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9 Gifts for Travelers to Make their Trip

Ally Nelson |

We all have a friend or family member who seems to be always on vacation and going somewhere. Travel buffs usually have all the gear and accessories they need for their next adventure, but it doesn't mean we cannot surprise them from time to time. If you hear someone saying that their favorite thing in life is to travel and experience the world with everything it has to offer, then you know you need to prepare. Finding gifts for travelers may seem difficult at times, so we are here today to provide you with some gift ideas and suggestions. For any birthday, holiday, or celebration coming up in your calendar, here are our top 9 gifts for travelers to make their trips!

1. A Fanny Pack

A fanny pack is the perfect travel accessory for many types of solo adventurers out there or for entire families that love to vacation together. Small but versatile, and coming in a myriad of models (even see-through ones), fanny packs make one of the best gifts for travelers of any age or gender. You can check out our collection of best fanny packs to get this year for you or your travel friends!

2. Easy-Travel Wheeled Backpack

Of course, most travelers already have a backpack, a rolling duffel bag, a sports duffel bag, and a few more travel accessories. However, a new type of travel bag that most wanderlust friends of yours might not have yet – but desire – is the wheeled backpack. A backpack on wheels serves multiple purposes during long trips and helps with comfort and versatility. The main advantage of this multifunctional piece of gear is the one-hand push button pulley system. It transforms the bag from a regular backpack to a backpack on wheels in a heartbeat.

3. A Filtered Water Bottle

Some travelers will do well with a portable water bottle, but if you have friends or family members that take the less beaten path, a filtered water bottle is one of the best gifts for travelers. While some people love to see cities and explore culture, architecture, and tourist sights, others go for hikes, wilderness adventures, and so on. Drinking clean water in harsh natural environments or secluded places is a health issue, so make sure your friends will be safe during their trips. You have plenty of filtered water bottles to choose from, but you should always go for brands that have a strong reputation in the water purification industry.

4. A Large Camera Bag

What would travel be without immortalizing the best moments of your trip? Most travel buffs already have a camera or a hi-res phone, but a fully padded large camera bag for larger cameras is one of the best large gift bags for travelers this year. The full-height interior compartment dividers keep the equipment secure, while the dual zippered side pockets allow great storage of camera accessories. Of course, if the event in question is essential (like a birthday or a major holiday), you can also get your travel-loving friend a new camera, depending on your budget.

5. Touch Screen Gloves

When you travel, you need to stay in touch with friends and family members at all times and no matter the weather conditions. We mentioned sleek touch screen gloves as one of the best affordable gifts for men, but touch screen gloves are unisex, and you should pick the best pair that matches the style and tastes of your travel-loving friend. This type of gift works best, especially if the travel buff in question loves to travel during the cold season and wants to be in touch with everyone at all times.

6. A Sleek Power Bank

In this day and age, there is no traveler out there who does not use cameras, phones, smartwatches, other portable gadgets, and more. Getting a power bank to travel aficionados is the sensible thing to do, even if they already have one. The idea here is to make their trips more manageable and more comfortable, so check out for a portable charger the size of a credit card (only thicker) that can power up a smartphone up to three times in a row. Moreover, a lightweight power bank is one of the best gifts for travelers who maximize everything new technology has to offer.

7. An Eco-Friendly Travel Kit

A zippered travel kit provides an excellent storage solution for hygiene, beauty, and health necessities to any travel-loving person. The best part is that a travel kit also holds in a safe place the media devices and power cords needed while on vacation. Our recommendation is to get your friend an eco-friendly travel kit, especially if she/he inclines towards recycling and protecting the environment. The best choice, in this case, would be a 100% post-consumer recycled PET fabric that is durable enough to withstand years of usage.

8. A Foldable & Packable Duffel Bag

Do you know those friends of yours who travel light towards their destination but come back loaded with souvenirs for everybody they know? Well, if you heard them complaining about not having enough room for gifts in their luggage or having to buy extra bags from a foreign country to bring the souvenirs home, spare them the trouble next time! A foldable packable duffel bag zips into itself for easy packing and occupies little space in a backpack or rolling bag. When travel buffs prepare to bring home their newfound riches, all they have to do is unfold the inconspicuous duffel bag and turn it into a veritable treasure chest!

9. Tickets and Reservations

Saved the best for last, of course, as what can a traveler love more than travel tickets or bookings? We know such gifts can be expensive, but if you really care and you need to rise up to a special occasion, do it! Such presents go usually for partners (in life or in travels), so if you two have something truly unique to celebrate, find the best and safest travel offers and treat yourselves!

Bottom Line

These were just eight best gifts for travelers ideas for today! For more inspiration and ideas, don't hesitate to check out our suggestions on the best laptop messenger bags for busy urban professionals - as travelers love such bags themselves - or our guide on best affordable corporate gifts to give you a few more ideas on what young and modern travel buffs love!

If you are a travel buff and you received a fantastic present (other than plane tickets or hotel reservations) from a close friend, partner, or family member, please tell us so! We would love to hear from you and update this list with your suggestions! Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!