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15 Burlap Bags Wedding Favor Ideas

Ally Nelson |

When it comes to wedding favors, you have limitless possibilities to surprise your wedding guests and leave them with a memorable impression. Burlap bags wedding favors also add a flavor of glamorous gifting with a rustic, vintage flair.

Jute tote bags are also amazing wedding and party favor wraps, for they also bring a touch of environmental friendliness and class. Let us see today 9 burlap bags wedding favor ideas to match all your tastes and wedding themes!

1. Let Love Brew


Fill small burlap bags with fresh and savory coffee beans. This DIY project is inexpensive and fun to create, especially since you can find wholesale burlap bags and plenty of special coffee suppliers.

It will tantalize the senses of all your guests and come in handy to the partygoers next morning. If your guests are more into tea, burlap bags filled with delicious tea blends also make incredible wedding favors.

If you want to really impress them, pick larger burlap bags and fill them with independently packed smaller samples of coffee beans or tea mixes, so they can experience different flavors.

2. Sweets and Candy

burlap bags filled with sweets and candy


Your love is sweet and your guests will leave having their hearts filled with emotion. However, if you want to offer them some extra memories while appealing to their sweet tooth, fill in your burlap bags with specialty candy (candied orange in dark chocolate for instance), macaroons, homemade cookies, exotic fruits, nuts, and other such savory delights.

The best thing that goes with burlap bags in this case are homemade or boutique sweets, gourmet chocolate, organic-based cookies, and so on.

3. Spice and Everything Nice

mini burlap bags filled with spices


In case your wedding theme has a nautical or navigational flair, you can fill some small and cute burlap bags with high-end sea salt or saltwater taffy. You can decorate the burlap bags with anchors or other marine symbols. For a marine inspired wedding, you can also fill the bags with shells and aquatic decorations for a touch of innovation.

Speaking about salt and spice, you can take things further and offer your guests different exotic spices in the same bag – wrapped individually, of course. Lavender, curry blends, a mix of colored pepper, herbs, and oriental spices they all work to match the theme of your wedding.

4. Vintage Flair Hearth-Shaped Bottle Stoppers


An autumn wedding or a vineyard one ask for some specific burlap bag wedding favors. Make a long-lasting impression on your guests and offer them small burlap totes, each hiding a copper heart-shaped bottle stopper. These gifts are unique and they will remind people of you and your wedding every time they use these stylish accessories.

5. Photo Frames

hand made photo frame


One of the most amazing gifts guests can receive after the wedding party is over is a framed photo containing some of the most entertaining moments during the wedding.

You can plan together with your photographer or photo studio the inclusion of a photo booth at the party location. Guests can enter the photo booth and have the time of their life while the booth captures their joy and amusement.

The booth also prints, by request, a photo or a photo collage that partygoers can take home with them. The wedding favor can consist in a picture frame (matching the photo size printed by the photo booth), so the wedding guests can take home both their favorite memories from the wedding, and the artsy frame to display them.

Of course, a lovely wedding picture frame goes extremely well with a colored medium-sized burlap bag featuring the couples’ names and wedding date.

6. Candles and Votive Holders

candles wrapped in burlap


A nice gift that is universally appreciated is always a nice set of scented candles and/or votive holders. As wedding favors go, the newlyweds can buy such candles or candle holders in bulk, or they can make them at home if they have the time for DIY projects.

Such amazing gifts that certainly make an impression can come together with medium sized two-tone burlap bags in vivid nuances.  More than just a present, your wedding favors are a reminder of your big day and a big commitment to your friends and family, so it is important to think outside the box — and off the shelf — when it comes to picking them out.

Making your own candles or votive holders show how much you respect and appreciate your guests, leaving them a nice gift inside a cute, useful, and remarkable burlap bag.

7. Flowers, Potted Plants and Succulents

flowers in burlap bags


“Like this plant, our love started small and will continue to grow…” As we said, burlap tote bags come with an eco-friendly aura and nothing works better than flowers, potted plants or resilient succulents as wedding favors for your guests. Such favors will make a long-lasting impression especially if your wedding took place in a garden or had a nature or countryside inspired theme.

If the wedding takes place in winter, you can offer potted fir trees or Christmas flowers. Some of the best choices are succulent plants and cacti, as they need little to no maintenance and can reach the soul of those people who do not have a particularly green thumb.

You can also fill the wedding wedding favor burlap bags with flower seeds in case you throw a garden party or your guests do grow their own flowers and vegetation.

8. Wine and Other Refined Beverages

wine bottles in burlap bags


If you want to impress your guests and truly give them reasons to talk about you and your wedding for years, surprise them with a wine gift bag filled with a boutique bottle of wine or a delightful bottle of champagne. There is no celebration without a good wine or some bubbly luxurious beverage, so make sure you pick the best of the best.

If you do not want to offer sizeable bottles due to transportation logistic caveats, you can pick small sampling alcohol bottles – like the ones you find in hotels. Add one such beverage or more miniature bottles to allow your guests their freedom of choice.

