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6 Baby Shower Thank You Ideas and Gift Bags

Priscilla Greene |

So, your baby’s shower is just around the corner, but, as it happens, you’re probably fresh out of ideas of how to say ‘Thank You’ to all your wonderful friends who attended the festivities. And because we know how hard it can be, as usual, we’ve prepared a small list of gift bags you can offer after or during the party. Now, grab a pen and paper and start taking notes. Who knows? Maybe you will even get inspired for your baby’s next party. So, without further ado, here’s our rundown of funky and amusing baby shower Thank You gifts.

1.    Assorted Belgian Chocolate inside an Easy-To-Decorate Felt Tote Bag

Belgian chocolate


Nothing can spell “Thank you for being there ” then a box filled with yummy Belgian chocolate. Now, if you want to make this gift even more special, you could try finding the appropriate wrapper. If your friends are into tote bags and chocolate, you should definitely mix them together. The most accessible option is to purchase felt tote bags – they look nice and, what’s even cooler is the fact that you can decorate them as you see fit.

You don’t need anything too fancy – grab a glue gun and put on some paper-mâché hearts, cats, puppies or anything that pops to mind. As of the chocolaty goodness part, don’t rely on supermarkets. Find yourself a nice confectionary and buy some high-quality stuff. After all, your purpose is to say a big ‘Thank You’ from the heart, not from your wallet.

2.    Luxury Bath Products

bath bombs


If you’re looking for something on the eco-friendlier side in your search for the perfect gift basket, start with a jute bag. Made from 100% natural fibers, this bag is not only chic but can also come in very handy if you’re fresh out of ideas of accessories.

Now, you can’t just hand your guests the bag with a big ‘Thank You’ smile painted on your face. You still need to fill it with some goodies. Our advice – think about relaxation, being Zen or, perhaps finding your happy place. For instance, you can fill the bag with things like scented candles, high-quality body scrubs, and, why not, a good bottle of wine. There’s no need to wrap everything up. That would be a waste of paper.

3.    Lunch Bag Cooler, Snacks, and Beer

lunch cooler

Whoever said that the recipe for the perfect Thank You baby shower gift calls has to be conservative? If your friends are just as funny as you are, you should try putting together an amusing gift basket. Remember your last get-together, long before the baby came? Well, beer and snacks are the perfect combos, regardless of the occasion.

So, here’s you’ll need to do to put together this amazing ‘Thank You’ baby shower gift. Buy yourself some lunch bag coolers to make everything look homey and chummy. Now, depending on your friends’ tastes in junk food, you can fill the bag with stuff like chips, beef jerky or basically anything that pops to mind. To top it all off, buy a bottle or two of craft beer. Put everything in the gift bag and don’t forget to slip in a witty Thank You card.

4.    Rustic Favor Burlap Bag

rustic burlap bag

Shop This Bag

Talking about going old school, since the Harvester Moon is close, you might think about adding a touch of rustic to your baby shower. And what rustic shower favor’s complete without something substantial to fill the bag? Use your imagination to construct this awesome gift – you can put in potpourris, lavender bath salts, wildflower scented candles, treat bags with your favorite candy. Of course, if you intend to go old-school on this one, don’t forget about hand-made Thank You cards. As always, our advice to you is to go crazy and see what happens after.

5.    High-Quality Canvas Tote Bags and Drinks

on the go cocktails


Now, if you prefer elegance over strange or old-school, you should consider putting together a gift bag that mirrors your unique personality. For this kind of baby shower of Thank You going-away gift, you will need several top-notch tote bags, preferably in black. And now, for the proverbial cherry on top –  mini-champagne or other fine alcoholic beverages bottles that can be sneaked into any purse, gym bag or backpack.

Don’t forget about decorating each bottle for that dash of elegance (ribbons are your best friends). Put all these stuff in the tote bag. Congratulations! You now have a unique way of expressing gratitude for attending your baby’s shower.

6.    Mini Gifts with Mini Cotton Bag

mini tote bag with Batman picture


And for the last item on our list, we thought about downscaling things a bit. Since the party’s all about the little one, why not go with something mini? For instance, you could try buying cotton tote mini-bags and filling them with mini-goodies and, of course, micro gifts. Don’t worry too much about paying extra just because the bag’s mini – they’re actually affordable and will definitely add a dash of personality to your project.

As far as the content’s concerned, pay your visit to your local supermarket and look for small stuff that can fit inside the back. Mini-candies are the most obvious choice, but you can also go along with mini whiskey bottles or other stuff. Don’t forget to wrap everything up nice and tidy and, of course, put on your party face.


As you can see,  there are a lot of choices when it comes to putting together the perfect baby shower ‘Thank You’ give the bag. Now, there’s still one question that has been left unanswered – why tote bags instead of regular gift packaging? Well, because they’re nice, useful, and unusual. Why wrap everything up in paper which will probably end up in the trash can, when you can include an item that will come in handy during the upcoming shopping session? As for what should be added or subtracted from the whole ensemble, we leave that entirely up to you.