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Homemade Snack with a Lunch Tote Bag Pack!

Robyn Wike |

Health is the most important thing in our life that comes before everything. And it is getting more and more significant today with a fashion towards lunch tote bag packs. Nowadays, the majority of the food we consume is synthetic production. One reason for this is the ever-increasing population. Food companies are in a competition to meet the demands of an enlarging mass. Besides, the hasty urban life drives us to have practical courses that would not take much time to prepare and consume. Hence you would easily guess the result: fast food! Easy, fast, accessible, and seemingly affordable. BUT, the craze for fast food directly brought about the increasing obesity diagnosis for many. Remember Hippocrates’ famous words: “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” In other words, what we eat today builds up what we will become tomorrow. So, it is better we invest in our future by spending a few minutes in the kitchen preparing simple but delicious and healthy snacks.



Pick Your Bag, Make Your Pack

These practical snacks will keep you energetic during the day. Moreover, they will reduce the expenses wasted on unhealthy junk food. Maybe you think that fast foods or packed food are much cheaper than preparing homemade food. However, don’t forget the most probable health costs they are very likely to bring in the future. In a word, the cheaper is the one more expensive.

Here is the fun part of preparing your snack: This daily routine will certainly become one of your favorite habits with your super cool homemade snack tote bag pack! Bon appetite with different styles, sizes, and properties of lunch tote bags that suit your diet!

Now let us prepare our snack packs for today’s rush before going to school, work, or just an abrupt trip. But before preparing wonders in the kitchen, pick your favorite lunch tote bag.


Haven’t tried the Cheese-Egg Toast yet?

The problem with the fast food or junk foods is their high carb content. This texture can quickly increase the glucose in your blood, yet you will feel hungry only within an hour. And unfortunately, tend to eat more and more. So, the principle is to have a more protein and healthy fat-based diet to maintain the stability of your glucose levels. Maybe you wouldn’t expect, but even a snack can provide this protein content for you. If you haven’t tried the cheese-egg toast yet, get ready to be a great fan!

First, boil your egg for seven minutes and cut it into four pieces. Additional salt is not suggested because the cheese will complement the necessary amount. Prefer whole wheat bread for the toast to meet your daily fiber need. Cream cheese, stager, quark cheese, or curd cheese. It is up to your relish!


No worries if you don’t like your toast cooled thanks to the Thermo Insulated Food & Drink Containers Tote Bag. The non-woven polypropylene texture is designed to maintain your food temperature stable for hours. For your everyday use, the durable quality of the material keeps your items warm. Besides, it is also useful for your drinks if you want to have something cool along with your toast. You can take more drinks with additional side pockets. If you need much more space for a snack for two, you may consider the Large Thermo Insulated Lunch Tote Bag also.


Food Cocktail for Lunch with Cooler Bags

Dried fruits and nuts are one of the best snack that would keep you full for hours when consumed along with diary products. Try a bottle of milk with almonds, nuts, peanut, or dates. Besides providing a feeling of fullness, they contain a high amount of minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, and ferrum. Enrich your choice range with fiber-store fruits! Apple, pear, orange, and cucumber is the most suggested fruits for their high fiber content.

Yet there is no need to get a big pack for these practical snacks. Particularly, if you are planning to take a hiking trip or an evening walk around the neighborhood. So, a small-size bag with sufficient side pocket will best suit you. The Insulated Polyester Cooler Bags have a handy side mesh and zipped pocket for a beverage or phone. Four sections in total, you can contain your snack pack and beverage in different parts. Besides, you wouldn’t want your fruits to be mixed with the nuts, so keep them in different sections. The polyester vinyl backing prevents deformation. So this small package will be a long-term friend of yours!


Let’s Have Some Drink!



Summer means long days but even longer nights! Parties, concerts, and picnics will be your weekly activity during these months. So, get prepared for your outgoings already. It is practical to keep a Polyester Cooler Lunch Bag with you in your car, house, or locker for a spontaneous outside plan. This way, you will have an emergency-drink package for unexpected situations! But, we recommend some healthy drinks rather than fuzzy or high-sugar-containing ones. First of all, always keep a bottle of water in your cooler bag. Diary products do not endure long times, but if you refresh your bag regularly, a box of milk would be a good choice. Of course, fruit juice is a quick booster when you are exhausted and need to gather your strength in a short time.

The Polyester 6-Pack Cooler Lunch Bag is designed to accommodate six cans of a 200 ml drink. This means you can have a 500 ml bottle of water, and three boxes of milk or fruit juice with you! An additional section appears in the front of the bag enough to carry your phone, tablet or electronic book devices. Now cool down, let’s have some drink.

A Pretty Lunch with Your Friends

Are you a person of a challenging hiking with your walking team? Or do you prefer sharing your daily breaks with your friends, colleagues, or family? It’s true, the more the marry! Practical sandwiches are the best to provide a sufficient course for a pretty crowd. We recommend canned tuna fish or turkey salami sandwiches for their high protein content. For vegetarians, curd cheese would be a fulfilling protein supplement as it contains the least additives. If you are a vegan, you may prepare the most delicious sandwiches with smashed pea or chickpea paste. Flavored with garlic or mint, these sandwiches meet a satisfactory amount of your daily fiber, protein and carb need. Along with a fruit juice or quark, you will have a great time having lunch with your companies.

For crowded groups, packaging and carrying the food usually becomes the major problem. Considering this, The Easy Life Rollin Cooler Bags are designed to accommodate a quite amount of food. The smooth skate wheels make it easy for you to lift and carry your snack. The bottom board is particularly stabilized to prevent spilths. The bottom is also removable so that you can clean it easily. With the web top and side handles, you can carry the bag also in you hand if necessary. The handle is designed to appropriate the length up to 21’’ with one-hand push button. The texture enables easy cleaning in addition being water resistant.


A Fulfilling Walk!

It is not recommended to consume high-sugar-containing food during sports activities. However, it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated and maintain your muscles. Accordingly, a protein content snack right after your sports activity will prevent muscle loss. Do not forget that long walkings and joggings go with the same sports category that requires a proceeding protein supplement. Therefore, a practical bag, rather than a regular-size backpack shall be sufficient to carry your protein bar snack. These may be accessible as packed food in almost every supermarket. But don’t forget that they still contain an amount of additives that may waste the whole effort during your sports activity. So it is better you prepare your protein bars with simple touches.

One of the easiest and healthiest is the almond-tahini or almond-honey bar. As the name suggests, it requires only two ingredients. Crumble 1 teacup of almond with a blender. Add two spoons of tahini or honey. Then, wrap the mixture in a folio to freeze for min. 2 hours.

Almonds are rich in minerals. When accompanied with tahini and/or honey they provide a great amount of your daily fat and protein need. Nutrient and delicious enough, isn’t it? Always keep a protein bar with you during your sports time in your The Economical Honeycomb Sling Pack. With a storage compartment with zippered side entry, this bag will enable you to carry small items and won’t be a heavy load during long walks. It has a unique design to use either as a backpack or keep in the front. Hence, it will become your indispensable sports company!

It’s Shopping time!

Well, if you are ready to acquire this new habit of preparing your own lunch snacks, then its time to go for a shopping. Here are some canvas tote bags for you to personalize your shooing bag. Take your tote bag and make it an immediate storge for the recipients. Thus, you will always know where to look for when rushing to the kitchen to prepare the healthiest and most delicious practical snacks. Enjoy your day and life! Eat for your future, eat for your health.