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9 Fashionable Clear Bags That Are Stadium-Approved

April Cole |

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Many American stadiums have implemented a clear bag policy, which restricts spectators to carrying only the essentials in a transparent tote. This is in response to increased security measures in the wake of many terrorist incidents on American territory in recent years. To avoid unpleasant surprises at the gates, however, sports fans should search for a bag that satisfies the "stadium-approved" criteria. Several varieties of transparent bags that are acceptable by stadium security may now be purchased at

We listed a wide range of transparent clear stadium bags, from purses to fanny packs. The following are some highly recommended items you may bring to the game or concert to show your support for the home team or your current favorite musician.

However, before we quickly go over those bags, let's examine the so-called "clear bag policy" that the SEC and NFL are so concerned about and see what it truly entails.

Stadium Policies on Clear Bags

The National Football League considers "transparent plastic, vinyl or PVC" bags to be acceptable as long as their width or length isn't more than one foot and they don't include any metal or sharp objects. In addition, the bag's contents may not be covered by any kind of decoration, buckles, metal, or decorations, except for bags that the stadium or the league has supplied.

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In addition, attendees are permitted to carry a tiny clutch inside the stadium as long as it is "roughly the size of a hand." A few stadiums make an exception to the general norm and let individuals carry smaller goods such as phones, keys, cameras, wallets, feminine products, and other items in their pockets rather than in bags.

The goal of the rule is to stop persons with bad intentions from bringing weapons and explosives into the stadium. The entry may be checked more quickly and with less fuss if you get a transparent bag of a suitable size rather than a conventional tote bag, drawstring back sack, or backpack. Football supporters are restricted to bringing in one transparent bag (no more than 12" H x 12" L x 12" D) and one tiny clutch to the stadium. A (gross) one-gallon Ziploc or plastic freezer bag made of transparent material may stand in for the clear bag. Ideally, the clear tote bag would be crafted from vinyl or PVC, which are all readily available and inexpensive.

A non-see-through clutch is provided for ticketholders to safely keep valuables such as ID, vehicle keys, phones, and cash. The maximum acceptable dimensions for the clutch are 4.5" x 6.5". If you have little goods that won't fit in your transparent bag or clutch, you can always stow them away in your jacket's inside or any other pocket.

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It's important to remember that football clubhouses only prohibit certain types of containers, and not the things themselves, from being brought into the stadium. However, because of increased security concerns, the NFL has banned the use of any and all bags deemed to be a potential threat, including but not limited to firearms, explosives, backpacks, fanny packs, and coolers. Remember that you are only allowed one clear bag per person, and the league strongly recommends that football fans not bring any bags into the stadium.

However, there are a few notable outliers. The item must be medically required, fit in the stadium-approved transparent bag, or be brought in in its own case after rigorous inspection. Diapers, sadly, do not belong in the transparent bag since they are not required for medical purposes.

Transparent Zipper Fanny Pack

Tote Bag Factory Clear Bags

Many people who attend music festivals like to carry a clear fanny pack because it allows them to carry just the items they really need while being unobtrusive and providing an additional layer of protection. Our Transparent Three-Zipper Fanny Pack is constructed out of heavy-duty transparent vinyl. It has an adjustable belt strap, a zippered front pocket, and a double-zippered main section. All of these features come standard. Consequently, this see-through fanny pack is the best option for you if you are seeking for a bag that has a low profile and allows you a lot of flexibility of movement.

Clear Bag with Small Square Velcro Closure

Clear tote bag TBF

You won't have to worry about being kicked out of the stadium if you bring this high-quality tote with you to the game. This Transparent Stadium Tote Bag, in contrast to the clear bags that came before it, comes with a discrete square Velcro clasp that will prevent any of your personal belongings from falling out. Because of its dimensions of 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches, it is approved for use at NFL and PGA stadiums, making it the material of choice (clear PVC). Be mindful of the SEC's clear bag logo limits, which were covered in the previous section, and make use of the vast imprint space to personalize your bag.

Clear Drawstring Backpack

ToteBagFactory Clear Drawstring Bag

When going to a festival, it's a good idea to bring a bag that doesn't get too dirty, is resistant to water, and has enough space for all of your belongings. All of this can be accomplished with our Clear Drawstring Bag, and you'll still have both hands free to take full advantage of the occasion. It also offers a large imprint space in case you wish to customize it with a design or logo of your own.

Custom Clear Bags

TBF Custom Clear Stadium Bag

Are you looking for a clear stadium bag that looks good and serves its purpose? No need to look any further. You can always print your favorite NFL club, so you can wear it with pride. The basic design of a square that can be purchased at a variety of pricing points and printed with the logos of different NFL teams is not only inexpensive. Still, it will also store a few items that are necessary for the game. In addition to that, it has a wristlet that can be removed from the package for increased convenience.

Messenger Clear Stadium Bag

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Do you need a tote bag to carry all of your personal belongings in as you make your way through the stadium's security checkpoints? The Clear Messenger Bag is a crossbody bag that is permitted for use in stadiums and is an ideal choice for the occasion. It has a practical interior mesh pocket for you to store your valuables, such as your cash, ID, and credit cards, as well as a zippered main compartment, a zippered exterior pocket for those really small personal items, like your keys and phone, and a zippered exterior pocket for those really small personal items, like your keys and phone. This bag, like the others, is completely customizable and satisfies all clear bag standards with regard to dimensions (12 inches wide by 12 inches high by 6 inches deep) and materials (clear vinyl).

Crossbody Stadium Bag

ToteBagFactory Stadium Bag Blog Post

Our Crossbody Stadium Bag meets all of the requirements well. This durable messenger clear bag offers you the ability to put everything in its place thanks to its roomy front zipped compartment as well as its inside mesh pocket. Because the bag has a zipped closure, you don't have to worry about the contents falling out, even if you're not paying attention to what's happening.

Clear Vinyl Travel Size Cosmetic Bag

Totebag Factory Blog Post

This travel kit comes in a one-quart size and includes everything you need to go through airport security without any questions asked. It contains travel-sized versions of all of your cosmetic necessities. The Clear Vinyl Travel Size Cosmetic Bag has a zip-top fastening method (as requested by the TSA), reinforced seams, and a small structure that allows it to fit easily in your carry-on baggage.

Adjustable Clear PVC Stadium Backpack

TBF Stadium Bag Blog Image

Looking for a quality clear backpack that can be used for several purposes? This inexpensive clear bag is available to purchase from us in several colors. The ideal festival bag would be fashionable, sturdy, and resistant to both water and dirt. You may shop with complete peace of mind since provides both the lowest possible pricing and live customer support.

Zippered Clear Cosmetic Bag

TBF Clear Cosmetic Bag

A more refined iteration of the see-through toiletry bag often used for flight travel is shown here. The Zippered Clear Cosmetic Bag is offered in a color combination of clear and white, it has a bottom that is broader to accommodate things with a greater volume, and it includes a bottom gusset that enables it to sit upright on whatever flat surface it may rest on. If you decide to pare down your beauty collection to the bare essentials so that you may bring it wherever with you, the bag can also be used as an exquisite little cosmetic carry case. This way, you may use the clear stadium bags to carry your fav lipgloss into the concerts and events.