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Fanny Packs are Back for Men | Trends

Robyn Wike |

There are a lot of different names for waist packs. The terms waist bags, bum bags, hip packs, slings, and crossbody bags all refer to the same type of bag. Whatever you choose to call them, these bags are making a comeback and are an absolute must for anyone who travels. And they are unique fashionable items as fanny packs for men.

A fanny pack is similar to an everyday bag in that it is used to carry small items such as keys, an external battery, and lip balm. However, it is worn around the waist rather than the shoulder. With a few notable exceptions, discussed further below, most waist packs do not have a place to store a water bottle and are not big enough to hold additional layers of clothing. Upgrade to a daypack if you need a backpack that carries a water bottle and a jacket—a convenient solution for carrying all the smaller necessities.

You'll find recommendations for men fanny packs and options that are trendy, lightweight, waterproof, and anti-theft. This guide will find the finest fanny packs for every type of travel, including domestic and international excursions.

A Little History of Men Fanny Pack

The fanny pack first arose about 5,000 years ago as part of Ötzi's costume in the Ötzal Alps between Germany and Austria. Ötzi, who lived between 3400 and 3100 BCE, wore garments manufactured from six animal species and 17 trees, according to He built a belt with a pouch, a primitive fanny pack from calf leather—a simple leather belt will last in all but harsh conditions. Skateboarders have a similar bond with their bags. The belt bag had three flint tools, one bone awl, and tinder fungus. 

Other civilizations—the Egyptians, the Scots, English knights, and others—continued Ötzi's legacy of pouches tied to the body by lace or strap. Still, in the '80s, the fanny pack reached its purest and most controversial form. They were durable, vibrant, practical—and not chic. They were rapidly popularized by travelers, who wore them with loose T-shirts and baggy shorts. Tourism in New York and Japan flourished in the 1980s, potentially establishing the image we know of fanny packs men versions.

Skateboarders in Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo carry the bag to keep keys, phone, cannabis, wallet, and other essentials safe while skating. Supreme's early production of them made them popular. We don't know the identity of the person who started walking on two feet instead of four, but we do know that the skaters eventually threw the bag across their bodies like a bandolier. The fanny pack returned to the runways thanks to skaters, fashion's big crush, and skaters. Skaters on Lafayette Street and Maihama Skate Park still wear fanny packs.

You Should Have a Fanny Pack If…

We are warning you, if you don't want to start wearing fanny packs, you shouldn't get them. Because once you realize how easy it is to throw in your phone, wallet, keys, headphones, passport, loose change, eye mask, and maybe even food into this deceptively huge fanny pack, you'll never go back to your pockets again. So you should have a fanny pack if…

You Are A Traveler

Although traveling is a common hobby, being on the road is always a hard-managed lifestyle. Therefore a men fanny pack would be your best friend. The fanny pack gives you quick and simple access to your belongings, whether you wear it across your chest, waist, or clothes or tuck it between layers of clothing.

You Love Minimalism

If you like outfits with monochrome colors or natural-looking tones, you may make an interesting ensemble by experimenting with different shades of brown and beige. For example, if you are going with an earth-colored outfit choice of yours, you can just grab a black fanny pack and complete the minimalist look. A striking look can be achieved by sticking solely to black and white garments when putting up an outfit. If you wear an all-black outfit but accessorize with a white fanny pack, this will become the focal point of your outfit because it will naturally attract the attention of others looking at you. You could also create the opposite of this style by wearing all-white clothing with a black bag. This would be the "negative" version of the look.

You Have an Edgy Style

Fashion is not only about runways or magazines. Fashion is an expression and statement of yours. You can define yourself with the appearance you are representing. 

There is a great deal of variety in the fanny packs for men that can be found on the market nowadays, so do not be afraid to shop around and select a few adventurous options. Those who dare to step outside of the conventional social image of masculinity might consider purchasing this sparkling and colorful reflective bag as an example of an unconventional decision. Create an edgy style that pushes the limits of gender aesthetics while you play around with different colors and different kinds of textures. Like, you can go with a clear fanny pack even with a customized print on it. They will shine and help your spotlight fashion.

Taking a glam rock approach is yet another original technique to accessorize creatively with a holographic fanny pack. You can begin putting together this appearance with the bottom half of this outfit as your foundation. The rock and roll look is completed with the black slacks and chains wrapped around the waist. Keeping the black color motif running or adding a few more colors that are deep and gloomy is a safer way.

Men Fanny Pack Styles

The best way to decide whether or not a fanny pack is suitable for you is to experiment with different styles and looks by putting together ensembles with items already in your closet.

Solid-Colored Fanny Pack 

A black fanny pack will match any outfit, whereas a brightly colored one will draw more attention. Choose a fanny pack in a solid color if you want to look casual and put it together daily. Fanny packs in primary colors, including white, blue, green, red, and yellow are a great way to add a splash of color to any ensemble. A simple black fanny pack is a great accessory for creating athletic or sporty outfits. Wear it with a hoodie and sweatpants for a laid-back look. You may also use color to bring out the edgy side of masculine clothing. Wear an oversized button-down shirt with fitted pants and a fanny pack in a bright color, such as pink, red, or yellow.

A Classic Fanny Pack Around Your Waist

The essentials can be easily stored in this convenient location. You might like to try carrying your fanny pack at your natural waist, right over your belly button. Subtly carry your belongings by sliding a little fanny pack through your belt loops. Put your fanny pack behind your back if you'd rather not draw attention to it. This style would be handy when working outdoors as well.


Customize Your Fanny Pack

You can accessorize your fanny pack with pins made of acrylic or enamel. For a unique and enjoyable design, decorate your bag with a collection of interesting pins or buttons featuring sweet sayings or figures. For a more retro look, you might pin on some flowers. You can find a large selection of pins at secondhand stores or online.

Also, did you know that you can print or do embroidery work on your fanny packs? They seem like they have a small area for imprinting. However, by simply visiting our fanny pack category, you can see fashionable they can look with a custom tote bag print. Keep in mind that you can even print on our clear fanny pack options.

Patterned Fanny Pack

Use your fanny pack as the star accessory if the rest of your outfit is boring. Choose one with a vivid design and eye-catching hues to finish off your ensemble. Wear a patterned fanny pack to draw attention to yourself, and pair it with an oversized pantsuit or skirt and top for a daring look. Alternately, a manly outfit might consist of cargo pants, a tank top, and a camouflage fanny bag. Combining monochrome clothing with a pattern like stripes, polka dots, camouflage, or a geometric shape like a triangle is a stylish choice.

Fanny Pack Under Layers

You don't have to plan your outfit around your fanny pack if you don't want to. Put on a straightforward top that fits closely to your body and wrap your fanny pack around your waist. The next step is to round off the outfit by donning a jacket. You may also try this style with a top that makes a statement but no jacket. For example, you could wear a plunging silk blouse with billowy arms that falls just above the top of the fanny pack. Depending on the jacket that you choose to wear, this outfit is perfect for either a night out on the town or a night at a rock event.