selling Non-woven Mini Tote Bag (right).

Custom Bags Tote Bag Factory

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The Wine Tote Bag: If you’re in the wine business or simply want to make your brand really hard to forget, a quality custom wine tote bag is the answer to all your questions. This cotton-jute wine bag with drawstrings can give any bottle of wine a unique rustic look. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, check out our fully customizable Burlap Wine Bag with PVC Window.

Customized Bags TBF

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The Budget Promotional Tote Bag: This budget promotional poly tote bag is perfect for businesses on a tight budget that would like to give their brand a boost. It is well made, it has a roomy imprint area for your logo, and can be easily customized by screen printing or heat transfer. Its bulk price can go as low as $0.48 per unit, but if you want a sturdier version, for a few extra cents you can get our top selling Economical Promotional Tote with bottom gusset.

Custom Canvas Bag ToteBagFactory

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The Tote Bag with Your Logo on It: This 6 oz cotton tote  comes with your company’s logo or design screen printed on it. You can order this bag to be screen printed on both sides, but make sure to double the quantity when placing your order. The minimum order quantity is 80 and there are no extra customization fees.

Tote Bag Factory Can Make Your Vision Come to Life!

Tote Bag Factory (TBF) is committed to helping their clients get the best promotional products within their budget. We can make your vision come to life when customizing your totes.

TBF offers you a screen print service, a digital print service, and a professional embroidery service, with prices going as low as $5 per custom tote bag depending on your order quantity.

For more info on our current offers to businesses, don't hesitate to contact us through the Live Chat below, e-mail at, or phone at (888) TOTE-BAG | (888) 868-3224. We'll be more than willing to help you.


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