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7 Stylish Unisex Bags for College

Priscilla Greene |

College students these days have exciting fashion choices while displaying a handful of personal styles and tastes. Fashion trends and even preferences change, but one thing that remains constant and timeless during college years is the almighty college bag. Boys and girls alike carry all sorts of backpacks, messenger bags, laptop bags, etc. However, some stylish ladies prefer the oversized IT tote bags, whereas others appreciate more the practicality of a pack compared to its fashion statement power. Upon popular request, today we will present you with 7 stylish unisex bags for college.

1. All-in-One Urban Backpack with Laptop Sleeve

If you are the no-nonsense type of college student with plenty to study and with a job and personal life to handle, then you know you have to rely on practicality, efficiency, and durability. You may need an urban bag to carry your laptop and books, papers and personal effects, some job-related items, or the stuff you need for your projects.

In this case, the All-in-One Urban Backpack is your best choice. Besides the laptop sleeve, it also features plenty of compartments and pockets. More than that, however, it comes with padded straps and waist, chest and side compression straps as well – you never know when you have to go hiking or traveling with your friends, do you? Also, you can pick your favorite from a wide variety of colors.

Since it features polyester, the backpack makes a reliable companion and a heavy-duty carrier that protects your belongings from capricious weather, wear, and tear.

If you want more suggestions on bags to take to college this fall, check out our collection of best school bags for high-school, college, teaching staff, and more! You will find unisex bags for college but also fashion tote bags for young ladies, practical messenger bags for young men who are always on the run, and even a couple of document bags. In other words, you have plenty of choices at your fingertips! 

2. Colorful Computer Daypack Laptop Backpack

It is a superstar in the realm of college backpacks, being a favorite back-to-school gift for the young urban girl or boy with a sense of fashion and a soft spot for practicality.

These backpacks look professional, but they do not take the fun out of going to college or following an internship. The padded laptop/tablet sleeve and the multiple zippered pockets with easy access for keys, phone, and other gadgets are just two of the best features of such backpacks.

You can also factor in the stylish shape, the large main compartment, the vibrant colors of these urban unisex daypacks, the comfortable ergonomic padded straps and the padded handle, and the sturdy polyester that resists weather, wear, tear, and travel like no other.

In case you fear the light colors will fall victims of dust and dirt, you should not worry about anything. You can easily clean these backpacks - and all the other models in our collections - if you follow this guide on backpack cleaning and maintenance.

3. Ergonomic Computer Backpack (17” Laptop)

When things get serious – you carry college books and materials, a full-size laptop, even gadgets, paperwork, personal items, and even a change of clothes – you need a backpack to carry you from class to internship (or workplace) with flying colors.

The Ergonomic Computer Backpack offers plenty of space for essentials, laptop/tablet, gadgets and more. One of its best features – making it a crowd favorite for college students and young urban professionals – is the convenient headphone exit port, allowing you to safely preserve and use your mp3 player to listen to music anywhere you want.

Other compelling features include the front zippered pocket with organizer panel, the padded, channeled back for ventilation, and the water bottle pocket. If style and efficiency are your values, you just found the best backpack to rule them all.

As an alternative, you should also check out our guide on the best book bags for college students and teachers as well! You will find there a wide variety of products for men and women. In the unisex department, as always, you will get a few ideas on the timeless and ever-stylish tote bag and other rucksacks or drawstring backpacks you might fancy as well.

4. Stylish Digital Camo Backpack

Some may think that camo prints – clothes and accessories – are the boys’ department. But, as we proved not so long ago, ladies can rock camo prints like super runway models and effortlessly to top it all.

The Stylish Digital Camo Backpack works wonders with jeans and boots, for those long days of running in between classes, the faculty, the job, the dorm, and so on. On the other hand, you can pull off a killer look with the navy blue slim long dress, the camo backpack for contrast and some attitude, and a pair of comfortable shoes with a print matching both the dress and the camo bag – or with camo or desert boots.

If camo is your soft spot, try a unisex Digital Camo Drawstring Backpack as it perfectly blends with anything you choose to wear, boy or girl. Jeans, boots, maxi sweaters, stylish sunglasses, it matters not – a camo drawstring bag is still one of the best options for a college bag when you have more relaxed, lighter days.

Camo bags – drawstring bags, solid backpacks, and even briefcases – make the most stylish unisex bags for college, especially since camo is back in the fashion world with twists (the digital camo trends) and quite a bang.

If you want to match your new camo bag with another trendy accessory, you could try a camouflage bandana this year. We will discuss how bandanas are back in fashion in a future article.

5. The Professional Expandable Polyester Briefcase

You can consider this briefcase a stylish unisex messenger bag – but it is more than that. Enjoy and put to good use the zippered flap covering the main compartment; keep your items safe by using the two zippered side pockets, and carry everything you need for the day in one of the multiple various utility pockets.

This superb unisex bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for busy college days. Detach the belt and turn the bag into a veritable premium briefcase to look tip-top in any urban professional’s outfit. Resilient to wear and tear, this bag matches everything from your career preoccupations to your social status.

The mighty messenger bag will be forever one of the top choices of college students, urban professionals, teachers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, to name a few. Forever in style, the messenger bag is classy, practical, and useful no matter your age, interests, and activities.

6. Cyber Messenger Bag with Laptop Sleeve

This cyber messenger bag is a perfect choice for all college students who are a step closer to getting a job or who are already working on an internship or a part-time. The bag is large and durable, able to carry your tablet/e-reader, documents, files, and gadgets in its large dedicated compartment.

You will also enjoy the separate side-entry padded compartment fitting a 15-inch laptop, books, a camera even and all sorts of assorted gadgets. The adjustable shoulder strap offers comfort and versatility, while its height and the zippered side pockets provide perfect storage for valuables and accessories.

The durability and versatility of this messenger bag are unmatchable considering its price. You do not have to worry about wear or tear either – the fabric is durable, and the color is a solid black to match all your tastes and style preferences. One of the best and most stylish unisex bags for college, this piece is a dream came true.

Do not think it only works for college, nonetheless. This is a perfect bag for teachers, urban professionals, freelancers, and travelers, as well. In fact, if you have some travel buffs around, put this bag on your list, as it makes one of the best gifts for people who like to travel light and yet have all their staff within their reach.

7. The Clear Unisex Book Bag for College

Since the clear bag policies have taken over schools and college campuses, it is hardly unlikely you do not already have a clear messenger bag to use when you go to classes.

While sharing some controversy, clear bags have become commonplace as of late. Of course, you have to learn what to pack in and how to pack a clear bag for college, festival/events attending, running errands, and so on, but using it is not that difficult.

Lately, the clear bags - and especially clear tote bags and clear messenger bags - have become fashion items more than practical accessories. Now, you will see many women sporting clear tote bags as beach bags or summer bags you can wear in the fall as well.

Clear bags are some of the best unisex college bags for this year. Besides complying with your college policy, you can also sport a trendy, practical, and stylish transparent messenger bag for all your needs.

Final Thoughts

What are your favorite stylish unisex bags for college on this list? Which would you wear and why? Do you have other suggestions for all college students out there in search of a fashionable and reliable college bag? As for clear bags, does your school follow the current policies? What are your favorite models of clear bags for school or for work?