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12 Tote Bags You Can Gift Your Teacher

Lidia Bertesteanu |

There are so many words that describe what teachers do. They lead, they inspire, and they encourage our children. They can shed light and help shape your child's future in so many ways. Showing your appreciation for their dedication is vital to a job well done. Our tote bags describe everything a good teacher is and make the perfect gift to show them just how much you appreciate them. Adding color and décor balances emotion with sophistication.

Our Teacher Appreciation Tote Bags

We have a vast collection of teacher tote bags with several features in common. These totes use simple black print but can be customized with other designs of your choice. Our manufacturers use the following materials to design each tote bag:

  • Eco-friendly ink that's water-based for the lettering, logo, and design
  • 100% durable cotton
  • Soft cotton handles for easy gripping

Each bag is standard sized to carry just about anything, from books and papers to lunch. You can even carry a tablet inside each bag. The features that make each bag stand out are the design, logo, or motto. Each bag is customized for style, taste, and personality.

Teach, Love, Inspire Customizable Tote Bag

Teach, love, inspire speaks to the work behind excellent teaching. The bag is a simple, off-white color that has beautiful, curvy black letters containing those very words. But there's more to it. Each of the words is trimmed in tiny hearts of the exact same color as the lettering. So the bag is perfect for those with practical tastes. The bag is 16"H x 15"W, with handles that are 22". The design is 12"H x 12"H, which brings out the lettering well.

Best Teacher Ever Rule Customizable Tote Bag

This 16"H x 15"W-sized bag comes with 22" handles for easy gripping. Simple lettering that says "Best Teacher Ever" places emphasis on the word "Teacher" in the dark, bold print right at the center. "Best" and "Ever" use thin, dainty cursive to offset the center word. The letters are printed in size 12"H x 12"H and are readily visible.

World's Best Teacher Customizable Tote Bag

This bag is another 16"H x 15"W with handles that are 22". The design is 12"H x 12"H. The motto is trimmed with fancy borders containing a symbolic fireworks graphic that depicts celebration. The letters are bold yet delicate, and that adds a touch of symmetry to your message.

Teacher of the Year Customizable Tote Bag

This bag is 16"H x 15"W and has 22" handles. The motto is centered and trimmed with a curvy border and fireworks graphics. Just like all of the other aforementioned tote bags, the center logo is 12"H x 12"H with a bold message that stands out.

Adding Color

You can choose from a variety of tote bags that have colors. There are several designs to choose from, and each gets your message of appreciation out. These bags are smaller in size and can be made with a customized logo.

Our myriad collection of brilliant designs share many of the following features:

  • Classic iconography in one or more colors
  • Greater pixel size to emphasize your message
  • Bags are larger and can carry a greater amount of personal items

Modern Apple Customizable Tote Bag

If you prefer a classic style, then nothing says it better than a juicy red apple. This 15"H x 16"W bag has just that. You have the message that says "World Teacher's Day" in simple cursive placed in the center of the fruit. The design is 10"W x 10"H and stands out great. You have the option of adding your own message or customizing it with your own artwork in a size that's 10"W x 3"H.

Red Apple Customizable Tote Bag

At 15"H x 16"W, the Red Apple custom tote bag has easy-grip handles of 21". The fruit logo is in the center and is 10"W x 10"H. The bright red apple is classic and has a tiny green leaf on top. The message "Happy Teacher's Day" begins with "Happy" in print block letters and the other two words in a rounded script that's larger. You can add the teacher's name at the bottom in 10"W x 3"H.

Green Apple Customizable Tote Bag

This Granny Smith classic is nothing more than a simple 15"H x 16"W bag with a design that contains the motto "Best Teacher Ever." The letters are in a rounded script written in white on a dark green background that's 10"W x 10"H. Plus, there's room to add your own art or the name of the teacher. You can do this as long as it's no greater than 10"W x 3"H in size.

