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Small Tote Bags: A Cost-Effective Solution for Promoting Your Business

April Cole |

Tote Bag Factory Blog Post

Be it at your school or workplace, or be it for your daily use. Regardless of the environment, small bags have been one of our most practical accessories with their versatility and minimal sizes. At times, they can be our purses, wallets, or money cases. And at other times, they may store our snacks and even medicines. They even assist us in carrying our make-up stuff. 

However, this incredible 'little item' has more to do than you can imagine so far as to improve your business, especially if you are an entrepreneur or running your own business. By slightly modifying a small tote bag, you can create your own punch-line and brand that will make a notable mark on your professional impression. If you are interested in knowing more about these small heroes, let us explore their vast usage and see how they can make significant changes in your business environment.    

Small Tote Bags ToteBagFactory

Where Can I Use a Small Tote Bag?

Well, what can you do with a small tote bag that seems limited in terms of size? A small tote bag is one of the most versatile and practical accessorial items for your daily use. Although it may display a limited size that is able to store only tiny items usually, a small tote bag can carry 'your statement' most importantly. 

The small bag is more than just a decoration that completes your style. By providing you sufficient space for your basics while you're on the go, a small tote bag keeps you from having to worry about them all the time. 

One of the most popular features of small tote bags, apart from their everyday use, is their ability to be designed as memorable souvenirs. This means we can also make those around us happy with these little companions, and if we are entrepreneurs, we can even prepare promotional and incentive gifts for our employees.

ToteBagFactory Small Tote Bags

How Can You Promote Your Business with Small Tote Bags?

As small tote bags serve various functions for different purposes, they can also make a practical and versatile gift. Besides preparing small presents for your beloveds, you may therefore consider designing your own promotional campaign or professional impression through these small yet notable items. 

Besides, it is important to mention small tote bags as promotional gifts in terms of their cost-effect benefits. As you would expect, the smaller a bag's size gets the less you purchase for the expanses considering its customization. That is to say, the small tote bag makes an affordable item for you to personalize and have produced according to your demands. For large businesses or beginners, the expanses matter a lot. Therefore, you should also take the small tote bag's highly low prices into consideration when you want to prepare a promotional gift. 

In the list we prepared below, you can go through different uses of small tote bags as promotional gifts and make your unique campaign! 

Drawstring Pouch Tote Bags 

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Tote Bag Factory Drawstring Pouch Bags are crafted with love and care using 100% natural cotton fabric, ensuring durability and eco-friendliness with their multitask design. They are suitable for storing soap, herbs, spices, nuts, candles, coffee, jewelry, coins, candies, or even Easter eggs for the little ones. Featuring a double-knotted cord at the top, our pouches make it a breeze to open and close, providing you with quick access to your treasures.

With the qualified cotton texture, drawstring bags become perfect for storing fruits and vegetables in the fridge, thanks to the fabric's excellent air circulation and ventilation properties. These versatile cotton pouches are more than just storage; they are the perfect canvas for your creativity. Use them for promotional ideas, party gifts, wedding favors, holiday decorations, gift bags, arts & crafts, and DIY projects.

Compact, charming, and endlessly useful – the drawstring pouches are here to simplify your life in style. From everyday organization to delightful gifting options, they have got you covered!

Cotton-Jute Natural Wine Bags

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The cotton-jute natural wine bottle bag has a single drawstring closure and is made of either a cotton-poly-jute mix (linen/Jute) or 100% cotton. You can choose between these two eco-friendly choices. Bags made of linen or jute have a unique, country look. They have a jute cord that keeps the things inside safe. 

Besides storing your bottles, these bags are also good for jars and other round-bottomed things. To ensure durability, small cotton jute wine bottle bags are made of 100% cotton work well for printing, painting, etc. This qualified texture and its design as a canvas makes the cotton wine bag great for rustic, country weddings, arts and crafts, decorations, DIY, bachelorette parties, birthdays, and dinner parties because it looks and feels natural and clean. In this sense, these small tote bags are also great for personalizing, giving away, showing your business, and promoting events.

