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12 Gifts for Gamers that Show You Care

Ally Nelson |

You know what they say, gamers do not age; they level up. They also do not die as they respawn. When it comes to the best gifts for gamers that shows them you care, the sky is the limit. Such presents are not dependent on the recipient’s age, sex, or day job. A gamer will always be a gamer, even if their weapon of choice is video games, board games, or even social/family games. So let’s see today a refined selection of 12 best gifts for gamers that will surely impress, no matter the occasion, celebration, time of year, holiday, etc.

1. The Level up Mug

It is one of the best gifts for gamers of any age or sex, especially if you are looking for a birthday gift. However, it also makes an exciting gift for a female or male friend who happens to be a gamer and have everything.


2. Unisex Gamer’s Socks

It is a shame (and somewhat a futile attempt) to convince a gamer to pause the game for any reason. These unisex socks make a fantastic gift for teenage gamer boys or girls who appreciate all the peace you can give them while they are playing. Or taking a nap in between two raids.


3. The Ultimate Gamer Tote Bag

When it comes to gamers of all ages, sexes, or preoccupations, you know they will always enjoy showing off with the fact that they are proud of being gamers. In other words, a personalized canvas tote bag with an “on-point” logo, message, or patterns is the best way to show them you care. If you want to up the level of your own game, select an eco-friendly tote bag, and use our printing services for an amazing, thoughtful gift.


4. The Powerful Gamer Girl Tote Bag

Tote bags are a staple among geeks and gamers. If your teenage family member has a reputation as a gamer and you want to make her feel truly special on any occasion, a white zippered canvas large tote bag for school with a fine-tuned message will make her heart skip a beat. If your best friend also happens to play a mean rogue every week on game night, make sure you personalize a tote bag just for her.


5. The Ultimate Gamer Backpack

Yet another unisex gift for any of your gamer friends, a retro-shaped personalized laptop backpack as a back to school gift, or a Christmas present will receive the just appreciation. Rucksacks are some of the best gifts for gamers, and their offering does not depend on a particular occasion or celebration. As you know, one of the most favorite things in the gaming world is looting and carrying your treasures with you. A nicely printed and personalized backpack will make your gamer friend feel like her or his favorite character.


6. A Personalized Keychain

What can we say, a personalized gamer keychain makes an affordable gift on any occasion. Find the right message for your friend or family member who is a gaming buff and allow them to think about you and your thoughtfulness every time they use their keys!


7. The Dice and Dragons Necktie

You may think a crafted Dungeons and Dragons inspired necktie is a gift for boys, but we know a bunch of gamer girls who would wear one of these beauties in a blink of an eye. Besides the beauty and subtlety of these neckties, you can always use them as gifts for gamers who are also into cosplay or who like to wear themed attire.


8. The Gamer’s Most Trusted Duffle Bag

One can never have too many duffle bags in various sizes and for different occasions. Your gamer friend or family member may train her/his skills in combat in a video game, but may also go to the gym, travel, or move around often for job or business. Gamers have a whimsical side to them, so the most “serious” IT specialist or PR manager will love carrying a gaming-inspired personalized duffle bag to the gym or on vacation.


9. Assassin’s Creed Branded Wine

Is your friend a gamer AND a wine lover? Then things haven’t been more comfortable than this. One of the best gifts for video game players is an Assassin’s Creed branded bottle of wine that shows you know exactly what they like. You can also level up your own game and offer the bottle in a refined cotton-jute wine bag you can personalize with a well-thought message, birthday wish, Christmas greeting, and more.


10. Couple’s Gamer Rings

Ready to commit to your beloved gamer partner (in life and raids)? A game-inspired pair of rings may become the best gift for that unique player you want to spend your HP with for the rest of your lives. Such rings work well as only a promise, as engagement rings, or as wedding bands – if you are both confident you will also have a gaming or geek-themed wedding party. Besides, this particular set is one of the best gifts you can offer to your favorite couple who plays games.


11. The Witcher Cufflinks

Of course, you can toss Geralt’s wolf head medallion to your Witcher-loving friend, partner, or family member, but most Witcher fans already have the pendant. So why not go for the next best thing and toss a pair of Witcher wolf head cufflinks as one of the best gifts for gamers this year? Don’t for a second think this is a gift for men only. Some Witcher fan girls would wear them with absolute pride, especially since the Witcher medallions are a tad too big, bulky, and prominent to go with a casual-chic or formal attire.


12. Dungeons and Dragons Canvas Art

The last entry on our list of the best gift for gamers this year is a DnD-inspired canvas art. Of course, you should not stop here. Luckily, when it comes to video games and board games, wall art, posters, canvas paintings, and decorative wall stickers come in unlimited shapes, sizes, models, and so on.


Bottom Line

Have you recently offered some gifts for gamers to friends or family members? What other ideas and items should we include on this list? Let us know what you think about these ideas in the comments section below!