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Reviving the 90s: Stylish Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack Today

April Cole |

Reviving the 90s Stylish Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack Today

In 2024, being on the go is going to be trendy. And what screams “free traveling” more than a fanny pack

One fashion trend that comes and goes is the fanny pack. This season's catwalks saw the triumphant return of the fanny pack, a ubiquitous item of the '80s and '90s. For some, it represents the zenith of what is possible in terms of form and function in clothing. On the other hand, others see it as an antiquated artifact. It has even undergone a name change as of late. Many modern terms for the fanny pack include "waist bag" and "belt bag," however this kind of bag has many modern uses rather than just being retro. Naturally, it may be worn in a variety of ways, such as a men's fanny pack crossed over the torso.

Fanny packs, which come in a rainbow of colors, patterns, and designs for both genders, have recently surpassed all other accessories in terms of sales in the US. The fad right now is this practical and warm bag. Its prevalence is pervasive in the athleisure and fashion industries.

So, we've covered why the fanny pack is the best travel accessory, so now let's dive into the reasons why you should get one right now.

Why Are We Loving Fanny Packs?

We provide five strong arguments in favor of fanny packs, based on their steadfast allegiance in every situation. Our goal is to persuade you to buy one of our items online, and we hope you're prepared to do so.

Tote Bag Factory Fanny Packs

To start, fanny packs are more than just a practical item; they can also be a stylish accent that adds flair to your everyday looks. A fanny pack, whether it's plain white or transparent for understated style or brightly coloured or patterned for a splash of color, is the perfect accessory to complete any outfit.

Second, a fanny pack gives you independence by letting you not have to hold anything, which is great for festivals when you just want to let loose and enjoy the music without worrying about your stuff being stolen.

Thirdly, it takes the stress out of carrying about your phone, keys, and headphones every day since it is simple to use. If you're always on the go yet hate fiddling with luggage, a fanny pack is the perfect solution. It keeps your possessions organized and within easy reach.

When worn crossbody, fanny packs provide the added security of a hidden breast that is impossible to pluck. This function adds peace of mind, especially in strange places where crimes like pickpocketing might happen.

In conclusion, a fanny pack is an essential piece of attire for upcoming festivals and parties. It offers a practical and liberating way to transport necessities like phones, power banks, Kleenex, wallets, or raincoats. To get the most out of your weight while traveling, use a fanny pack that isn't too heavy.

To sum up, fanny packs are perfect for every event since they combine fashion with practicality, ease, safety, and independence. Please give careful thought to these persuasive arguments and choose an item that complements your way of life.

Customized Fanny Packs

If the rest of your outfit is too plain, use your crossbody fanny pack as an accent. Choose one with a bold pattern and vibrant colors to tie your complete outfit together.

Customized Fanny Packs Tote Bag Factory

Stripes, polka dots, camo, and triangles all complement a monochromatic outfit. For a more manly look, combine a patterned fanny pack with an oversized pantsuit or skirt and top combo; pair cargo pants and a tank top with a camouflage fanny pack. On a single-colored dress, try patterned sunglasses or a bucket hat. Believe us when we say that this will make your clothing stand out!

A Classic: Black Fanny Pack

Any outfit may be accessorized with a black fanny pack. On the other hand, vivid colors stand out more. When going for a more laid-back look, a fanny pack in a solid color is a good choice. Fanny packs in a variety of colors, including white, blue, green, red, and yellow, may be a wonderful accessory to complement any outfit.

ToteBagFactory Blog Post Image

Any kind of athletic or sporty looks may be achieved with only a black fanny pack. With some joggers and a hoodie, it will be perfect for a laid-back getaway. If you'd rather add some femininity to a more manly outfit, go for a bolder color. Get the fanny pack in a bright shade of pink, red, or yellow and pair it with a loose-fitting button-down and trousers.

Clear Fanny Pack for Easy Access

If you ask me, clear fanny pack is a bizarre fashion accessory. They protect the valuables while also displaying them. And the best part is that they can be customized, such as a transparent fanny pack! 

Clear Crossbody Fanny Pack ToteBagFactory

They are useful not only for security inspections, but also for relieving back and shoulder tension. I always wear mine, whether I'm walking, cycling, or going to the store. Furthermore, because of their gender-neutral design, they are suitable for both men and women. You don't have to waste time browsing through your clothing to find anything that matches your style since it's obvious.

Furthermore, they are ideal for children. It's no surprise that our little explorers' hands are usually full, and their parents are carrying the majority of their things. The lightweight design and adjustable strap let the children keep all of their possessions close at hand. Examine for Tote Bags.

