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Gifts for Women who have everything - 11 Ideas

Priscilla Greene |

tote bags gifts for women who have everything

Many women love to receive gifts that come from the heart and from a deep understanding of their wishes, their personalities, and their passions. It is difficult to buy presents for women who have everything or do not seem to need or want anything in particular. How many scarves and jewelry can you buy for a woman and still take her by surprise?

If you have a dear woman in your life – a partner, a friend, a family member etc. – you need to be thoughtful in your search. The gesture usually values more than the gift itself and it is seldom about monetary value. If you are in the search for the perfect gift for women who already have everything, you have come to the right place, because we have 11 ideas for you!

1. A Spa Pampering Day

woman enjoying spa day


One of the greatest gifts a woman can receive is a voucher or a ticket to a full spa and self-care program in a specialized health club. With their busy lives, work responsibilities, everyday stress, and crowded schedules, women may not have the time or the mood to take a day off for everything a spa implies.

Therefore, you can buy them such a glorious day, where everything is about her: Jacuzzi and massage, a facial, manicure and pedicure, sauna, hairstyling, body treatments, and more. You can easily find such specialized clubs or centers, hotels offering such services, and even quiet resorts where she can spend a weekend or a day of pleasures and spoils.

2. A Unique Photo Session

unique photo session


If you want to make her feel like a celebrity or a member of a royal family, book her a photo session and pay for a series of pictures for a portrait. You can book the session for two, if you want your couple to make the essence of the photo shoot. Have fun, pose, laugh, and share the interesting and unique experience not many people benefit from.

If you do not want to be part of the picture and let her have the spotlight, make sure she just shows up for the appointment. You should also make sure the photo studio is nothing but professional and the photographers will comply with her wishes and tastes. Other than that, offer her a unique moment in life – the looks and the feel of a superstar on the red carpet!

3. A Personalized Tote Bag

international women's day bag

It is not a diamond necklace, but it may value even more to her. A nice canvas tote bag can carry any print, message, or hashtag you know she will love. Monogrammed/personalized tote bags make an excellent gift for women who have everything – there is likely she does not have that make and model, nor the graphics, typeface, message, drawing, hand painted decorations, or custom-made design.

Canvas, cotton, or burlap tote bags work amazing for women with a powerful eco conscience, the trendy ones, the free-spirited ones, and the ones young, hip, and bohemian at heart. Moreover, modern personalized tote bags are all the rage right now in terms of fashion and accessories, so you will help her stay trendy and turn heads everywhere she goes.

She can dress up the tote bag for a day at the office or take it down a few notches for a laid back casual day with friends. Versatile, natural, and gorgeous, the tote bag will reflect a woman’s personality perhaps better than jewelry does.

4. Exclusive Event Tickets



If your friend, partner, or family member has some specific tastes in music, theatre, art, literature, and entertainment, you should take your time and find the perfect tickets to the perfect event. You may get some tickets to the concert of her favorite band, entry tickets to a famous theatre play, etc. If she is into creativity, free expression, and all forms of art, you are in luck.

Besides movie premiers, you can surely find unique and exclusive, out-of-the-box events she would love to go in your city:

  •         a meeting with a writer,
  •         a fun night at the museum,
  •         a geek convention,
  •         opera or ballet night,
  •         dance performances,
  •         contemporary artistic performances,
  •         a tango club,
  •         the comedy club,
  •         a show with magic.

You have dozens of options.

As long as the event meets her hobbies, passions, and interests, you will offer her more than just a gift: you will offer her the experience of a lifetime.

5. A Fun Adventure

escape room detail


A city-break for two or a romantic getaway for a couple of days does not hurt, but traveling involves some planning and does not quite fall in the surprise-gift category. However, a fun adventure does. By this, we mean:

  •         a day at the amusement park,
  •         the aqua park,
  •         the adventure park,
  •         escape room game,
  •         paintball,
  •         a day spent in the countryside in a wine-tasting circuit,
  •         a day spent horseback riding etc.

Adventures, in comparison to traveling, are shorter and you can plan them for a day during the weekend. You can consider some extreme sports, if she ever told you she would like to parachute jump or try some scuba diving.

The idea is this: she may have everything, but she may have not done everything yet. Get a sense of what she means and feels about adventures, check out her bucket list, and make sure she gets to do something fun, be it face painting, riding a roller coaster, or getting a taste of zorbing.

All you have to do is buy tickets, make reservations, and insist she takes a day off to have some fun. You can have the whole gang get involved, as nothing feels better than living the adventure of a lifetime together with your best friends.

6. A Safety Jewelry Gadget

safety jewelry


Women cannot be too careful in this day and age, and safety gadgets and apps are very popular. The science of safety and the beauty of jewelry blend in a wide variety of smart accessories meant to keep women safer. The independent and mobile type of women will appreciate a safety measure more, especially if it comes in the shape of exquisite jewelry.

