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7 Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags Ideas for Stylish Party Favors

Priscilla Greene |

monogrammed burlap tote bag ideas

Everybody loves party favors, especially when they are cool, personalized, useful, and reusable! Do you know something to match all these criteria? Monogrammed burlap tote bags, of course!

Monograms are stylish initials or names that you can sow or print on the burlap tote bags. However, for the purpose of sky-high creativity, we decided to include here some burlap tote bags designs which come with a little extra besides the monogram! Let us see today 7 such ideas to make your party favors memorable!

1. The Classic Three-Letters Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

monogrammed burlap tote bag


If you really want your party favor to be useful, look great, and help people remember (and talk about) you for months, pick some everyday/carry all jute tote bags. They come in reusable heavy duty 100% natural jute fabric, which lasts for years. They are perfect for shopping, work, school, beach or pool visits, picnics, running errands in the city, storing personal stuff around the house and more.

As party favors, they go great with weddings, anniversaries, and corporate events. All you have to do is apply a stylish three-letters monogram to personalize them and make them a statement of classy fashion.

2. Stud-Tagged Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

pair of monogrammed burlap totes with studs


This is a wonderful idea when it comes to party favors and stylish tote bags. The burlap mini tote bags come together with a nametag (written in a beautiful font) and some cute ribbons. La piece de resistance consists of the small sparkly studs pinned on the totes. For such party favors, you should pick some natural burlap gift tote bags in medium size.

The natural eco-friendly burlap fabric is strong and durable. The studded burlap tote bags will be of great use to the wearer for many years, as they feature reinforced stress points. These monogrammed bags work great for party or celebrations, wedding favors, chic rustic receptions, anniversaries, and more.

3. Adorned Single-Letter Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

monogrammed burlap totes with turquoise filling


If you follow the monogram rules carefully, you learn that one single letter (either the name’s initial or the surname’s initial) is enough to make a powerful design and statement of elegance. The beauty of versatility of such monogram is that you can let your imagination run wild and adorn the letter in a beautiful design.

Such personalized party favor perfectly matches jute blend tote bags with full gusset and burlap accents. These bags in a fashionable size are perfect for books, gifts, wedding favors, bachelorette parties, birthdays, giveaways, brand advertising, and more. As long as you pick an elegant monogram for them, there is no stopping you!

4. Applique Detailed Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

personalized tote bag with pink monogram


If you want whimsical, cool, and sweet party favors, pick some gusseted jute tote bags with colored trim and handles. Then, apply a cute and color-matching monogram you cut out from a nice piece of fabric. If you want to take things up a notch, you can adorn the colorful tote bag with other appliques and adornments, buttons, studs, ribbons, and so on.

As party favors go, few things look better and sweeter than colored burlap bags coming with cute monograms and details. The bags are perfect for floral arrangements, arts and crafts, gifts, shopping, daily use,  all sorts of wedding and party favors, bachelorette parties, birthdays, giveaways, and so on.

5. Initial + Name Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

plain tote bag with brown monogram


One interesting monogram design is the combination of the initial with the surname. Of course, you can go a bit further and frame the monogram in a stylish way. These types of monograms work well with medium-size or larger jute totes, as you need room to beautifully design the monogram on them.

JuCo tote bags come in a blend of jute and cotton fabrics. They allow silkscreen prints or embroideries, a supplementary reason for you to consider designing them with this type of monogram. The sturdy material makes these bags amazing for shopping, groceries, indoor storing of fun personal stuff, beach and pool sessions and so on. As party favors are concerned, they make excellent wedding favors, but also fun corporate gift bags, anniversary giveaways and more.

6. Retro Typography Logo Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

burlap tote bag with retro monogram


Monograms, while back in fashion these days, have a vintage classy flair to them that makes them even more charming. Therefore, you can go retro all the way: pick some small burlap party favor bags with a retro feel and monogram them with a retro typography logo. Such design and such bags go amazingly as wedding party favors, but you can adapt them to other types of events.

The main point is to match the tote bag with the monogrammed name logo that has to come off as vintage and elegant. All rustic weddings, bridesmaid gifts, Christmas gifts and favors for your party or celebrations can become a statement of style with such monogrammed burlap tote bags.

7. Antique One Letter Monogrammed Burlap Tote Bags

antique style monogram with royal details


Intricate designs, antique illustrations, and complex monogram drawings speak of royalty, aristocracy and class. These types of monograms work best with square burlap bags in sensible sizes and durable construction. You need plenty of space in order to feature the entire Victorian or gothic details of the monogram on them.

You also need sturdy bags to last for years. With fancy soft cotton handles and plenty of carrying and storing space, such bags work great with an antique one-letter monogram with crowns, laurel wreaths, filigree-style designs, and so on.

Wrapping up…

As party favors go, they should please, amaze, surprise, and melt the hearts of everybody. Monograms have a strong reputation when it comes to elegant aristocratic personalization. Once reserved for the lace handkerchiefs of queens or the silk bedsheets of noble families, monograms are now fashionable ways of making a statement of taste.

Burlap tote bags are so versatile, so practical, and so stylish these days (not to mention incredibly affordable when purchased wholesale), that make the perfect “canvas” for you to paint on with the best-chosen and well-designed monograms you can think of.

Do you have other monogrammed burlap tote bags ideas for memorable party favors? Would you like to know more about them?