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15 Best Summer Giveaway Ideas for Businesses

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As the world is slowly recovering from the effects of the pandemic, the surviving businesses are looking to expand. One great way to do this is by organizing giveaways. You can raise brand awareness and grow your client base in a creative way and with a minimum investment. 

Reach out to your client base and interact with them through these fun activities that will get people more involved in your business. Also, your customers will feel rewarded for their loyalty to your product or service. However, in this digital age where contests already crowd social media, is there room for more? To stand out from the competition, explore some of these fun summer giveaway ideas for businesses.

1. Set Up a Fun Quiz



Organizing a fun quiz is a rather unexpected way to draw attention to your giveaway. There are a couple of ways to go about this. You can either create a challenging trivia quiz or just keep it light and fun. If you go for the first option, try to incorporate questions about your business. This way, your faithful customers can feel rewarded for their knowledge, while those who are still not very familiar with your brand can learn more. 

2. Photography Contest



Challenge your clients to engage in a photography contest for a chance to win the grand prize. Especially since summer is closing in, there are a colorful variety of photography subjects to explore. Try to make the task as specific as possible and find a way to link it to your brand. 

This giveaway idea for businesses is also a wonderful way to learn more about the creative side of your clients. Plus, you can get some valuable insights into their esthetics. You can integrate what you have learned in future marketing campaigns. 

3. Creativity Contest



Expand beyond photography and encourage enthusiasts to explore and express themselves through a wide range of artistic mediums. You can ask participants to create a short and engaging video or TikTok clip highlighting one of your products. If you are feeling more artistic, integrate painting or drawing into the challenge. This would be a great giveaway idea for a technology business selling tablets. You could ask customers to create a digital art piece for a chance to win one of your newly launched products. 

4. Purchase an Item To Enter



You can condition participation for the giveaway with the purchase of your product. However, if you wish to engage a higher number of customers, make sure that the selected item is available at a budget-friendly price. You can also include a promotional code in a specific line of products.

5. Offer Wheel



This is a more unconventional giveaway idea for businesses. Create a fun and colorful wheel featuring a selection of your products. This fun giveaway has an unexpected element to it, as participants will only learn what prize they received when the wheel has stopped. Make sure to include different kinds of products, both within a cheaper and more expensive price range. To keep customers happy, include at least one deluxe item.

6. Like, Comment, & Follow



This has become one of the most widely used giveaway strategies for businesses on social media. The secret to its popularity lies in how simple and effective it is. People are likely to sign up for the giveaway since it is very easy to do so, and it only takes a few seconds. Brands can significantly increase the number of followers with this approach. However, to actually keep the extra followers, they must be hooked with engaging content. 

7. Share Content



Another popular and easy giveaway idea for businesses is to condition participation by sharing content. You can ask clients to share a post on their personal feed or stories. However, for this method to be effective, they must have a public account to make it possible to verify that the requirements were met.

8. Design Competition



Get your clients involved in your business by giving them the chance to pitch ideas. This is an ideal strategy to implement at the launch of a new product or if you wish to refresh an older one. Challenge your clients to come up with a new name, design, or ad campaign. Since the amount of effort on their part will be considerable, you need to make it worthwhile. 

9. Tell a Story



If you wish for a more intimate approach, invite your followers to share a story. Set out clear guidelines and an unexpected topic to tackle. This is a great example of a giveaway idea for businesses that can rise above the competition. To be more specific, you can raise awareness about social issues that are close to your heart or in some way tied to your brand. Also, it can be a wonderful way to bring people together and start building a community.  

10. Launch a Challenge



Launch a fun challenge that has the potential to go viral. Again, one of the key aspects to organizing a successful campaign is to tie it organically to your brand identity. Take your time and think about how to incorporate your domain of activity into the challenge. Of course, for some businesses, it will be easier than for others. 

Dance studios can simply set up a dance challenge to engage their client base. Cooking challenges are also a very efficient strategy to target enthusiasts by chefs or food-related businesses. While a fashion website could challenge enthusiasts to design clothes from unconventional materials. If you need more inspiration in this department, take a look at the famous Unconventional Materials episodes of Project Runway

11. #Contest



If you are on social media, a hashtag challenge is a great giveaway idea for a business. Start by coming up with a catchy and unique giveaway name to make the hashtag go viral. This should be connected somehow to your field of activity. Launch the challenge and ask your followers to spread the word for a chance to win a prize. This is a great way to raise brand awareness and make a name for yourself. Also, it directly engages your audience, and it is an efficient way to expand your client base.

If you are stuck on a prize, always guide yourself based on your business profile. However, there are some pretty universal items as well. Everyday objects like a drawstring backpack are great in that they are practical and a lot of people sport these. Explore 9 more reasons why the drawstring backpack is a perfect prize

12. Summer Essentials



Draw in people by offering summer essentials as a giveaway prize. Since the hot season is closing in, keep things relevant by offering items to be used during the coming months. However, try to also bear in mind your business profile and select items accordingly. However, an eco-friendly tote bag, a beach bag, or a pair of cool sunglasses are a pretty good place to start. 

Whenever you prepare your prize, try to incorporate your brand somehow. If you do not offer your own products, consider adding your logo to the items. Check out our personalization service. Currently, we can either print or embroider a design of your choice. You can explore our customization portfolio for more information and inspiration.

13. Participation Based Giveaways



As part of the effort to revive sports and encourage live participation at the stadium, many teams have implemented participation-based giveaways. The Seattle Mariners Baseball Team, for example, has a very dynamic offer, as they change the custom prize every couple of games. You can check out their past and present products on their stadium giveaway page. This is indeed a great idea for any event-based business.

14. Limited Edition Products



The scarcity of offers is a great selling point. People are more drawn to products that are hard to find, as they attribute an added sense of value to these. Therefore, if you organize a giveaway around a limited edition item you are pretty sure to cause a sensation. Many people are likely to participate for a chance to win something precious and unique. 

15. Q&A Sessions



If you have a question on your mind that you would like to ask your clients, do not hesitate to do so. You could be surprised to see how many answers you receive. There is no better way to start an open and honest conversation. The key to a successful business is to have a crystal clear idea about the customer base. 

Final Thoughts

Organizing a successful giveaway is often a matter of trial and error. The best thing about this marketing strategy is that with minimal costs you can engage a large audience. Also, you have the chance to convert visitors into potential customers. While the method is essential, so is the product that you are offering. Throughout the planning phase, let brand identity be your guiding compass. Feel free to adapt these summer giveaway ideas for businesses to fit your brand.