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The Strength Test: Why Durable Reusable Bags are Essential for Grocery Shopping

April Cole |

The Strength Test Why Durable Reusable Bags are Essential for Grocery Shopping Blog Thumbnail

When we talk about enjoyable, practical, and eco-friendly shopping, what would be the first item you grab? If we had asked this question a few decades ago, the answer would probably have been predominantly nylon or paper bags. In terms of ease of production and cost-effectiveness, these bags could well be the first choice for many producers and consumers. However, when it comes to durability, these products often fall short as they cannot provide continuity due to being single-use. 

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Moreover, nylon bags discarded in nature following the use-and-throw principle fall into the category of environmentally disadvantageous products. As an alternative to these, reusable shopping bags come with solutions to the problems experienced with previous shopping bags. Let's explore the issues that may arise during shopping and learn about the solutions that reusable shopping bags bring to the table! 

Oops! My Bag Tore: What Type of Bag is Suitable for Carrying Which Product?

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Today, as bag manufacturers, we pay attention to the production of grocery bags made from durable and reusable materials. However, this durability can vary depending on the behavior tendencies of users and the types of products they carry in their bags. Therefore, if you want your bag to have a long lifespan, you should first consider that it may not be suitable for carrying every type of product. Especially in the case of grocery shopping, be aware that products with thorny or sharp surfaces can pose a risk of puncturing your bag, regardless of the fabric. When choosing an ideal bag that can be used repeatedly and easily carry heavy products, pay attention to a thick and flexible fabric. 

Fabrics such as jute or polyester are ideal for grocery shopping. In addition to these, for your grocery shopping, you can categorize wholesale reusable bags types as follows:

  • Jute Bags
  • Polyester Bags 
  • Soft Loop Bags 
  • Laminated Bags
  • Cotton Bags
  • Canvas Bags 

Why Are Reusable Bag Types More Durable?

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In fact, it would not be correct to talk about a bag type specialized for shopping because almost any bag can be used for this purpose. However, an ideal shopping bag should be lightweight, durable, and suitable for reuse. So, what makes reusable bags more durable and preferable compared to other bags? 

Reusable bags are often made from durable fabrics or materials. These materials are more resistant to tearing, puncturing, and wearing compared to single-use plastic bags. In addition to grocery shopping, box products with sharp corners, such as boxed fruit juices and milk, often have the potential to cause wear and tear on bags. Although nylon bags or paper bags may suffice for single-use, they largely lose their durability characteristics. It is useful to remind that they can easily tear and puncture in the second use. High-quality reusable shopping bags are designed with meticulous stitching to increase durability. Tight stitches made with heavy needles add weight to the bag and contribute to the load it carries. Stitches made with flexible materials are preferred in ideal shopping bags for this purpose. 

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Another great feature of reusable bags is their more functional and multipurpose designs. This means that you can use these bags not only for shopping but also to maintain your elegance in your daily life. For example, you can distribute the load you will carry in your bag evenly thanks to sturdy handles, zippered compartments, or extra pockets. This way, you extend the life of your bag and achieve a stylish look with different pocket designs. Now, let's talk about the ecological perspective... Reusable bags are often made from environmentally friendly materials. Although these bags are used for a long time, they have a certain lifespan, and when this time is up, they need to be renewed. Renewal is achieved through reproduction. Therefore, calling reusable bags "reproducible bags" would not be wrong, don't you think? 

The reusability feature is not only about durability, of course. To be able to use a product multiple times, it must also be suitable for reuse in terms of hygiene. Therefore, manufacturers of ideal shopping bags must ensure ease of cleaning. Fabrics that can be washed or easily wiped clean are preferred. Why Should I Use a Cloth Bag? Imagine using cloth shopping bags 40 - 50 years ago. In recent years, it has come back into the spotlight and rapidly become widespread. Moreover, it responds to a crucial need: the need for a healthy and livable environment! Canvas bags used as shopping bags are designed to address both of today's important requirements, being multi-purpose. Canvas grocery bags are not only resistant to weight but can also be produced in different sizes to enhance their functionality. 