9. Monogrammed Towels in Printed Large Burlap Bags

large burlap bag with beach motives

A beach wedding is a thing of beauty: exotic landscape, surreal natural colors, wind through your hair, unmatched sea waves music, heartwarming vows, relaxation, and… wild parties. If you want to create unforgettable memories for you and all your guests, a beach wedding ceremony and party will meet and exceed everybody’s expectations.

However, a beach party would be incomplete without themed party favors. Pick some large burlap bags you can print with a fun message, your names and ceremony date, the lovebirds’ initials, and more. Throw in each bag a refined and high-quality beach towel with the couples’ monogram. This way, you will offer more than just a very useful gift to your guests, but also the chance of them remembering you every time they go to the beach.

10. Honey Bunches of Love

honey jar


Burlap is rustic and stylish, just like specialty or spiced organic honey is. Make an impression and offer your guests miniature jars of honey finely presented and preserved in small chic burlap bags.

To take things up a notch, pick a local honey provider to encourage local and small business and entrepreneurs. As long as the honey is natural, delicious, and gorgeously presented, your guests will remember both you and the supplier.

You can apply the same idea to jam – as long as it comes from private orchards and local manufacturers. Organic jam or homemade jelly also make exquisite wedding favors.

11. The Hangover Kit

burlap bag


Have some fun and help your guests recover after your wild wedding party! Pick medium size burlap bags and fill them with a couple of painkiller pills for the post-party headaches, some mints, some soluble vitamins to boost their after-party energy, and even sunglasses so they can hide their tired eyes.

This is a fun gift to make and receive, and everyone will have a blast with it. If you want to help your friends, add some Band-Aids in the hangover kit. Those with blistered feet after dancing all night long will be forever grateful to you. Throw in some herbal tea bags for stomach and liver health as well.

12. Fruits

fruit basket


Speaking of hangovers, do you know what people need the next day after a party? Plenty of vitamins! No matter the season of your wedding, you can fill some two-tone medium or large burlap bags with seasonal fruits, in a rustic and stylish presentation.

You can also pick some exotic ones – if they match the theme of your wedding party. You can also step up your game and mix in fresh fruits with a selection of dry and candied fruits for a delicious after party treat.

13. Organic and Homemade Soap or Bath Bombs

burlap bag with soap


Do you know what people need after a long and wild party? To relax, rest, and refresh with a hot bubble bath or a long shower. Give them a hand and offer them organic or natural homemade soap or bath bombs. Nothing works better for dance-blistered feet and for staying up all night than relaxing soap or bubble aromas.

The beauty of such wedding favor is that you can find all sizes of burlap bags and a myriad of homemade soap and bubble bombs manufacturers. Just put them together and offer your guests a long-lasting, soft, creamy, and hypnotizing scented surprise.

14. Books

books wrapped in burlap


If you two are booklovers and your guests, friends, and family are also avid readers, nothing compares with the elegance, art, refinement, and respect showed by offering a book as a wedding favor.

Depending on your guests’ tastes and preoccupations, you can pick a select and beautifully designed poetry volume. You can also choose a lovely art album, famous love letters, a truly inspirational biography, and more.

As an alternative, you can fill in a medium-sized colored burlap bag with book lovers’ accessories: handmade and gorgeously crafted bookmarks, some lovely book stoppers, artsy small notebooks with assorted pens for quotes collections, and more.

15. Charity

small burlap bag wedding favor

On a day when you are surrounded by so much love, affection, respect, and generosity, it will do your souls good to give something back. Your guests will most certainly be impressed with such a show of good taste and a plus: the cash you put forth may be tax-deductible. We refer to offering each of your guests a small token, thank you note, card or diploma showing that your wedding favor turned into something bigger and better:

  •         a planted tree with their name on them nicely printed on the baby tree’s photo,
  •         a donation for a cancer research center or a hospital,
  •         food for the poor,
  •         relief for disaster victims, crime victims, war and terrorism victims,
  •         a rescued animal (cute animal photos with thank you messages warm the heart),
  •         or another worthy cause you and your guests believe in will do.

We love the sweet and nostalgic wedding favors like the next person, but imagine your guests’ surprise when they open their personalized small burlap bag and take out a scroll congratulating them for saving the rainforest, pushing forward cancer research, saving a family from hunger, help a fluffy creature find a home, and so on and so forth. In a day celebrating love and commitment, few things equal such acts of kindness and commitment to a better world.

Wrapping up… 

Jute bags and wedding favors equal love at first sight and a match made in heaven. They go great together as a burlap bag, while simple, minimalist, and rustic in look, comes with a lush and stylish aura to it. It makes the perfect eco-friendly, reusable, functional, and chic accessory your guests can keep as memory, use in their everyday life, or offer to others in turn.

Moreover, burlap bags are versatile as size, shape, color, and utility are concerned, able to meet and exceed all tastes. They can hold almost anything you can think of, no matter how small or heavy, and they make a powerful impression with their natural nuances, vivid colors, versatility to personalization and styling, and more.

Now tell us, did you ever receive a wedding favor in a burlap bag or wrap? What was it? How do you feel about it? Would you pick burlap bags as wedding or party favor wraps? What other such favor ideas can you share with us?