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15 Best Back to School Backpacks and Book Bags in Our Collection

Lidia Bertesteanu |

One of the most significant events occurring in the fall is going back to school. Even if this particular year was peculiar and confusing in many ways, it doesn't mean that students of all ages do not need the proper school gear. Even more so, when it comes to the best back to school backpacks and book bags, things went up a notch. Now, students need to carry personal protective gear, hand sanitizer, etc. In other words, back to school backpacks and book bags you buy for your little one or as a college student need to be roomy, sturdy, and still fashionable. For this reason, we have today a helpful guide on the best back to school backpacks, book bags, messenger bags, and tote bags to meet all needs and exceed the wearers' expectations.

Best Back to School Backpacks for Students of All Ages

In this category, you will find some of the best back to school backpacks for learners of all ages, from first graders to college students. As you know, our tote backpack collection is vast and contains a generous selection of classic backpacks, laptop/cyber backpacks, drawstring bags, and more. If you want more ideas and suggestions to start school this fall, check out other models we presented you within this guide on school bags!

1. Everest School Backpack with Front & Side Pockets

One of the best back to school backpacks for young schoolchildren, this Everest school backpack with front and side pockets features a large pocket organizer in the front, a colorful appearance, a streamlined silhouette, and a roomy main compartment. Coming in many colors to satisfy boys' and girls' tastes, this school backpack is sturdy enough to allow a child to carry schoolbooks, materials, a water bottle, and lunch with no discomfort whatsoever.

This backpack is sufficiently sizeable to become a perfect school bag for younger and older school goers. If you want more ideas on the best school bags for young children, check out this guide! You will find plenty of suggestions based on age and even interests!

2. Multi-Pocket School Backpack Medium Size

As a parent looking for the best school backpacks for the little ones in the family, you want durability that meets comfort and space. In this case, this solid-colored polyester multi-pocket medium-sized backpack with heavy vinyl backing is ideal for the little ones.

A child can store books, papers, gadgets, even a lunch cooler bag with fresh food and snacks, homemade personal protective equipment, and even some toys or craft projects. The quality-price ratio of this back to school backpack is hard to match, so shop with the confidence that your young one will carry all school items in full comfort!

3. Retro Backpack with Multiple Pockets and Media Port

This retro back to school backpack is an excellent choice for students of all ages, although it works best for older ones who carry smartphones or headphones. It probably is one of the best unisex bags for college students you could buy for yourself or your family members this year.

The backpack features multiple zippered pockets, a media port, interior pockets, and interior striped lining, and, more importantly, padded shoulder straps. You will enjoy the wholesale price just as much as high school or college students will enjoy the generous space and the comfort this backpack offers.

4. Honeycomb Sling Pack

A real winner among high school and college students, the honeycomb sling backpack is spacious enough for books, materials, gadgets, and other personal items. This urban styled sling backpack is trendy and handy on the go. College students will enjoy the front zippered pocket and the storage compartment zippered side entry.

With the honeycomb polyester contrast, this unique design stands out from the crowd. Given the color combinations and the shape of this particular backpack, this product is an excellent choice for young women and men, making it one of the best back to school gifts for college students this year.

5. Stylish Multi-Purpose Nailhead Backpack

This particular multi-purpose nailhead backpack features a comfortable padded, stylish design, and a laptop sleeve that high school and college students will enjoy. Yet another unisex bag for college, this backpack will satisfy all young digital-savvy students: it is roomy, comfortable, and easy to wear and carry.

One more reason to put this ergonomic backpack on your shortlist of school bags to check out this fall is the item's versatility. More than just a school bag, this backpack is a trustworthy companion for all young urban professionals juggling classes, part-time jobs, internships, or personal freelance projects.

6. Multi-Purpose Clear Backpack

If your school follows the clear book bag policy, it means this semester you should find a clear backpack for all your school and personal items. This clear multi-purpose backpack with a front pocket is an excellent choice if you need to carry books, gadgets, lunch, and other private articles around the high school premises or on campus. The clear book bag policy has many defenders and probably even more detractors, but the rules are the rules.

We understand that carrying your items in plain sight can be embarrassing, intimidating, and downright dangerous, but you should be fine if you learn how to pack a clear bag. Like it or not, we are all going to have to get used to them, as they are now a staple of stadium events, concerts, festivals, airplane travel, and more.

7. The Long Drawstring Backpack with Adjustable Shoulder Strap

This rugged polyester drawstring backpack with a heavy vinyl backing and adjustable shoulder strap is an excellent choice for students in college or young people who attend classes in the morning and an internship in the afternoon. The room this backpack offers makes it an excellent choice for any busy young man or woman who needs to carry everything from books and papers to a change of clothes or gym attire.

