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What to Wear to a Music Festival and Turn Heads Around

Priscilla Greene |

Summer is in full swing and so are music festivals. From jazz, hip-hop and alternative rock to eclectic house, dubstep, and indie fests, everybody’s musical tastes are being catered for. An outdoor music festival is an occasion to change pace and create awesome and unforgettable memories of the times you had little to no responsibilities and a perennially empty bank account. But for that, you’ll need to rock an outfit that will turn all eyes towards you while in sight.

The good news is that there’s more than one way to dress to impress during a music festival. Depending on your fashion sense and style, you can pick one of the outfits our editors have rounded up for this year’s festival season, or just let yourself inspired and create your own stunning looks. Fortunately, T-shirt and skinny jeans are no longer the only option around.

7 Music Festival Outfits to Rock This Fest Season

1. The Casual Festival Look

We’ll start off with a no-fuss festival look that will turn some heads around if paired with a unique festival hairdo. Since tie-dye is back in business this year, wear a pair of tie-dye jeans with a simple cropped top (preferably black) and an airy and comfortable open-front cardigan poncho. To add extra layering, pair the look with a matching scarf. The outfit is complete with some fringe boots that you feel comfortable in and an extra cute canvas tote.

If you’re attending an outdoors music festival, never forgo sun protection. Wear a quality mineral sunscreen and a wide brim hat that best compliments your style as you can never be too safe out there in the sun.

2. The Iconoclast Look

This look is perfect for a music festival as a means of self-expression without using too many words. Paper bag waist linen trousers are in full swing this year and so are space prints, so try pairing them with a pair of space print combat boots, a noteworthy tee crop top, and an eye-catching hat for a quirky vibe. While it may not seem like much, this simple outfit will stand out and it is a refreshing alternative to the good ol’ T-shirt-and-jeans festival look we all have been accustomed with. For your essentials, choose either a backpack or our Multi-Purpose Clear Backpack (if there is a clear bag policy in place), as you’ll want to have your hands free during the event.

Here's Dua Lipa sporting the Iconoclast outfit.

 3. For Those Rainy Festival Days

Don’t let a rainy day get in the way of your sense of style and fun. A chic clear raincoat with a matching hat revealing a floral dress underneath is a surefire recipe to a glossy but practical look. Add a pair of cute rain boots and you’ll be vibing to good music all day long without having to worry about the weather and muddy grounds.

4. The Rave Party Look

With this look, you cannot go wrong at a music festival, but you’ll need a generous dose of nonconformity to pull it off. The rave party style involves crazy, brightly colored colors, with out-of-the ordinary clothing mixes, and out-of-this-world accessories, like an oversized futuristic face shield, which is all the rage now. 

Skin baring outfits are usually paired with body painting and electric colors, depending on your creativity. When rocking this outfit, make sure that you’re in a no-judgment environment. If the festival has a clear bag policy, you can keep your essentials in one of our Quality Clear Vinyl Drawstring Bags.

Here's what we're talking about!

5. The Biker Punk Vibe with a Dash of Glam

This is another festival outfit designed to turn heads around. Try a statement gold chainmail top, tone it down a bit with a pair of classic denim shorts and spice things up with some quality mid-calf biker punk military combat boots. The contrast between the glamourous chainmail top and the biker punk vibe in the rest of the outfit is meant to short-circuit some brains in the good way. Compliment this daring outfit with as many oversized bracelets that you can find. Try contrasting materials (metal is a must-have) and colors for a truly shocking look.

6. For Date Night

 Even if you’re not that tulle skirt-type of girl, a knee-length tulle skirt can add a hint of daytime glam and extra femininity to your looks. This outfit is perfect if the music festival is the perfect excuse for a date night. Match the tulle with a stylish tee crop top and a pair of quality chunky party sandals. These sandals work great with nearly any festival outfit and they can keep you comfortable if jumping up and down when your favorite song comes on. Add a cute clutch bag to the mix and we guarantee you’ll be exuding femininity and leave your date breathless in no time.

7. The Boohoo Chic Vibe

For the boohoo chic vibe, try a crochet beach cover-up in cheerful colors with a pair of military boots. You cannot go wrong with these. Also, chokers and anything 70s and 90s are back in style this season, so pick a leather or a silk one to rock up your looks. As extra accessories try a pair of (really) oversized round earrings and a floppy wide brim hat. This look is a classic for every music festival. Add a one of our Small Clear Backpacks or a Cotton Drawstring Bags into the mix and you’re set.