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15 DIY Halloween Tote Bags and Treat Bags Ideas You'll Love!

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Halloween is upon us, and we all know that means elaborate decorations, awesome costumes, treats, and the bags to keep all those treats safe. Costumes may not last, but the right personalized trick or treat bags can easily stand the test of time. Not only that, but they add another layer of fun and creativity to Halloween. Don't have any ideas for Halloween trick or treat bags? Not to worry.

We laid out 12 different ways that you can create homemade Halloween treat bags—both drawstring and tote designs—that will be ready for the next trick or treat outing. Take a look at them all below and let your imagination run wild.

1. Halloween Patterned Tote Bag

With this patterned tote bag, you can add many different cool Halloween designs to personalize them in different ways. What's more is that these are rather durable so that they can hold up well for the next few years, saving you from replacing the bag holiday after holiday.

Your kids will love that they are made to stay open when you sit them down so that they can see all the yummy treats they gathered. Even better, when you pull the handles up, the bag closes tightly so that none of these treats can fall out.

If you are the DIY type of person who loves to style tote bags and burlap bags, you can get a square-shaped mini favor bag and decorate it to your liking. You can draw your inspiration for this year's unique Halloween treat bags from our guide on decorating Christmas gift bags!

2. Silhouette Trick or Treat Bag

Silhouette Trick or Treat Bag

Looking for a DIY project that takes personalized Halloween tote bags to another level? Then check out this amazingly fun and cute trick or treat bag. When your child sees their own silhouette on the bag, they are certain to love it even more.

The thing that makes this idea even cooler is that it's not limited to Halloween. No matter if you are using a Halloween-specific image of your child or just their regular silhouette, you come away with a unique keepsake, one that is perfect for use year-round.

Shop for personalized canvas tote bags here! If you want to become a master of decorating tote bags, here are our suggestions:

3. Halloween Drawstring Backpack

Halloween Drawstring Backpack

There is almost nothing as useful as a good drawstring bag to carry around tons of treats with no worry that they will ever spill out. This little DIY project gives you the freedom to do whatever it is you and your kids want—from putting on witches, spiders, and even a symbol that matches up with the kids' costume.

You have a limitless amount of possibilities with this one, so get ready to stretch out your imagination here. Their designs are not the only thing that's versatile though; it is extremely easy for kids to use this bag as a backpack for school thanks to its size and durability.

Shop for personalized drawstring bags here and make sure you also buy and prepare the materials needed to turn drawstring backpacks into Halloween treat bags! As a reminder, drawstring backpacks make some of the best gifts for fitness lovers, so check out our catalogue if you also need gift ideas for your loved ones, especially since Christmas is closing near! 

4. Monster Trick or Treat Bag

Monster Trick or Treat Bag

Does your little monster want to carry around a bag that's as scary as they are? Look no further than this monster trick or treat bag.

With this Halloween tote bag, you can provide your kids with a touch of character as they run around stockpiling on candy. Matching their monster of a costume is a pleasant bonus, and they are bound to want to carry this year after year.


5. Trick or Treat Tote Bags

Trick or Treat Tote

When it comes to tote bags, this one certainly leans more toward the smaller end of the spectrum. It is absolutely perfect for when you want to take a baby or toddler out trick or treating.

Or, if you don't want to overload the older kids with candy, this works well at keeping their trick or treat intake under control. This compact trick or treat tote bag not just has a cute design, but it can be wonderfully useful as well.

Shop for mini/compact tote bags here and don't forget you can style tote bags for any occasion. Case in point, check out our guide on how to style beach tote bags. Next, add in the Halloween theme and atmosphere and re-purpose old tote bags into new and spectacular Halloween treat bags!

6. Stenciled Halloween Treat Bags

Stenciled Halloween Treat Bags

Spice up the standard, plain treat bags with this exciting DIY project. You can make great use of those classic Halloween symbols from the witch and her broomstick to the black cat.

They may be too small for trick or treating, but Halloween treat bags are always practical to have on-hand if you have some treat-loving kids around. You can pass these out at Halloween parties as they make for tasty goodie treats to take home. Or you can hand them out to those door-to-door trick or treat kids to give them something more unique.


7. 2-in-1 Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

2-in-1 Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Talk about a resourceful personalized Halloween trick or treat bag. This 2-in-1 bag first acts like a tote so that kids can easily carry and fill it up with all kind of treats. When the time comes to make sure that the candy is at no risk of escaping, you can close it thanks to the drawstring.

This is a very fun DIY Halloween treat bag that lasts for a good deal of time and is surprisingly versatile. Make good use of it during trick or treat time and for when the time comes to put all that delicious candy away so your kids (and you!) don't explode from trying to eat it all in one night.


8. Personalized Monogrammed Halloween Bags

Personalized Monogrammed Halloween Bags


With this DIY project, you can customize a fun bag for kids using a monogram alphabet stencil. Whether you are putting their name on it or a fun Halloween saying, this idea is the very definition of customization.