It comes in enough color variations for you to pick the best one that matches your style. The adjustable shoulder strap and the vinyl backing makes it ideal for prolonged wear in full comfort.

8. The Cool Cyber Backpack

Finally, yet notably on our list of best back to school backpacks, the cool cyber backpack model is a must-have for all high school and college students with a soft spot for technology. It features a large main compartment for storage and a separate padded laptop/tablet sleeve for your gadgets and wearable accessories.

Either you carry a laptop, tablet, e-book reader, or a camera for your film projects, this backpack will keep your items safe. Moreover, the padded shoulder straps and the back (that allows proper ventilation) are two features that make this backpack an ideal choice for students who have crowded schedules and are always on the go all day long.

Best Back to School Book Bags for All Ages

We have talked about the best back to school bags for kids and young students before, so today we will give you a quick rundown of some of the most popular models in our collections. We include some school tote bags recommended by celebrities, messenger bags, laptop bags, and more!

1.  Polyester Improved Essential Tote Bag

A crowd favorite among young college female students and teachers, this large and sturdy tote bag is more than just a back to school accessory; it is a fashion item to boot. This waterproof bag allows you to store your items in safety despite the lousy weather. Moreover, given its sizeable main section, you can carry multiple personal items, books, gadgets, and so on.

The small interior side pockets allow you safe storage of small essential accessories – phone and wallet, for instance – with easy access. The left side exterior pocket is yet another excellent addition to this bag, as it keeps keys and cards within reach.

2. Travel Tote Bag with Hook and Loop Closure

Do not let the name of this bag fool you. This two-tone travel tote bag is an excellent choice as a school bag for young women in college. The hook and loop closure allows you to keep your books, phone, and other items in perfect safety while offering you easy access to the objects you need while in class or on the go. This book bag is something Selena Gomez or Amanda Seyfried would wear for school, everyday errands, travel, and leisure. The bag features heavy vinyl backing for durability, long straps, and a couple of color combinations to match all outfits and tastes.

3. The Leatherette Cross-body Messenger Bag

A classic and a staple of the young generation of students and professionals, the leatherette messenger bag is a timeless piece and an emblem of style for women and men alike. From the iconic Mike Ross – the character who effortlessly brought the messenger bag for men back in fashion – to celebrities and famous corporate executives worldwide, everybody has at least one messenger bag in their collection.

The leatherette classic cross-body model features a large main zippered compartment for your main items, and multiple zippered side pockets for your accessories, keys, and gadgets. It comes with a zippered pocket on the flap cover and an adjustable/detachable shoulder strap for those moments when you want to turn your everyday book bag into an elegant briefcase.

4. Cyber Messenger Bag with Laptop Sleeve

Yet another entry in our selection of unisex bags for college – and for work – this cyber messenger bag with laptop sleeve is one of the most popular back to school book bags of this year. Ideal for classes, work, and freelance projects, the bag features a large main compartment for a tablet, e-reader, or documents and files. It also boasts a separate side-entry padded section that fits most 15-inch laptops. The adjustable shoulder strap lets you choose its height, and the zippered side pockets offer safe storage for valuables and accessories.

5. Stylish Business Portfolio

Who says that college students cannot sport a business portfolio instead of a classic messenger bag for school? This particular bag features a large zippered main compartment for your laptop, papers, and gadgets. The zippered side pocket is ideal for your accessories, while the side bottle holder allows you to carry a water bottle and stay hydrated all day long.

As you can quickly figure out, this bag is an excellent choice for school and work and business purposes. Given its construction and compartmentation, it makes a beautiful bag for short travels too.

6. The Deluxe Expandable Briefcase

Speaking of briefcases, this deluxe back to school bag makes an incredible gift if you want to surprise someone this fall. If you buy it for you and your long high school or college semester ahead, you need to know it features a zippered flap covered main compartment, two zippered side pockets, and numerous utility pockets. The adjustable/detachable shoulder strap makes it versatile and multifunctional, for both young students, teachers, and urban professional adults alike.

7. The Midcity Messenger Bag

This sporty messenger bag is durable, sporty, and practical. Its main zippered compartment comes with hidden buckle closures for your documents and books, personal items, and gadgets. The two water bottle holder pockets on the side make your days more comfortable and healthier if you need to be on the go from sunrise to sundown.

The front flap allows easy access to your valuables as well. Overall, this is the perfect bag for school, work, and personal projects. If you want to learn more about messenger bags and why they are the epitome of style blended in with utility, check out this guide right here!

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions regarding the best back to school backpacks and book bags to try this year for high school or college. In case you have other products in our collections that you favor, please tell us which they are! We would love to hear from you and update this article with more products you tested and loved! Until next time, enjoy our excellent prices and feel free to use the comment section to write to us if you have questions about the items in our collections!