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Buy a Blank Tote Bag and Customize It For Your Style

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Everybody has a distinct style which is reflected in the way they dress, speak and behave. Accessories are one big part of the personality as they can add an extra little feature on the otherwise bland style. Whether it is your shoes or your bags, everyone wants to make a personality statement with their accessories. So why not design your own bag. It is very easy and we will tell you how.

You can purchase blank tote bags which are very cheap and are available almost in one click on your computer.  These blank and customizable tote bags can then be personalized based on your choice and preference. You can either go for tote bags that you can print on or buy tote bags that you can paint on or do embroidery. Here are a few creative options with the help of which you can make blank tote bags into an exciting bag which reflects your mood and personality:

  • You can print a picture or a message on your tote bag that reflects your motto in life
  • You can try coloring the bag or painting a design or your name on it
  • If you like embroidery, then you can decorate your bag with beautiful threads, you can chose a design of your choice, may be a butterfly, a flower or a fairy
  • You can use your imagination decorate a blank tote bag with the help of beads or sea shells or colored stones.

The only think that you have to take care of is the material of the tote bag as per your requirement. If you want to do thread embroidery, then you might want to go for a thicker material. Similarly for painting and use of beads and sea shell, appropriate thickness of material must be ordered.