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DIY Abstract Painted Laptop Bag

Meghan Quinones |

Carry your laptop and documents in style with this DIY abstract painted laptop bag!

If your style is more bold than plain, you are going to love this project!  Instead of transporting your laptop and any documents you may have in a plain bag, I’m going to show you how to add simple abstract design using just the shape of a foam paint brush! This project is great for those who want to infuse a bit of style and personalization into their daily lives and accessories!

Check out the video tutorial below to see how to create this playful DIY abstract painted laptop bag!




Step 1: If you are worried about getting paint on your work surface, be sure to lay down a table cloth or other type of material you don’t mind potentially getting paint on. Then, place your bag on top.


Step 2: Grab your fabric paint and give it a good shake.  I used white paint, but you can use any color you prefer.  Squirt some paint onto a pallet or other surface for painting. 


Step 3: Dip your foam paint brush into the white paint.  You’ll want to pounce it a few times to ensure it has nice paint coverage.


Step 4: Use the paint brush to add abstract strokes to the bag.  I started at the top right of my bag and looped downward.  Since the paint goes over the braided area of the bag, you’ll want to go over it multiple times to make sure it has good paint coverage.


Step 5: Add another arch shape towards the bottom right-hand side of the bag.  Go over the design multiple times until it has good coverage.  You’ll want to go slow as you create your abstract design to make sure you don’t slip and mark another area of the bag.  If you feel like you don’t have a steady hand, you can always place a piece of paper next where you are painting to help prevent paint from landing on other parts of the bag.


Step 6: Draw a large, round kidney shape to the left center of the bag.  Then, fill it in with paint.


Step 7: Add a half circle to the lower left-hand side of the bag.  I like how it looks like the circle got cut off.  It gives it a more organic feel.


Step 8: Paint a line with a curve above the half circle.  You can use the end of the foam paint brush to create sharper, crisper lines on your abstract designs.  Or, you can leave them untouched for a more blurred effect. 


Step 9: Add a curvy line above the kidney shape you painted.  Go over it a few times until it has nice paint converge.


Step 10: Paint another curvy line below the kidney shape to fill in the empty space.


Step 11: Over on the right side of the bag, spin your foam paint brush around to create a circle design.  You’ll want to make sure your brush has a good amount of paint on it so you get good coverage.


Step 12: Finally, add one more curvy line to the top left-hand side of the bag.  Again, you’ll be going over the braided area of the bag and will want to go over it multiple times to make sure it has good paint coverage.  After your finished adding paint to this design, let the paint dry for a couple of hours. 


Step 13:  Once the paint is completely dry, begin going over all of the abstract designs with paint.  This second coat of paint will make the white more vibrant against the blue bag.  Again, you can use the end of the foam paint brush to make the lines crisper, or leave them alone for a more blurred look.  Let all of the painted designs dry. 


Step 14:  Once everything is dry, you can leave the bag as is, or add an additional coat of white paint for an even more vibrant look. 


Go ahead and unzip your new DIY abstract painted laptop bag and add your laptop and any other important documents you may need.  You can carry this bag with the straps on top, or add the shoulder strap for more support.  You’ll definitely catch eyes checking out your new and trendy bag!