Another thing that is so fun about this project is that you can also add on a number of different decorations in addition to the monogrammed letters. There are boundless of designs that you and the kids can create so that the kids can have just as much fun before trick or treating as they will during.

Shop for this canvas tote bag here and take inspiration with your monograms from this guide on the best embroidery letters and fonts to use to style up your tote bags. Of course, for Halloween treat bags, you may want some "scarier" fonts. 

9. Candy Corn Bags

Candy Corn Bags

These muslin bags come right on time for trick or treating or that Halloween party you've been waiting all year for (either for the kids or you). The design on this bag puts a whole new meaning on the term 'candy bag' too.

You know your Halloween treat bags are going to be a real hit thanks to the candy corn theme. Kids and adults alike will love receiving these whether at a party or when they ring your bell for trick or treating. No matter how you use them, you'll definitely have a fun time making them.

10. Trick or Treat Loot Bags

Are you looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-make Halloween treat bag? Then you should definitely check out these super cute loot bags that the kids will definitely enjoy making with you.

These trick or treat loot bags are able to be made in a number of different design patterns and themes. Try out the scary bat or make use of the fun pumpkin trick or treat bag design. Regardless of which design you decide to go with, all of them are insanely adorable and fun.

11. Sticky Spider Webs & Spiders Trick or Treat Bag

Sticky Spider Webs & Spiders Trick or Treat Bag

This is a Halloween trick or treat bag idea that looks simple, yet it is so fun for kids to carry and even play with. You can put in a level of creepiness with the large, spider web design. They come across as 'sticky' due to that they're made using Velcro.

How is it all creepy, you may ask? Well, look no further than the spiders that can 'crawl' along the web as they have Velcro fasteners attached as well. This DIY project is a unique spin on the typical Halloween trick or treat bags. For a sense of security, the bottom is flat and hard so that it can stand on its own and won't tip over and spill.

12. Ruffled Trick or Treat Tote Bag

Ruffled Trick or Treat Tote Bag

Are you ready for another one-of-a-kind Halloween tote bag? Try out this interesting ruffled tote bag.

Along with the ruffle pattern, you can add whatever embellishments you and the kids can think of to it for some additional customization. Another cool thing about this canvas bag is that you can match it with your little one's princess or witch outfit. They'll be the only ones on the trick or treat scene with this super cool and cute ruffled bag.

13. Felt Decorations on Recycled Cotton Tote Bags

We have discussed the importance of recycled cotton in the fashion and accessory industry before, but there is no better time than today to promote eco-friendliness in the family. If you want to teach sustainability at home and engage your children in an environmentally aware lifestyle when they are young, start with recycled cotton canvas tote bags. Their gray background makes an excellent choice to induce the feelings of creepiness associated with Halloween.

Next, cut out all sorts of felt (or other materials) decorations in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, spiders, owls, etc. Re-purposing fabric scraps is a lesson in sustainability in and out of itself. Glue the cutouts on the tote bags and have unique Halloween treat bags to love and reuse as many times as you want!

 14. Printed Tote Bag with Scary Messages

When it comes to Halloween treat bags, one of the easiest ways to decorate them if you don't have the time for complex arts & crafts projects is to order a few printed ones. Get the canvas tote bags or mini book bags of your choice and check out our printing services. We can add a "Boo Hoo" flair to your Halloween trick or treat bags or even scary book quotes. Remember our guide on printing motivational messages on your tote bags to put a smile on your face during these troubled times? You can adapt the idea for Halloween as well!

Such printed Halloween treat bags work great for adults and kids alike. If you are the unconventional type, you can wear your scary tote bag outside Halloween season. Take your bag shopping and put a smile on peoples' faces, as we all deserve a fun moment each day to alleviate the stress we all feel.

15. Halloween Stickers on Clear Bags or Clear Fanny Packs

One of the easiest ways to decorate a bag and transform it into a Halloween treat bag is to apply Halloween-themed stickers on it. The best choice in bags for this type of decor are the clear drawstring bags in our collection or some clear fanny pack for the youngest ones who cannot carry too much a load.

If you wonder how to get the stickers off the bags when Halloween is over, our advice is to use a hair dryer to warm up the stickers and then gently peel them off the bag. Alternatively, you can get pro stickers that come off easily without leaving glue patches behind on any surface.

Since stickers are cheap, you can buy as many as you want to create colorful and funky Halloween treat bags for kids.

Bottom Line

Going trick or treating this year may be a bit complicated due to the restrictions, but it doesn't mean you and the kids cannot try visiting your neighbors or friends. Halloween is that fun time of the year for dressing up in crazy fun costumes and gathering up as much candy as you can carry. So, why not make it a time to truly remember with a personalized Halloween trick or treat bag to go along with it all? We hope these ideas sparked some inspiration in time for trick or treating.