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6 Tips on Keeping Your Reusable Shopping Tote Germ-Free

Lidia Bertesteanu |

Reusing shopping bags is great for the environment. However, you do have to disinfect them from time to time because germs tend to stick to any surface. You need to properly care for them just like you care for your furniture and other things around your house. If you shop for food, as an example, the bag could cross-contaminate other foods with pathogens like E. Coli.

“How come?” you might ask. It’s simple, really. All those foods you’re carrying around inevitably rub all over the bag and spread germs. Plus, if you’re also using a particular bag to carry books, clothes, toys, and basically any other thing you can think of, their germs also get tossed around in your beloved eco-friendly bag.

Humans have been used to carrying single-use plastic bags for so long because of pure convenience. However, this convenience came with a hefty price, as people who later down the line opt for reusable totes will treat these bags the same way but without the inconvenience of having to throw them out and buying another one.

Fortunately, combatting this mentality is fairly easy, especially if you like being organized. Follow the tips in this article and you’ll never have to worry about bacteria, viruses, or the unnerving feeling of having to switch back to the dreaded plastic bags that have done so much damage to our oceans and our planet in general.

grocery cotton totebag

Rotate between several reusable bags

This might sound counterintuitive at first, but it’s actually a fantastic method of preventing germs. Once you’re done carrying groceries in your canvas tote bag, toss that bag in your washing machine and then let it air-dry. If you need to carry stuff around in the meantime, you can use a spare clean bag. Two birds with one stone, as they say. 

Use quality disinfectant

Most people use disinfectant hand-wipes to wash their tote bags. That’s not a good solution, because the disinfectant needs to be in contact with the fabric at least two full minutes. Buy qualitative disinfecting spray and use it all over the interior of your tote bag. Leave it sit for a couple of minutes and only afterward wipe it away with a clean cloth or paper towel.

woman shopping with cotton totebag

Use separate bags for different purposes

Keeping meat and dairy or vegetables together increases the number of bacteria that is commonly found in each food category. By using the same bag to carry different types of foods, you’re unconsciously turning the bag into a veritable petri dish. To avoid this, simply use different bags for each food category. Also keep different bags for books, clothes, and other non-food items.

Using insulated bags

Insulated bags can’t be washed for disinfected easily. So if you really need to use them, line their interior with a canvas or cotton tote bag. That way, you’ll prevent bacteria from getting into the insulated bag and you’ll save yourself precious time trying to disinfect them. Once done, take the tote bag out of the insulated bag and toss into in the washing machine like you’d normally do.

Storing reusable bags

Make sure to dry your reusable bags completely before storing them. Also, don’t store them in damp places. Water carries numerous pathogens, so you’ll want to avoid it. By keeping your bags dry and dust-free after cleaning, you’ll protect them from germs and expand the fabric’s lifespan. 

Avoid spilling liquids on or inside the bag

We know accidents can happen. But you should also be aware that dampness attracts germs. Because of this, it is best to avoid spilling liquids as much as possible. Make sure the water bottles you put in the bag are sealed tight. Look for cracked areas on the bottle from which droplets can come out. If liquids do spill, wash the bag as soon as you can and let it air-dry.

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large reusable totebag

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denim totebag

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shopping totebag with large front pocket

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Final thoughts

Reusable shopping bags are the future. People are starting to dispose of plastic bags, and many countries worldwide have already started banning or heavily regulating them. A reusable bag might be slightly more expensive, but it will probably last you a lifetime, so it’s a worthy investment.