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When using cloth bags for shopping, it is essential to categorize the products you will buy based on their weights and intended uses. Because although cloth bags are durable carriers, cleaning them can be more challenging due to their fabric structure. Therefore, it is more suitable to put durable products such as pulses, hard-shelled fruits, meat, and dairy products in cloth bags. It should be noted that products prone to crushing or with a liquid structure, such as tomatoes, strawberries, and cherries, can cause stains in the bag. 

One of the biggest advantages of raw cloth bags is that they are reusable and washable. We mentioned their sensitivity to stains, but when it comes to washing, they will be more durable than polyester bags. This way, they do not produce waste and contribute to ecological preservation. When your grocery bag becomes unusable, it is made of a fabric that can dissolve in nature, so it does not harm the environment. 

Imagine going on a long vacation or journey. Throw one or a few of these bags into your suitcase and free yourself from carrying a backpack, waist bag, or shoulder bag that you will use during your vacation. It will take up much less space in your suitcase. Thanks to these bags, which take up very little space, you can easily obtain additional carrying capacity instead of carrying an extra suitcase or bag when you need to shop during your trip.

Why Should I Use Polyester Bags as a Grocery Bag? 

Polyester Shopping Bag Tote Bag Factory

Reusable grocery bags are specifically designed to be an alternative to plastic bags, especially nylon bags. Therefore, the first point that manufacturers consider is to use a material similar to nylon to obtain a more durable, cost-effective, and reusable product. Polyester will certainly not pass the environmental test compared to fabric bags. However, due to its ease of cleaning, lightness, and durability, it becomes one of the most preferred types of reusable bags. 

The most prominent feature of polyester reusable bags is that they do not stain thanks to their smooth and non-absorbent fabrics. This feature allows you to carry delicate products that are prone to crushing more easily during your market or grocery shopping. Even if your bag gets dirty with the juices of fruits and vegetables or other liquid-containing products, washing them at temperatures up to 30 degrees will be sufficient for effective cleaning. 

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Thanks to the plastic texture, reusable bags made of polyester fabric also have flexibility. This increases the weight capacity of the bags. Thus, you can easily accommodate heavier products with a lighter bag than nylon bags can carry. What Happened to Paper Bags? Since reusable shopping bags began to gain popularity, the usage rate of paper bags has decreased. So, is paper, which dissolves more easily and quickly in nature than plastic, really eco-friendly? Some states make it mandatory to use a certain amount of waste material in the production of paper bags. This allows waste materials to be revalued as raw materials. However, there are things we don't know about this production process.

For example, compared to plastic raw materials, the production of paper bags emits gases that contribute to global warming by 51%. At the same time, 50 times more water is consumed, and 4 times more raw material is required. Moreover, in the production of paper bags, 2 times more energy is consumed, and the production actually becomes more costly than plastic bags. Of course, this should not encourage the use of single-use nylon bags. Instead, emphasis should be placed on plastic-based materials in the production of reusable shopping bags, which is more environmentally friendly. 


Reusable shopping bags have become not only ideal but even essential products considering today's ecological concerns. The examples we've discussed show that the material used is just as important as the usage patterns of these bags, the products they carry, and the cleanliness of the bags in influencing their durability. In your future shopping experiences, you can acquire a long-lasting shopping companion for yourself by choosing a stylish bag from instead of single-use, less durable nylon bags or paper bags that incur high production costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of preferring reusable shopping bags? 

The most important feature of reusable grocery bags is their ability to be used multiple times and participate in the production process again, thanks to their durability. This allows you to save money while ensuring material continuity for manufacturers. Reusable bags are often more spacious and sturdy. Made from flexible fabrics, they distribute the weight evenly when carrying heavy items, making you feel lighter. 

Is a reusable tote bag really better for the environment?

Paper bags, linen bags, cotton bags, or polyester reusable bags? Among fabric types, those made of cotton and linen are the most environmentally friendly for shopping bags. This is because these materials, unlike others, are made directly from natural raw materials, making them easily biodegradable. However, it's important not to forget about the production process. Although paper bags can biodegrade, they are not necessarily more environmentally friendly in terms of production compared to other materials.

What are the benefits of canvas or cotton bags? 

Canvas bags made from linen or cotton fabrics are non-toxic products. Therefore, in terms of price/performance, they are much more effective than polyester products and are also environmentally friendly. Unlike easily worn nylon bags, they are highly durable and have a longer lifespan.