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13 Awesome Gifts for Fitness Lovers to Make Their Workouts Better

Ally Nelson |

Many of us got used to this new "work from home" paradigm, shopping online for groceries, and limiting our outings. However, sedentary lifestyles, a few extra pounds, and a laidback attitude towards physical activities are issues we should all tackle before they become problematic. If you have fitness buffs among your friends and you need to buy presents for them, today we have a list of awesome gifts for fitness lovers for all occasions. We are sure that the health-conscious people in your life will truly appreciate our selection.

Nevertheless, you should also look at this top of best gifts for fitness lovers with a spark of interest in your eyes, as many of them could help you shake off the lethargy and start work out more, even in the comfort of your home!

13 Awesome Gifts for Fitness Lovers: Unisex Fitness Gifts for All Occasions

We will begin our list of thoughtful gifts for fitness lovers with unisex items that all your friends and family members will enjoy. No matter if you have to find birthday gifts, holiday presents, or tokens of appreciation on any occasion, let's see the next 13 unisex fitness gifts that do not suck and are sure to please receivers of all genders!

1. Organic Cotton Reusable Face Mask

Working out with a mask on your face is hard, but not impossible, especially if you choose the right type of facemask. A reusable/washable facemask with multifunctional elastic head straps, adjustable nose secure fit, and full nose/mouth coverage and shaping is something to have at all times. Pick one made of U.S.-grown organic cotton, super-soft, fitted, and breathable.

Such a sport mask is probably one of the most important gifts for fitness lovers who still want to keep their running/jogging routines, stay safe, protect the others, and save the planet at the same time.

It is also something to consider for yourself or your close ones in case you plan to turn outdoor workouts into a family project.

2. A Wearable Fitness Tracker/Smartwatch

Let's put it this way: a smartphone can count peoples' steps (more or less accurately), but it won't track physical activity, heart rate, blood pressure, stress level, burnt calories, or workout intensity when it comes to power yoga or pushups.

In other words, smartwatches or fitness trackers are excellent gifts for fitness lovers who want to upgrade from their phones' pedometers. Moreover, the new-gen of such wearable devices feature a slew of functions. They record the quality of sleep, are waterproof (great for swimmers), and resist all the wear and tear your gym-loving friends will make them endure.

3. A Dual Sports Waist Bottle Pack

 Next on our list of best gifts for fitness lovers is a dual sports waist bottle pack for hikers. As you know, hiking is probably one of the best types of workouts a person can engage in, both physically and mentally. It is one of the safest exercises ever, too. When you are there, alone, you, the mountain, the forest, and the hiking trail, social distancing comes as a default situation.

This squeeze bottle outdoor waist pack is the perfect solution for all your friends that want more bottle storage when they hike, run, walk, and engage in any other open-air activity. If you're going to offer an exclusive gift, you can also buy a water squeeze bottle separately to fit in the waist pack.

4. The Sports Belt Bag or Fanny Pack for the Enthusiast Runner

Do you know those people who went out for a run – all protective gear in place – to stay on top of their fitness routines? Kudos to them! In case you need to find birthday gifts for fitness lovers or even small gift bags for fitness lovers, sports belt bags/eco-friendly fanny packs are the way to go!

Some people wear fanny packs as perfect travel accessories. Still, long-distance runners, hikers, trekkers, and even gym buffs understand the benefits of wearing fanny packs for men during strenuous physical activities outdoors. These little accessories can safely hold a person's keys, phone, cash and card, ID, and even a minimal first-aid kit.

Some even wear the transparent fanny packs dedicated to stadium events to find inside quickly what they need without lowering their running pace!

5. A Percussion Therapy Device

If you are to listen to chiropractor Jason Wersland, who developed a high-end line of ergonomic percussive (intense vibration) gadgets, you will wonder why you, your friends, and your entire family do not own such a device yet. Well, it is never too late.

These devices are all the rage right now in gyms and recovery studios for athletes, fitness buffs, and people who suffer from muscular system disorders. Consider the device as a high-class massager that activates muscles, relieves tension, and alleviates pain. The beauty of these hammering devices, endorsed by pro sports figures and celebrities, is that they work wonders for the average person who goes through life with stiffness, aches, pains, and muscular discomfort.

In other words, this is not only among genuinely unique gifts for fitness lovers but for any friends and family members that spend their days at desks in front of computers or in other jobs that cause chronic body pains.

6. Waterproof, Sweat-proof, and Smash-proof Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are great gifts in and out of themselves for anyone, not only fitness buffs. They also make some of the best conference bag gifts to consider if you plan a large corporate event. Nevertheless, any of your friends or family members already have some headphones of some kind.

When it comes to great gifts for fitness lovers, you should go for wireless ones that resist water, sweat, and shock. While the sound quality is crucial in headphones, a pair that withstands even the hardest of workouts will be a praised gift on any occasion.