Wear Them Behind Your Back

Having the fanny pack on your back is the way to go if you're going to wear it over your chest. This style of wearing the jewelry is still on trend, although it may not be the most practical, particularly in busy places. But if you layer a large jacket over the bag, it will be just fine.

Shiny Fanny Packs are Back in Trends!

Blog Image ToteBagFactory

You can get fanny packs for guys in many shapes and sizes, so go ahead and be daring when you shop. Those who aren't afraid to defy societal norms about masculinity may express themselves with daring choices like this reflective bag, which is both dazzling and colorful. Create an androgynous style that pushes the limits of gender aesthetics by experimenting with color and texture. The holographic pattern on the belt bag is carried over to the jacket and collar in the upper shot. Lastly, a more understated pair of trousers is worn to chill everything down.

Holographic fanny packs may also be styled in a glam rock fashion. Take cues from the bottom half of this ensemble to create your own unique style. Those black trousers with the chains around the waist are really rock & roll. If you'd rather play it safe, stick with black or include some other dark hues. This is a perfect chance to play around with different textures and embellishments, such as feathers. 

Tiny Bags

All of us have seen the fads for small bags. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, J-hope of BTS, and others wore it even though we didn't see it on the street. The issue is, how do they fit in? On the other hand, little fanny packs are available for those who are trend-conscious and want to accessorize with a trendy item. 

The fanny pack is the ideal accessory for a casual or semi formal event. Pick a little fanny pack or handbag to complement your evening attire.

Because it goes with so many different things, a "small black fanny pack" is a great pick. One with a delicate chain or thin leather strap is one option to consider. Accessorizing a structured pantsuit with a little crossbody fanny pack in an envelope shape would be very stunning.

Let’s Pop a Color

A bright yellow purse slung over the shoulder adds a dash of color to an otherwise understated but sophisticated professional ensemble. This handy item is a cross between a manny pack and a little man bag. Even if it doesn't sound very manly, the style makes for a powerful final product. You probably already own all the stuff you need, and the greatest part is that the style is simple to reproduce.

ToteBagFactory Cross Body Fanny Pack

A pair of loose-fitting jeans is a good place to start. Seek for an item that clings loosely around your waist. Choose a sleek black suit jacket and a dark-colored turtleneck. These understated, black accessories will look great with a colorful men's fanny pack. Also, your belt and shoes should be neutral colors so they go with everything.

Pastel Color Combinations

Any pastel-colored ensemble will look great with a small-sized men's fanny pack in a neutral color. The uniformity of the concept throughout all of the garments in this ensemble is what really stands out. A pair of striped trousers crafted from a natural fabric complement the airy light-green shirt adorned with a leaf motif. At last, the accessories complete the look by harmonizing and complementing one another using neutral, earth tones. 

Yin and Yang: Black and White

Black Fanny Pack ToteBagFactory

If you want to make an impression, dress entirely in black and white. Wearing a white belt bag with an all-black outfit will accentuate your outfit and make it the focal point of your appearance. Opting for an all-white ensemble with a black purse also allows you to achieve the look's negative counterpart. 


Give fanny packs a second look if your only experience with them is the bright pink one your mom wore in the 1980s. Nowadays, you can get fanny packs—also called belt bags or bum bags—in every color imaginable, and even some upscale varieties. To ease into fanny pack attire, experiment with various designs and looks by putting your existing wardrobe to use. You may find the greatest and most trendy fanny pack styles in ToteBagFactory.


Is the belt bag still popular?

Yes, the belt bag, often known as a fanny pack, is still popular. It has seen a revival in recent years and has become a trendy fashion item. Celebrities, influencers, and fashionistas continue to embrace the belt bag as a functional and fashionable complement to their ensembles. Its flexibility and ease of use make it a classic item that is always in style.

Where can I purchase quality fanny packs?

Our website offers a wide selection of fashionable and useful fanny packs. Explore our selection to choose the one that best suits your style and requirements.

How are people wearing fanny packs now?

Fanny packs are being worn in a variety of fashionable ways. Many individuals choose to wear it crossbody, diagonally over the chest or back. Fanny packs are also often seen worn around the waist, either in front or to the side. The trick is to explore and discover a style that matches your clothing and personal taste.

How do you make a fanny pack look cool?

It takes boldness and imagination to make a fanny pack appear stylish. Select a pattern or color that suits your own flair. Wear it with ensembles with a laid-back or street-style attitude. Experiment with various ways to wear it, such as thrown over one shoulder or over your chest. When combined with your attire, the fanny pack may become a fashionable and attractive accessory.