Big Apple Customizable Tote Bag

The name for this bag makes it appear as though it came from New York. However, it has more to do with the design than with urban life. Here you'll notice an apple cast in a light, curvy outline, a dark green stem, and light green leaves at the top. This light, airy outline houses the words "Teacher's Day" in fine rounded calligraphy on a 10"W x 10"H template. A 10"W x 3"H area below is room enough to add the name of your favorite teacher.

Greater Size With a Bolder Message

An image says a thousand words; and size matters. Our next line of tote bags has greater pixel room just for that purpose. In fact, our next set has 12"H x 12"H for a bigger image that stands out for the customer. Our designs can remain simple in the process, and colors are optional.

Many Thanks Customizable Tote Bag

This simple, customizable tote bag sums it up--our teachers deserve appreciation for all they do. And with an expanded pixel size of 12"H x 12"H, your message is heard loud and clear. The maxim "Many Thanks For All That You Do!" is dotted by a small garden that yields a bloom in the center. The water-based eco-friendly ink keeps it all simple within a bag that's sized at 16"H x 15"W. You can add the name of a beloved teacher right below the flowers for added effect.

Teachers Rule Customizable Tote Bag

This bag's design begins rather symbolically with an iconic ruler. If you look at the R in Rule, you'll notice a small apple inside. This time-honored bit of classroom iconography tells it like it is: Teachers Rule. What's more, you have the message within borders that are 12"H x 12"H, just like all other tote bags in its class. The tote bag itself has a standard size of 16"H x 15"W and is easy and comfortable to carry.

Happy Teacher's Day Apple Customizable Tote Bag

Once again, imagery is used to relay the message of the value of good teachers. A resolution of 12"H x 12"H is used to display the greeting "Happy Teacher's Day" in simple block letters. But if you note the way they're shaped, you'll see that each of the letters is fit to form the shape of an apple, and that's an excellent way to summarize a positive message. No borders are needed, and you can customize it by adding the name of the teacher underneath in the font of your choice.

Number One Teacher Customizable Tote Bag

Sometimes it's better to say it with a trophy instead of an apple. The number one is set at the top of a trophy with the word "Teacher" engraved in bold letters right in the center of a sports ribbon. The size of the bag is 16"H x 15"W and has an imprint limit of 12"H x 12"H. Because of its athletic vibe, it could be the perfect gift bag for your gym teacher or your favorite team coach.

Choosing Your Ideal Tote Bag

The list above gives you an idea of what our company has to offer. Some totes bear simple lettering in plain font, while others bear a slightly more rounded Palmer script. Either way, personal effects are conveyed for an important message.

You may choose bolder block letters for a message that's stronger and stands out more. For example, it points out why a teacher is so special and so vital for you and your child. But for something that's more inward and closer to the heart, the Palmer script could be more suitable. 

In either case, you have the option to choose the appropriate motif to add to the lettering and bring it out. For example, tote bags with rounded, thinner lettering go better with hearts or flowers to convey a softer message. An example is the “Teach, Love, Inspire” bag. Its rounded letters that end in a series of hearts offer a softer, more personal message of honor and appreciation.

Customizing Your Options

Our bags have designs of their own. They are crafted to set each bag apart from another. But the best news is that you can customize any bag of your choice to express your message clearly. Although you can use a special template straight from our site, there's a unique twist. 

You can add a design of your choice without using that template. You don't even need to upload any screenshots or downloaded photos because they are optional. All you need to do is make your purchase first. After that, you can create a hand-drawn sketch of your favorite image to use along with the lettering on the bag. From there, you can send the picture in an email, and we can print it on your tote bag.


Our collection celebrates every area of life. We offer a host of tote bags for every purpose and occasion. Our tote bags celebrate the following:

  • Mothers
  • Weddings and bridal celebrations
  • Geography, such as cities and states

You can add spice to any tote bag with embroidery, additional colorful prints, and screenprints. What's more, these bags make excellent gifts for anyone, especially your favorite teacher.