7. A Balance Board Trainer

Most workout buffs already have a yoga mat for yoga or at least cardio/core strengthening. However, a balance board trainer is a piece of equipment all indoor workout fans will love to try. Such indoor sports devices present a unique challenge: they come with a strategically designed unsteady surface. Its purpose is to train core balance, coordination, muscle control, body posture, and more.

Granted, such a device is not among the cheapest gifts for fitness lovers, so as fitness gifts go, start putting some money aside and make it one of the best Christmas gifts for fitness lovers your friends ever received in their entire lives.

8. Sports Duffel Bag with Wet Pocket

All workout buffs have a duffel bag or two for the gym. However, do they have one with a wet pocket? Let's say you have a friend who is just now getting serious about gym sessions. A sports bag with wet pockets for shoes and wet gear keeping, together with a bottle holder avoiding spill, wide clamshell opening, and adjustable padded shoulder strap, might be precisely what they need to jumpstart their new fitness routine!

The best thing about this bag is that it is multifunctional. It can double as a travel duffel bag for business or pleasure and as a weekender bag for short trips. Depending on the color combination you choose, you can offer this gift to both men and women!

9. A Vibrating Foam Roller

Well, when it comes to choosing gifts for fitness lovers that they will use with pleasure, a roll of foam does not quite qualify as unique or exciting. But, when it comes to a vibrating foam roller with different modes and settings… now you are starting to make sense! Such a hi-tech device connects to an Apple Watch or its dedicated app.

The user can control the foam roller's settings and track their recovery duration, muscle groups, and more. Speaking of relaxation and recovery after a workout, you cannot get better than this, especially since the price is quite reasonable.

10. A Filtered Water Bottle

The biggest problem with reusable water bottles is that they hold the water you put in them without making it cleaner or safer to drink. For activity buffs that consider hiking or trekking as their primary workout, filtered water bottles are the best. Just as they make the best gifts for travelers, water bottles with incorporated filters keep your adventure-loving friends hydrated at all times. Especially if the adventurers you call family and friends have to drink water from mountain streams sometimes.

A new kid is on the block, however, and you might want to consider it as well: the self-cleaning reusable water bottle. By design, these bottles accumulate particles, bacteria, dust, etc., leaving them with an unpleasant smell, some grime on the bottom, and some effort to clean. On the other hand, look for self-hygiene items that sanitize the water and themselves using a built-in UV light.

11. Fitness Apps and Workout Streaming

Anyone who wants to move around a little in the house or work out some muscles can find a million and one YouTube videos, yoga channels, dancing classes, and all sorts of tutorials. However, if you have a friend who is hell-bent on spending the rest of the year inside the house and working out the proper way, you can get her or him some tested-and-true workout apps and streaming apps.

It is one thing to watch a YouTube video whenever you remember that your sedentary life takes a toll on your health. It is an entirely different one to have an app motivating you, alerting you it is time to stretch and teaching you what exercises you need for your age, gender, BMI, or lifestyle.

And, since we are in the app section of our top gifts for fitness lovers, throw in a hydration app and a nutrition app to boot the workout ones. Such ideas work best for the young generation who is already tech-savvy and has an app for everything.

12. A Sports Bandana

Well, as you know, when it comes to accessories, the sky is the limit. Since we are in the unisex section of our top gifts for fitness lovers, few things beat solid color bandanas, especially since they are back in fashion. Men and women can wear them in many ways, and for various purposes, so you can consider bandanas to be both fashion and fitness gifts. Some people wear them as face covers in case they need to enter a store quickly to buy refreshments on their jogging/running routes, so bandanas come in handy at all times.

13. Workout Cards or Dice

No, we did not cross into a parallel universe to speak about the best gifts for gamers and geeks, although it might appear so. No, we are talking about some (sort of) games for fitness lovers.

Let's face it: some workouts become boring after a point. Fitness games do exactly what you think they do. The user picks a card or rolls the dice and engages randomly in the exercise suggested by the card/dice. It makes this whole "stay at home and keep fit" routine a bit more endurable and enjoyable.

Such games also make great ideas for beginners. The hardest part of a workout program is to start it. Those who still need the proper motivation can rely on these random cards/dice to engage in a healthy lifestyle, the fun, whimsical way.

Bottom Line

If you, a friend, or a family member feels a bit fluffy and stiff after staying inside the house for so much time, maybe some workouts will not hurt. We hope our list of gifts for fitness lovers helps you not only find spot-on presents for all the upcoming birthdays, celebrations, and holidays but also give you some ideas on how to keep your health in shape this year.

Now, as usual, it is your time to speak! What other gifts for fitness lovers do you suggest? Have you ever received one that impressed you beyond words? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!