It is encouraging how many companies and startups pioneered and enhanced the idea of smart safety accessories. A woman can wear an inconspicuous beautiful ring that emits an ear-breaking alarm sound in case of danger. She can use plenty of bracelets and necklaces that look amazing and that can discreetly call 911, friends, family or an emergency network in case she finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Panic button apps are still useful, but smart safety jewelry is the next best thing in terms of integration with national services and discrete aids for getting out of a distressful situation. You can pick among many styles and types of safety jewelry gadgets. They come in exquisite designs and many of them work impeccably in terms of efficiency.

7. A Sleep Gadget

sleep gadgets


Sometimes, a woman has everything except some good night sleep and rest. Since we are still in the realm of gadgets, you should know that science and technology evolved enough to offer us better sleep and excellent sleep tracking. We are not talking about silk eye covers or silicone ear plugs.

We are talking about slick gadgets that track her sleep patterns, heart rate, breathing, and movement. The options are generous: pulsating-light gadgets that function as sleep inducers and alarms meant to offer people restful sleep, sleep tracking bracelets, and more.

In case your friend, partner, or family member has some troubles sleeping, you should research such gadgets. Most come with a dedicated phone app showing sleep parameters and patterns and suggesting changes. Some come with their own sleep-inducing lights and sounds, while others are able to measure brain waves. Depending on your budget and her sleeping needs, you can offer her a device that will certainly contribute to her increased quality of life.

8. Classes, Workshops, Courses

learning to draw an elephant


If the woman you want to get a gift for is the type of person who loves to learn new things or develop her hobbies and passions, your job is to find classes and workshops addressing her interests. Opt for things like:

  •         exotic Italian cooking classes;
  •         the Japanese tea ceremony,
  •         origami,
  •         pottery,
  •         graphic design,
  •         guitar,
  •         painting, etc.

Depending on her interests and talents, you can find such classes and workshops for her and pay for them. It will bring her more joy then some jewelry or clothing. She will appreciate your dedication for her evolution and development as a person or professional. If the classes are on the casual side of life, you can book them for the both of you.

After all, don’t you want to have some fun at a creative writing class, perfume design, astronomy, or art workshop?

9. Personalized Painting / Caricature

caricature drawing


A woman who has everything might want to have some fun. You can take one of her photos to a street artist to create her a personalized sketch or caricature. It is a fun gift meant to make anybody have some good laughs. You can also buy a nice frame so she can display the fun side of herself in her favorite place of the house.

Art-loving and fun-loving women will appreciate such a gesture. While not coming with significant expenses, it is certainly out of the box and quite interesting, so you might as well try it. You can find street artists in the local parks or at fairs or you can find an artist online. There are many young creative people looking for opportunities to show off their talent, so you will sustain artists and make your friend or loved one have a unique self-portrait around.

10. Personalized Figurine

personalized action figure


Did you know that there are 3D printing studios willing and able to make personalized figurines of real people if you get them a photo of that person? Look online for such studios; grab a picture of the woman you want to surprise and turn her into a lovely figurine. Some studios will take things up a notch and transform her into a famous character from comics, movies, or video games.

As personalization goes, you can nurture and channel her inner superstar and come up with original, fun, and creative customized gifts, such as caricature portraits or even figurines. This is going to be a gift she will definitely remember and cherish for years! After all, how many people think about turning their friend in a bobble head or a small statue?

11. A Personalized Book Scarf

personalized book scarf


Did we say a woman who already has everything already has too many scarves? Well, it is likely that she does not have a personalized book scarf. In the world of arts, crafts, and handmade boutique shops, you will find plenty of offers, one more interesting and crazy than the next.

One of them is to have a lovely monochrome scarf printed with book quotes and phrases. In other words, you can choose her favorite quote or her favorite poetry and have them printed on the scarf by a professional studio.

This gift is unique and unconventional. It goes beyond buying books for a friend or a loved one and it certainly goes beyond printing some music lyrics or some poem verses on a piece of paper. If she is a book lover, keeping the words of her favorite novel, poem, movie, or song close to her heart and in front of her eyes is an unparalleled gift.


Some women may have everything, but some things will never be sufficient: love, affections, trust, respect, genuine affection, laughter, and joy. If you can offer these things to her, you will win a special place in her heart and mind, forever.

Take her by surprise and make her laugh; offer her something unique, that is just for and about her. Offer her something that appeals to her personality, sparks her interests and her passion, and challenges her mind and spirit. Offer her an experience rather than an object, and if you offer her an object, make sure it will turn into one of her most beloved memories.

What other interesting gifts for women can you think of? Do you have other suggestions?