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15 Tote-ally Amazing Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day

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This has been a tough year for education. Since the pandemic hit last year, the school system has been under great pressure. With the implementation of social distancing measures some classrooms have moved onto virtual platforms. Through it all, teachers continue working hard to keep their pupils on course.

Take the opportunity offered by teacher appreciation day to surprise your mentor with some tote-ally amazing gifts. If there is one thing any teacher can use, that is a good, sturdy tote to carry all their books and teaching supplies. We broke down our list of suggestions to subjects to help you navigate through these creative gift ideas. Let yourself be inspired by these creative designs and bring your ideas to life through our customization service.

I. Gifts for English Teachers

1. Favorite Book Cover Totes



These tote bags are based on the iconic Penguin book covers. There are several bold colors to choose from: classic orange, pink, red, green, blue, and purple. To make this gift more personal, discover what is your teacher’s most cherished book. Is Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own their favorite read?

If this has not come up in class, inquire about it among your classmates, they might have the answer. Social media can be another great place to find a clue. If all these lead to a dead end, you can ask your teacher directly. The sooner you do it, the lower the chances that they will suspect your true intentions.

2. Tote Bags With Literary Themes



There are so many amazing gift ideas for book lovers. You can pick a more artistic route to celebrate teacher appreciation day and go for an iconic image of a literary piece. This A Clockwork Orange-themed tote has a strong visual impact. There is great power in the simplistic design coupled with vibrant colors. Anyone who has read the book and is familiar with the universe created by Anthony Burgess will surely recognize the reference.

3. DIY Reading is Fun Tote


You can show your appreciation to your teacher with this creative DIY “reading is fun” tote. They will surely cherish the time and effort you put into creating this playful piece. What is more, by offering a DIY bag, you also offer a small part of yourself. 

Do not get discouraged, this is a beginner-level craft project. The process is easy and fun. All you need to get started are a few craft store items, like fabric markers, a pencil, and a ruler. And, of course, a cotton tote bag. Read our step-by-step guide for creating this amazing tote.

II. Gifts for Math Teachers

4. Math Print Tote Bag



This math print tote bag is a perfect custom gift bags for teacher appreciation day. The white writing on the deep emerald green background is a great take on a school chalkboard. Also, be it the material, deep color, or the rounded corners, the tote has a high-end feel. Another wonderful thing about this bag is that it is gender-neutral and easily goes with any outfit.

5. Cute Math Pun Tote



If you prefer a cute and funny gift for teacher appreciation week, this tote can be a great choice. The simplistic design allows the message to shine through. A tote like this will surely crack a smile on your teacher’s face and brighten their day.

III. Gifts for History Teachers

6. Teacher’s Name History Teacher Tote



This tote bag has very strong school vibes. The white and black create a nice contrast and ensure versatility for the user. Your teacher will not have to worry about matching it to a specific outfit, as it will nicely complement any look.

The idea is simple, but the result is quite nice and personal. Print the name of your teacher at the top and the subject matter below. As you can see, there is a rectangle-shaped patch resembling a blackboard with chalkboard-style writing on it. This stylistic choice automatically connects to the classroom. 

To elevate the design, add an artsy detail right under the subject matter. The faded white spots on the black rectangle add more dimension. This is a truly versatile gift idea for teacher appreciation day that can work for any teacher. All you need to do is replace “history” with the subject they are teaching. 

7. Ancient Egypt Tote Bag



If your history teacher is an Ancient Egypt enthusiast, you are in luck since there are myriad wonderful gifts with this theme. Such as this magical Egyptian blue tote bag. From the color pallet to the graphics, all elements converge into a cohesive and stylish design. 

Queen Nefertiti is at the center of the tote in a round white patch surrounded by a gentle golden ring. The outer space is filled with hieroglyphs and iconic symbols of Ancient Egypt, like the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx.

IV. Gifts for Sciences Teachers

8. Science Pun Tote Bag



This is a great tote bag idea for any science teacher! Also, it is fitting for the times. The white print on the red background makes for a simple but elegant design. It will be a great pop of color for any outfit. While the science pun “think like a proton, stay positive” can be a great slogan for the pandemic times.

9. Cool Biology Tote Bag



This simple white tote bag with black handles is animated by a bright minimalist print. The neon-colored design represents a eukaryote cell with a clearly defined nucleus. Such a perfectly geeky gift for biology lovers! The bag is not only aesthetically appealing but is also very spacious and weather resistant. So, rest assured, your teacher’s books will be kept safe from the spring rain in this tote!

10. Chalkboard Astronomy Tote Bag



Another chalkboard style tote but this time for astronomy lovers. The white on blue writing is surrounded by themed drawings of all things space: our planet, satellites, spiral galaxies, comets, and more.

The spacious interior allows for multiple uses of the bag. Your teacher can use it to carry books and supplies when heading to the classroom. However, they can also take it to the beach. As the summer season is closing in, it will be a fashionable option to accompany any free time activity.

V. Gifts for Social Studies Teachers

11. I Love Social Studies Tote



This is a simply amazing gift idea for a social studies teacher. Surely, the statement on the tote is true for them. The white writing on a green wood framed blackboard gives it that precious school vibe. While the red heart offers an extra pop of color. Do you love social sciences as much as your teacher? Then consider getting a matching tote. Your teacher will probably feel flattered by the gesture.

12. Psychology Tote Bag



This dark psychology-themed tote bag has an elevated feel, which makes it a great gift idea for teacher appreciation day. At the center of the design is the Greek capital letter psi, the symbol of psychology. Psi is surrounded by some of the main psychology fields: behavioral, cognitive, social, biological, humanistic, psychoanalytic, developmental, and evolutionary. Each of these has a representative symbol and a different color but manages to stay in the same chromatic scheme creating a cohesive look.

13. Rorschach Inkblot Test Tote



If you want to go for a more specific design, aim for something along these lines. This black and white tote bag features an inkblot from the famous Rorschach test. The design is simple yet elegant with an artistic feel. Although the cotton canvas bag is white, the handles are black to match the print.

VI. Gifts for Arts and Music Teachers

14. Minimalist Art Tote Bag



If you are searching for a tote bag for your art teacher there are almost endless artsy options available. You can go with a famous painting by a favorite artist or their portrait. However, you can also decide on a different route and go for something minimal and crisp. The great thing about this option is the elegance in simplicity. You can purchase a ready-made tote with a beautiful design or try to do one yourself.

15. Black and White Music Tote Bag



This white on black tote bag with the sol key symbol is a go-to teacher appreciation day gift for a music enthusiast. If you want to shoot for something that will surely hit the mark, this is it. A bag like this goes well in all seasons and with any outfit. It is truly versatile. What is more, the dark-colored material will prevent any wear marks or dirt from easily showing. This is a must-have basic for any music lover!

Beyond Teacher Appreciation Day

Although the pandemic can make it a bit more difficult to pass your gift to your teacher, it is not impossible. Consider mailing it in advance, or if you have the possibility, drop it off at the school. These totes are a great teacher appreciation day gift option as they are both practical and aesthetical. Teachers can easily fit their stack of books and other school supplies and carry them around in a fashionable way.

You can select a design idea that matches the subject or interests of your favorite teacher. This will add a personal element to your gift. If you want to go the extra mile, consider crafting a DIY tote for them. Whatever you decide to go with, there is one thing that should always be at the back of your mind: to show appreciation beyond this occasion.