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How to Store Tote Bags at Home | Guide

Robyn Wike |

There are a few different ways to secure your tote bags, depending on whether you prefer to keep them hidden away or on full display. Dust bags help protect bags from dust and bugs while they are stored in baskets or storage cubes. Clear display cases are available specifically for this purpose. They are perfect for displaying your style without losing your bag's quality, whether sitting on a shelf or hanging in a closet.

However, regardless of where you keep them, you should always find a way to keep your tote bag in good condition. A filler is required to prevent sagging and creasing inside of it. Pillow forms, or even a folded towel, placed inside your tote bag can help maintain their original structures and contours for an extended period of time.

This article will share some of our favorite methods for storing and organizing tote bags, including using over-the-door hooks, acrylic dividers, and cabinets with glass fronts. Find out all the places you may put your bags and the various methods you can store them.

How To Maintain Your Tote Bags

Cotton tote bags are everyday products that are both stylish and practical. These dependable accessories can be used for just about every activity, from going to school or work to going shopping at a local shop. The market freely provides customers with a wide variety of goods from which to select. In addition, you can own a personalized tote bag by using printing, embroidery, or any number of other techniques.

Because cotton totes have rapidly become a must-have eco-friendly item used by an increasing number of people for daily chores and special occasions, it is necessary to learn how to clean them correctly. Not only will this help the product last for a more extended period of time, but it will also assist preserve your health. You can find joy in the clean, fresh smell of cotton tote bags all year long.

Cotton is a fabric that is generally kind to the person as well as the environment; however, there are a few limits that you need to be aware of while working with cotton. Cotton tote bags can be spot cleaned, washed by hand or in the machine, or washed in a combination of these two methods. The most important thing is to pay attention to the water's temperature and to ensure that you use gentle cleaning chemicals.

Categorize Your Tote Bags

Due to their ability to be used for various purposes in various settings, Tote bags have evolved into convenient accessories in recent years. You may simply personalize these tote bags so that they represent who you are, or you can buy them from a number of different branded designers so that you can make a fashionable statement while still being conscious of the environment. Depending on the occasion, these purses can be styled either formally or casually. A canvas bag, which comes in a wide variety of sizes and is made of a material that can be worn, can satisfy your requirements for a wide range of activities.

So if you have a variety of options on your totes, you can first divide them into categories. This will ease your storage process. You can divide them by color, size, how often you use them, their suitability for the weather, etc. This way, you will know which to store for an easy pick and which to store in a closet. Believe us when we say this, tote bags love going missing. So you will definitely do yourself a big favor with this step. 

Find the Right Storage Spot

Clothes should be kept in a cool, dark, and dry place. The attic or garage might not be the greatest choice if you live in a particularly warm region. Be sure the basement is not damp or prone to flooding if you plan to use it. Since you'll need to get to these garments every time a new season arrives, store them in a convenient location. Don't store your clothing in the attic or an indoor storage unit under heaps of other belongings, as this will make it difficult to discover what you need when you need it. Store seasonal garments in a spare bedroom closet, on a top shelf in the current closet, or front and center on a rack in the storage room. Under the bed is another popular hiding area in small apartments and houses. Ensure that everything is properly labeled. To make labels, a roll of masking tape and a Sharpie will suffice to make labels.

Putting away seasonal tote bags makes room in the closet and drawers for year-round use. When you've gone through your closet, put like items in bins, and stored them correctly, you'll have no trouble finding what you need when a new season rolls around.

Store the Tote Bag with Door Hooks

Doors are a useful addition to a closet, particularly if there is enough space in the closet for further storage of the tote bag. Especially if you have a couple of go-to tote bags that you use in your everyday life, storing them with a door hanger will definitely be beneficial for you. Are you going to walk your dog? Or going to an emergency girl gathering? Your tote is ready for the road! Moreover, hanging them behind the door keeps them from wrinkling all over.

Stack Your Tote Bags Vertically

A six-section organizer such as the one that can be found in our cotton tote bags category is the perfect solution for purses varying from tiny to medium in size. You'll even be able to store smaller totes and clutches in the same cubby at the same time, which will free up even more space for you. 

