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The Laundry Bag: A Multifunctional Essential

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Laundry bags are a multifunctional essential that can help you tackle laundry and so much more. There are two main types, each with its own set of features and benefits. The standard ones (often made from natural fabrics like cotton and canvas) are great for sorting, transporting, and storing clothes. While the mesh laundry bags for delicates are used to offer added protection to your garments during washing and drying. Discover more about how and where you can use these essentials, and take a peek at our selection of products available at wholesale prices.

What Exactly Is a Laundry Bag?



The laundry bag is somewhat of an unsung hero. This often underrated item is actually quite helpful in a wide range of situations. There are two main types of bags: ones made out of fabric for storing and transporting clothes and mesh ones for washing. The first can be used to sort and transport dirty laundry or place your favorite garments in them before packing them in your travel bag. While a mesh laundry bag for delicates is meant to protect your delicates during the wash.

The Main Functions of a Laundry Bag

This highly versatile item has a wide variety of functions, making it an essential companion for your clothes and laundry. It can be used to sort, store, transport clothes, or protect delicates during the wash. It offers a more comfortable alternative to the laundry basket.

Sort Clothes



Canvas Laundry bags are a great way to sort your dirty clothes and keep track of them. It is ideal to have at least two bags, a dark and a light one, to separate garments based on color. Of course, you are free to add more variations to this simple equation. Also, if you do not mind stocking up on a couple of bags, you can fill them up based on loads. When one is full, it means that it is time to start the washing machine.

Store Clothes



Laundry bags offer a wide range of storage options. For starters, you can place your dirty clothes in them until they get washed. However, you can also use it to store some of the garments you are currently not wearing. Many of us wear clothes on a rotational basis, mainly dictated by the season. This means that when summer comes, you likely make room for lighter outfits and pack away the heavy winter sweaters. 

For added protection and convenience, place clothes you no longer wear in canvas laundry bags and then put them away at the back of your closet. We recommend using a sorting system to keep better track of your belongings. When you will be looking for a specific sweater or scarf, it will be easier to find, as you will not have to open up and check each bag. One efficient way to do this is to add tags and write what treasures hide inside.

Transport Clothes



Carrying laundry can be a daunting task, especially if you are using a large laundry basket. These are rigid, uncomfortable to hold and carry. A laundry bag offers a more convenient alternative. These are made from strong fabrics like canvas and cotton to safely hold heavy loads. What is more, the natural blend allows air to pass through, helping your laundry to breathe while waiting for the wash. Whether you are transporting laundry from your bedroom to the bathroom, or a laundromat in the neighborhood, these bags will make the trip seem easier. 

One other added benefit to using laundry bags instead of baskets is privacy. You can simply close it up with its drawstring closure, and nobody will know what you have inside. To solve this issue with the basket, you would have to strategically place something on top of the pile of clothes to cover it. 

Furthermore, laundry bags are a great travel companion. Packing your travel duffel bag and having everything fit is a challenge for many. Using canvas bags can help protect your most prized garments and possessions. For example, you could use them for your favorite silk dress; or store jewelry without having to worry about your necklace or earrings pulling out strings from other clothes in the bag.

Protect Clothes During the Wash



Washing delicates in the machine can be tricky, as they are exposed to a high risk of damage. Mesh laundry bags for delicates are a viable solution to this problem, as they offer an added layer of protection, both during washing and drying. This also helps keep items separate and prevent any tangles. It is particularly recommended for pieces with parts that might get caught on other fabric (like zippers, hooked closures on bras, or Velcro closure on sports items). 

Mesh is very soft and porous, allowing water and the cleaning solution to pass through. Once you have placed the selected items inside, close the bag and place it inside the load. There are many types of mesh bags available with different closures, including zippers, clips, and rubber.

Another practical use for mesh bags is keeping items together, like a pair of socks. You can also use them to transport sports equipment, since the light material ensures proper ventilation for your clothes.

Laundry Bag Types

Explore the different types of laundry bags available on the market. The selected items differ based on fabric choice, closure, size, and color. Discover which one is best suited for your particular needs.

Cotton Laundry BagsCotton-Laundry-Bags-White

Our 100% cotton laundry bags are made to safely hold your clothes. Due to the strong material and reinforced stitching technique, these are tear-resistant and resilient. The drawstring closure will keep your items from falling out, and a shoulder strap helps you carry the load comfortably. The bags come in two different colors, black and natural to help you sort dark and light-colored clothes. Also, there are three different sizes available: small (18"W x 24"H), medium (20"W x 28"H), and large (23"W x 33"H). The small-sized version comes with a front pocket as a bonus.

Canvas Laundry Bags


Our heavy canvas laundry bag is available at a budget-friendly wholesale price. The thick natural fabric makes it durable and long-lasting. Also, we have strategically reinforced the stitching at stress points to make the bag even more resilient. Select the right size for your needs between the small (18"W x 24"H), medium (19"W x 27"H), and large (22"W x 33"H) version. Fabric handles and a shoulder strap offer versatility and comfort while carrying it. We have extended our color selection beyond the standard black and white with deep red, royal, and navy options.

Nylon Laundry Bag


Nylon laundry bags are another great alternative. These are odor-free and very easy to clean. The shiny texture of the material makes it ideal for packing clothes while traveling, since it prevents garments from getting wrinkled. This effect is on account of the slippery surface it provides for clothes. 

Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates



Washing delicates can be a tricky process. To prevent your items from getting tangled, caught, or damaged in any other way, it is recommended to place them in a mesh bag both during washing and drying. As you can see, the fabric is very porous and light, so it allows the soapy water to pass through, and your delicates will get thoroughly cleaned. 

Custom Laundry Bags


You can easily take a classic blank laundry bag and customize it. Natural materials like cotton and canvas present the perfect base for a personalization method. If you wish to have a design embroidered or printed on the bag, contact our customization service, and we will be happy to meet your request. By decorating your blank bag, you bring some added value to the item and make it more personal. What is more, when you take it out for a spin, during a trip, or just for a visit to a local laundromat, the colorful logo can be an eye-catcher and conversation starter. 

But beyond adding a cool touch, a personalized design is also efficient in identifying your belongings. This can be an issue at places where laundry bags are in their elements. At laundromats or camps where many people have such items, there can easily be mix-ups, especially since the simple blank ones are so common. However, decorating the bag is a surefire way to avoid any confusion. 

This Jumbo Size Cotton Laundry Bag is ideal for carrying large loads of laundry. Since it is made from cotton, it is meant to hold heavy weights. A drawstring closure safeguards your garments and prevents these from falling out. We have also added a shoulder strap to help you carry the load easier. The strap is made out of the same fabric as the bag to make it resistant.  

Final Thoughts

Whether you are getting ready for an overnight stay, summer camp, or just sorting your laundry, a laundry bag will prove to be a useful thing to have. While a mesh bag can help you protect your delicates during the machine wash and tumble dry, prolonging their lifecycle. This affordable and multi-functional item offers a safe shelter for your garments and will make your life easier in so many ways.