For unique customizations for your personal events or professional promotions, you can print your logo, signature, or employee’s name with an elegant style that would make a distinct gift. 

Natural Muslin Favor Bags

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Tote Bag Factory's Natural Muslin Mini Bags are made from high-quality and durable materials, ensuring your promotional gift will be appreciated and reused time and time again. To turn these exceptionally small tote bags into your business showcase, you may imprint your logo, company name, or a special message that would display your profession. The bags particularly come as canvases so that you can easily customize them according to your unique design. In this way, the bags ensure that your brand stays in the spotlight. 

Instead of a traditional wrapping, on the other hand, a natural muslin bag makes a unique and eco-friendly alternative to prepare charming and elegant gifts. With their cotton texture that provides durability, the natural muslin favor bags add a touch of rustic charm to any gift and can be reused by the recipients for various purposes. 

Small Canvas Drawstring Backpack

Small Tote Bags Tote Bag Factory

Small canvas drawstring bags from Tote Bag Factory go above and beyond their typical function by including one-of-a-kind details that refashion the bag. This is in contrast to backpacks, which are great storage options for nearly any usage. In the first place, you might think of these purses as miniature canvases on which you can express your individuality and make a statement. Because of their smaller size, these bags are excellent promotional items for quality printing and are very reasonably priced. 

Secondly, the bags feature durable drawstrings that significantly add to their practical use. It should be noted that usually fashionable small tote bags are used to store a limited volume of stuff. Therefore, they may not always be ideal for carrying a variety of items with you. However, small canvas drawstring bags are designed to provide you with efficient space so that you can practically have them with you without carrying a large bag.  

As a noticeable tip to make a markable promotional gift, you may consider preparing tiny gifts to put into these bags as surprizes for your employees! 

Natural Burlap Tote Bags

ToteBagFactory Small Tote

Getting more and more preferable and popular among eco-friendly designers and producers, the burlap bags make a good choice for professional promotional gifts. The coarse and sturdy texture makes the fabric durable while the plant fibers deriving from jute plant make it also eco-friendly. Due to these material properties, the burlap bags are recyclable and reusable, which is a significant characteristic considering environmental issues. 

Yet besides these significant benefits, the bags come as natural canvases to serve for your creative touch. Despite its coarse texture, the fabric enables printing and therefore provides an ideal material for printing. 

One last advantage, the bags come with a sturdy handle, which is also made from the same material. Yet different from the classical bags, Tote Bag Factory burlap canvas bags’ handles are designed to carry heavy-duty loads so that you can use them for various purposes other than wrapping your promotional gifts.


Accessories are not only favored for their practical use, but they also have social aspects, even concerning your business. However, instead of purchasing large items or ready-made gifts, it is more advisable to create your own present that you may customize and refashion according to your brand or company. One of the most ideal promotional gifts, the products we have explored show that small tote bags offer you a variety of use and modification. By contacting us, you may have professional assistance in designing your thematic promotional gifts at the most affordable prices, and discover more Tote Bag Factory products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are small tote bags a cost-effective option for promotional giveaways?

Answer: Yes, small tote bags are a highly cost-effective choice for promotional giveaways. Thanks to their reduced size, small tote bags require less material in their production process. 

Q2: How can using small tote bags help save on advertising expenses?

Answer: The lower production costs of smaller bags mean you can purchase a larger quantity for the same budget. Moreover, small tote bags are reusable, encouraging recipients to use them frequently, thereby prolonging your brand's visibility and reducing the need for additional promotional materials or advertisements.

Q3: Are there any additional cost benefits to choosing eco-friendly small tote bags?

Answer: Opting for eco-friendly small tote bags can offer additional cost benefits in the long run. By choosing sustainable materials like recycled cotton or jute, you can contribute to environmental considerations, which can resonate positively with eco-conscious consumers.