Especially if you have heard about the trendy KonMari organization style, you may be interested in folding all of your tote bags in a neat aesthetic. This way, you will keep them tidy and also recognize their style while in a closet. Also, the folded tote bags will prevent wrinkles that give you the ick when you picture the perfect outfit for which to use the bags. We know no one wants their outfit plan to flop due to some poor-quality-looking bag.

Acrylic Dividers To Save the Day

While we are mentioning folding techniques, we believe it is time to mention the popular dividers. Clear acrylic dividers can prevent your tote bags from being jammed into the back of a closet shelf and maintain them uniformly spaced out on the shelf where they are stored. 

It must be tough to be organized when you have all the chores and activities, especially with kids! You have to keep a bag ready for the pool lessons, a basketball bag for the practices, and a beautiful tote handbag for a little time at the beauty salon. But where to store all of these bags in such a daily rush life—In front of the door? We don’t think so.

When it comes to storing tote bags, acrylic shelf dividers are the best option. It's not uncommon for folks to carry about multiple totes at once. Acrylic shelves are a space-saving way to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy while yet providing sufficient storage for all of your different kinds of clothing. Purses and tote bags can be separated so that smaller ones don't get lost in the shuffle by using an acrylic divider. When your bags are arranged in a tidy stack, you can find what you need quickly. When you know you can only store so many purses, you're less likely to become handbag crazy. The plastic compartments contribute to the neat appearance of the closet. In order to keep your many purses neat and tidy, you need to invest in some acrylic shelf dividers.

Add a Tote Bag Cabinet

Consider installing a cabinet inside your existing closet for the utmost in elegant tote bag storage options. Any wardrobe will do. On the other hand, a cabinet with a glass front door is an excellent choice for storing purses because it not only safeguards your handbag collection but also makes it simple to select the appropriate bag on a daily basis.

Use a Hanging Organizer

Why would you want to hide the fact that you have an incredible collection of tote bags? Suppose you are at a loss for how to organize the tote bag collection in your closet and are out of ideas. In that case, you can make a statement wall in your apartment by experimenting with different heights, color combinations, and shapes. An idea for bag storage can become the focal point of your interior design with just a little creative thinking.

Hang Them With Prepared Outfits

What are most tote bags known for? Being lightweight. Let’s say you have your regular cotton tote bags with custom prints that you like. You can simply hang them in your closet. Yes, that is an option. But actually, who has the space to hang all of your bags? Therefore to make it simple for you, you can prepare an outfit the bags go with and hang them together! Such as the perfect coat choice for the fall season can match with your leaf embroidered tote bag. Or the crop top you loved during the summer season can go with your light blue tote bag. See, by matching your outfits and your bags, you can store them together. This will also give you time to put pieces together while your spouse is waiting for you to get ready. Enjoy this little trick! 

Vac Storage Bags for Short-Term 

Having vacuum bags on hand can greatly assist when one is pressed for space while traveling or moving from one property to another. They are also beneficial when you wish to switch out the clothing in your wardrobe according to the different seasons. In the summer, they can help you store away superfluous cold apparel, and in the winter, they can do the opposite for you.

The majority of the volume that is taken up in a room by articles of clothing and linens, particularly soft furnishings such as pillows, comforters, duvets, and towels, is actually composed of air and fluff.

By using vacuum bags, the air that was previously trapped inside these goods can be removed, resulting in a size reduction that is only a fraction of what it was before. In addition to protecting the contents from dirt and moisture, the bags give you back some of the space that was previously taken up by the objects.

Vac storage bags are a wonderful innovation that can help you save a significant amount of room in your home. There is also something extremely rewarding about witnessing a giant bag full of all of your bulky winter jumpers gradually shrink until they are almost impossibly thin. This is a process that can be satisfying.

However, things produced from natural fibers like wool and silk can become damaged and lose their shape over time if they are stored in a plastic bag for an extended period of time. Because of this, using vacuum bags could work for a short period of time, but if you intend to keep your belongings in self-storage for a more extended period of time, you should consider using plastic storage boxes instead. Pick containers that have a lid that can seal out air completely to prevent mildew and mold from growing on your garments while you store them.